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How Long Does a New Fridge Take to Get Cold?

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Ah, a new appliance – there really is nothing like it. Being able to fit and install a fresh, exciting new appliance into your home is very exciting. When it’s a big appliance like a fridge, it is even more exciting. While it might seem odd to be excited over what is essentially food storage, fridges are essential to our day-to-day life. A good, large fridge can make it easier to be more varied with meal planning as you can store more stuff. It can also be good for making sure that you can keep more items cold, from fresh vegetables to perishables and day-to-day items such as milk.

However, when you do buy that new fridge, it is not like other appliances. You cannot start using it right away. Just about any new fridge is going to have to take some time to actually get cold. This has come from a warehouse so it will feel cold on the outside, but the interior has to reach the proper cold temperature that you need. If you assume you can simply install the new fridge, empty the contents of the old one into the new fridge, and then go from there, you are sadly mistaken!

The Timeframe Is Very Hard to Judge

Sadly, though, there is no cut and dried answer as to how long your fridge will take to properly become the coldness level it should be reaching. There is a lot to think about. Generally, you could see your new fridge reach the level of coldness that it is expecting as quickly as two hours after it has been first powered up. However, other fridges can take anything from that rapid-fire two hours to as brutally long as twenty-four full hours!

That is a massive headache, and it can become very difficult to deal with when you need a sooner-rather-than-later solution. If you are buying a new fridge, you must make sure you read into the experience that others have had when it comes to getting their new fridge nice and cool. A failure to properly cool down the fridge can lead to food and other items spoiling while you wait.

Generally, we recommend buying some cooler bags to store items in whilst you wait. You do not want to take any risks with food safety, especially with a new fridge.

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Every Fridge Has a Timeframe

Of course, the ‘good news’ is that every fridge you look to buy will come with its own timeframe provided. You just need to take a closer look at the fridge and thus determine the timeframe from the information given. However, some fridges will be quite annoying and give you a timeframe that is not very close at all!

Some will give you a timeframe of say 2-4 hours. That is fair enough. Others, though, can say really unhelpful things like 12-24 hours. That gives you precious little indication and means you need to keep coming back to check for more.

You should always look into the fridge first before you commit to buying it. If the length of time is going to be longer than you can safely hold/store other food in cooler bags, you might wish to keep the old fridge running until the new one is ready.

The Impacts on New Fridge Cold Times

The main thing that matters when looking into a new fridge cooling time is the size of the fridge. The size of a fridge will always tell you how long it is going to take. It should go without saying that smaller fridges take less time, while larger fridges have more to cool down and thus are going to take a bit longer to deal with.

However, you should also remind yourself that the refrigeration type will make a big difference. A fridge that comes with a freezer will take longer as it has to normalise the temperature of the freezer at the same time. The other impact that will play a role is the delivery method that is being used. If your fridge is delivered by a cooled delivery truck during winter, it might cool faster. If it arrives via standard delivery on a sweltering summers day, though, that could be more of a problem for you in terms of the time it takes.

Another factor is how the fridge was delivered. If a fridge arrives upright, then it will take less time to properly work itself out than a fridge that was delivered on its side. Lastly, the temperature of your home can play a big role in determining the fridge cooling time. if you know your fridge is arriving on a given day, hang off on putting the heating on until the fridge is at the right temperature!

Aside from this, look into the brand, the model, and the newness of the fridge. All of these factors should give you a better idea of how long it should take your new fridge to get cold in the first place.

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