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How Long Does a Washer Take?

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We have all been there – you have a big evening ahead, and you totally forgot to clean up that shirt of yours. Or, you have woken up for work and realised you are out of any formal trousers. It’s a headache, but with a quick run in the washing machine (or washer), you can get things moving along pretty quickly. However, when the clock is ticking and you are already short on precious minutes, you might not have time to go for a full clothes wash. After all, how long does a washer take?

The answer is actually a touch more variable than you might expect. You see, typically you can find that a wash does not always take as long as you might expect. When you need to get things done quick-snap, it pays to know what you are dealing with when it comes to getting through that quick wash.

So, when you need to make sure you are good to go in time for whatever event is eating away at your clock, you need to know how long you have to get things washed, dried, ironed etc.

So, how long does a washer take?

The Average Washing Time

Around fifty minutes. The average cycle for a full wash will be anything from fifty minutes to two hours depending on how much you are actually putting on in the first place. A normal washing load that is going through a proper cycle will be around an hour to two hours. It really does just depend on what you are actually washing – how much, the materials involved, and various other factors.

Larger loads that contain thicker items – things like cardigans, blankets, and towels – can take closer to the two-hour mark. However, a few lightweight shirts and the like can take well less than an hour. Indeed, some people can find that even as little as fifteen minutes can be enough to get their clothes deodorised, washed, and ready to be worn again when you need it.

You might, though, wish to look into the actual washing up instructions for the item in question. Some items must be hand washed, which can take longer and is liable to come up with more than a few issues for you to contend with. So, keep that in mind before you throw everything into your washing machine!

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The Type of Washing Machine Matters

Another factor to keep in your thinking when dealing with your washing machine is that the type of washing machine matters. For example, a top load washer usually takes much less time than a front-loading washer. However, they are far less efficient with regards to energy costs so you need to go through the old ‘time and money’ decision dance.

Are you happy to pay a little more to get your washing done quicker? Or are you happy to be more organised, wait it out, and reduce your energy costs each day?

Why Are Wash Cycles So Tediously Long?

Good question, and it is one that is very important to understand. The main reason that washers take so long to get through the cycle is due to energy efficiency and water efficiency. You could, though, always adjust the washing up time for what is being washed. For example, you might find that your typical set of shirts and trousers for work could be washed fully in 15-40 minutes. However, bedding, large jackets and the like are more likely to take you well over the hour mark to get them properly cleaned up and cared for.

So, you should look to do some research into the item(s) you are washing in a hurry. Can they go through a quick wash and still see visible results? Or are you better simply being more prepared and getting up an hour early to get the clothes in the wash so they are good to go in time?

You should also remember that your washing machine has to go through the final spin process. This gets rid of all the water that it can from the clothes, making sure that you aren’t throwing soaking, dripping clothes into the dryer. This is usually a 5-10 minute process, but it should not be ignored. Any time saved by ignoring the final spin will be lost in the time that it takes for your dryer to go through the drying process in the first place.

Speeding Up Your Washing Machine

You can of course make your washing machine a bit faster if you choose. Try and find the right balance in your washing load, and ensure that your washing machine is working properly. Dealing with things like choosing the right wash cycle, ensuring that your load system is working correctly and that all parts are working as they should, is very important.

Keep the above in mind, and you should find it much easier to make sure you can get your washing done in the timeframe you need without any stress or hassle.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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