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How to Remove That Hardwater Line Ring in Your Toilet

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Finally a way to conquer that nasty brown ring in your toilet bowl

It's not something that any of us want to be looking for answers for, but none the less it's a problem. That nasty looking ring in your toilet bowl. You know it's clean but if you're like most you feel crazy about it when someone uses your bathroom. You can scrub as you well know forever and it's not budging. The photo is a very clean toilet, however those hard water stains, rust stains whatever stains aren't coming off.

I've been in the business of cleaning houses for more than 30 years. I've had so many frustrated homeowners worried about this problem. All it takes is a few minutes and it can be gone. This isn't some scientific solution of mix this mix that either, and it's certain not a pay me $19.95 thing either.

At the bottom of this lens you will find a link to purchase a pumice stone that is made for cleaning toilets, this one is not for your feet. It's super cheap and super easy to use and I promise the stains will finally be gone from your life.

This is just my way of sharing some knowledge and I hope that I can reach a few people that have problems with hard water stains and rust stains.

Please read the directions on the box when you get it, but just to give you an idea of how simple this is here is what I do...

First, clean the toilet. I've come to rely on Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner but of a stronger version, it's the one marked POWER (see photo). I allow this to set and do it's thing for at least 10 minutes and then I thoroughly clean and dry the entire toilet and then flush. After this I go in with the Scour Stick. Take the pumice stone and start working on the ring, just like you would your feet. It doesn't take a lot of elbow grease either, just make sure you keep the stone wet, working under the water level is perfect but if you can't just keep bringing the water up to your work area. Each toilet should only take about 3-5 mins and then you'll just flush and be done. The pumice stone doesn't have a long life though so if you have more then one toilet in the house you might want to purchase one for each.

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After just a few minutes with the pumice stone

I hope that you've found this useful. I know that I've made tons of happy customers after using this pumice stone. If you too are in the business of cleaning houses or offices this is must for your equipment, easy to always have on hand and makes such a difference.

Scour Stick and Lysol POWER Bowl Cleaner

Scour Stick 4 Pack (Best Deal for homes with more than 1 Bathroom

Scour Stick with Handle


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