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How to Clean Suede Shoes That Got Wet

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How To Clean Suede Shoes That Got Wet

Have your suede shoes ever got wet or covered in mud? As I'm sure you well know suede is not waterproof so if you have got caught in a downpour, or heavy rain, then this article will show you the best way to clean them. This even works for coloured shoes and trainers, and we even cover stain removal.

Suede Shoes are extremely Fashionable however they do not like getting drenched! If like me you have a beautiful pair of suede loafers and have ended up getting them water logged or worse i.e. covered in mud do not despair I am here to help you with some simple repair solutions. I have some neat tricks up my sleeve that are quite inexpensive with the correct equipment. Like most of you I was afraid to clean my precious soles for the absolute fear of destroying my lovely textured footwear. ultimately, it is a lot easier to destroy suede rather than a normal leather pair of shoes, especially when they get splashed.

Furthermore, this particular piece of footwear is more prone to stains, scruffs and scratches. With some of my tips you can optimize the longevity of your attractive suede shoes and keep them in immaculate condition by ensuring an appropriate cleaning procedure.

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Can Suede Shoes Get Wet ?

Suede can Most definitely get wet the normal consequence after getting a good soaking is stains or even watermarks. This can be prevented and/or treated by using protective spray on your beloved soles.


Cleaning your Splashed Suede - Let that Soggy Slipper Dry!

Whilst a smooth leather shoe is from the outside part of the skin, where the fur used to be attached, Suede is from that of the inside. the soft surface of your shoes will normally only need a light brushing to stay in good shape. Though, if water happens to slash on to your precious delicate shoes, Just let them dry out completely before doing a thing. I urge you not to be tempted to use any source of heat. If you place them out of the way to fully dry off once this is done do not dispair at any marks left behind by whatever unwanted liquid or dirt just follow My four simple steps to bringing your footgear back life, theyll be as good as new.

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1. So firstly if you Remove your shoes. start to mend them in a New York Minute, to reduce any possible damage

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2. Then if you scrunch up a few pieces of plain tissue paper into balls. Try not to use newspaper or old magazine as this can cause the ink to run into the shoe and youll have another can of worms to deal with or catastrophy.

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3. Pack the balls you crumpled up into your damp suede shoes, making sure to get right up into the toe.

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4. Store in a cool dry place and let them dry off naturally, Again, Please do not be tempted to place in front of any heat source or even a fire as the will cause them to dry off in an unwanted manor.

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Suede Or Leather ?

How To Get Stains & Scuffs Out of Suede Shoes

let nature take its course of drying this can take up to 24 Hours. Once your shoes are fully dried I would suggest keeping them Stuffed them with the same crumpled up Tissues, particularly in the toe area to hold their shape while you work with them.

How to Clean the Dirt and Scuff Marks

So your foot gear is now dry, Get a brush Like this one here. Your beloved shoe has a soft texture and it is best you use this special brush or one like it which you can purchase by clicking the buy button. As we know your suede is extremely sensitive to water so I'll say it again only use your brush on a dry shoe.


Other Ways to Clean Suede Shoes

There are so many different ways to clean your Suede Shoes, Though some are more successful than others. I've sussed out other techniques which I will share with you. please see below some other methods for cleaning wet suede shoes not all of which will work all the time though may be worth a try depending on how bad the situation.

Some people will use WHITE VINEGAR to remove salt lines, I would NOT recommend this however some people will find this works. You can apply a very small dab of vinegar to a cloth and apply it to the shoes let it dry and brush with your suede Brush.

Others will try using some extra fine steel wool to rub out some markings once the shoe has dried, This will work though you will have to do both shoes with caution to make them look even, not ideal however it will work.

You may want to try your Freezer, Should you get chewing gum or something sticky on your delicate suede shoes. This will freeze the unwanted residue and you will be able to chip away the gum followed by a lightly brushing your shoes.

GQ have also some great Tips:

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Suede Maintenance & Protection Kits

Preventative maintenance is the Key to keeping your suede in the best order. Marks and stains on your suede shoes as we have discussed can very awkward to remove, So I would really recommend you preserve your garments to ensure they are looking like the day you got them from the store. There are several ways to do this before they become in a permanent state of disrepair. I have listed Some Excellent Maintenance Kits from eBay which are relatively inexpensive.

ReviveX Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Boot Care Kit

Two Short Vidoes - Worth a watch to get that perfect clean

How to Remove the Most Stubborn Marks

If you are finding some marks aren't coming off you can use a suede rubber as seen in the picture to your right. You can also use an eraser stationary rubber though it doesn't work quite as good. I would apply a light amount of pressure and increase on tougher.

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