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What Flowering Plants Do for Your Home

Constantly changing places to stay as international consultants, Mary enjoyed finding decorations to make these places cozy for Christmas

Why Flowering Plants?

As Consultants, we have lived and worked in over 40 countries. Yes, it is a life full of wonderful adventure and change, but also of spare hotel rooms and very basic apartments. How do you give a lift to this pallid and insipid space when you may only be in there for a month or so?

For us, flowering plants are the best way to go. With an injection of colour and perfume, it makes even a sepulchral hotel room or a bland furnished flat feel more like a real home. Not the plastic or paper ones. That just replicates the dead feel of borrowed space.

Hibiscus in a Pot

Hibiscus for your Home

Hibiscus for your Home

Flowering Plants Bring Life to the House

When we creep home each year for a holiday, we have learned to bring this flower therapy with us. Other than your pets and visiting family and house flies, the rest of the house inside is often static. Some houses are stuffy or too self conscious. Some look like Uncle Herb or Aunt May and feel like churches on Monday morning.

Flowering plants change all that. They bring in life, color, the energy of new growth. Not cut flowers either, which are just at the beginning of the death cycle but small potted plants that are living and filled with vitality. As you watch them breaking out with their explosion of buds or burst into bloom, these flowers make you sense growth and change and being part of life. What a lift every morning to see all that colour waiting or to walk in on a cold fall or winter day and see Spring all around you.

Other Things Flowering Plants Do to your Home

Aside from that, flowers also clean up the air in the house, making it more healthy. If you are in the great white north with central heating, flowering plants can add some much needed moisture to the air. While paintings and rugs bring color to the house, they are often static and lifeless. They stay the same year after year.

Flowers are dynamic and every week you can add another plant as a replacement or upgrade so your home world is always changing. They make your house more inviting to people. Often, having flowers in the house kicks off the conversation when people drop in. Somehow, they bring out the best in people.

They can also bring out the best in you. As you care for them, they give back so much more than you give them. They engage you in growth and new life, in the future.

11 Flowering Plants for your Home

There are many flowering plants for your home. Some are easy to grow and take care of. Others may take more care. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Orchids. Most of the time I live in Asia where orchids are easy to grow and are cheap to buy. They last longer inside and they look very elegant. You have a variety of colours to choose from depending on your colour scheme. They are easy to care for and the flowers can stay on for months. Just water them when they are dry and once they had shed their flowers, get a new one but don't throw the plant. With care, it will flower again.
  2. African Violets. These are easy and fun to grow. There is joy in you watching roots emerge from a single leaf. There are many colours to choose from as well. the healthy leaves are very decorative.
  3. Begonias. Just bring in your begonias in the Fall and they will continue to grow and flower indoors. Even if the flowers will be minimal in the winter, their leaves are beautiful.
  4. Amaryllis. This bulb is easy to grow indoors. Because they have bigger blooms, they are very dramatic.
  5. Bromeliads. I was surprised at how long the bloom of this plant lasts. I find them very beautiful and distinct.
  6. Desert Cacti. This is another plant with blooms that last long. It may take longer to make them bloom though.
  7. Christmas Cactus. Another beautiful flowering plant that does not require much care but gives you some beautiful blooms.
  8. Poinsettias. These are great for Christmas. You can grow them outside after Christmas for use next year.
  9. Jasmine. I love the smell of Jasmine so I bring in a pot each time and its subtle smell fill the house.
  10. Gardenia. Once in a while, I bring in a pot for the bathroom. It has a strong smell so don't overdo.
  11. Hibiscus. This is hard to grow inside in a temperate climate but this doesn't mean, you can't. So last summer, my sister in law had a flowering hibiscus and before leaving for home, she left this with me and it continued to flower. When I left, I gave it to a friend to keep for the winter and the last time I checked it, it is still there. As long as you place your Hibiscus close to the window that gets enough light, it will continue to give you flowers.

Flowering plants bring a sense of growth - An anticipation of new life

Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants Provide Privacy Better than Curtains

Sometimes I use flowers to give us privacy rather than curtains. Curtains gather dust and retain food smell especially in kitchens. It is even better when the flowers you place in your kitchen window are those that smell sweet like jasmine, narcissus, lavender and lily of the valley.

You can rotate the flower pots so they get enough sun and exposure outside. But if your window provides your flowers enough sun, they will thank you with more and more blooms. You will, too, as you watch them bud and flower and fill your kitchen with that delicate smell that can only come from live flowering plants constantly budding and giving blooms.

Plants Give a Sense of Space

Yes, when you place flowering plants inside, you feel that you are outside and so it eases cabin feaver, the feeling of stuffiness. What you feel is a garden like airiness.

A sense of space


Flowering plants entertain you

Do you ever watch the growth in your indoor flowering plants? How often do you check them? If you are like me, I check every day for new buds and seeing the buds slowly opening each day gives me such delight that I have lighter feet the whole day.



Know Your Indoor Flowering Plants

Jasmine is my favourite. Orchids, too. Of course, this is easy for us to grow beautiful plants in the tropical climate. But most of the real beauties are available now in the North and many cities have fantastic greenhouses where you can go on explorations every weekend.

Just remember to place them where they are exposed to sunlight and they will continue to grow and give you flowers. I love putting them in the bathroom. Then, I don't have to spray those artificial scents or buy those expensive jasmine scented candles. If you don't get enough sun in your bathroom, you can plant them in several smaller pots so you can place them in your bathroom in rotation.

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And don't forget flowering cactus. These are easy to care for, take only tiny bits of space, and can be as riotous in colour as any other plant. If you have a hay fever sneezer in the house, this is the way to go.

Caring for Flowering House Plants

Caring for your house plants and make them flower is one task you should take seriously if you want flowering plants in your home. Each of the plants you have will tell you exactly what it needs as you get to know them better. Its leaves will tell you what it lacks, be it water or sunshine. So, look at your plants and let them speak to you. Pay attention.

Flowering plants bring life to an empty space

Flowers Bring Life

Flowers Bring Life

Plants are living décor for a boring space

I like using flowering plants to enliven portions of the house where there is dead wall space. I find that flowering plants, more than paintings, bring life to these spaces and cut the boredom as well. I like using orchids for they last longer so it does not become very expensive. You can take care of them afterwards and they will continue giving you the blooms you need for your house. I often use transparent bowls to put them in so the roots still get some light and continue growing.

Orchids, for me, are the most cost effective indoor flowers when you live in tropical climates as they are cheaper. In cold climates, they are harder to maintain but they still last longer. They also add elegance to an otherwise boring room. However, check your local greenhouse for the varieties of flowering plants that work best for you. You'll also get all kinds of free advice.

Rotate your indoor flowering plants

My husband takes care of our plants. He likes to rotate it to give the plants sunlight regularly. I think just the extra attention make them bloom.

Flowering plants make it easy for your house guests to bring gifts for you

When people know you love flowers, they find it easy to get gifts for you. Rather, than give you yet another bottle of bad wine, a mystery plant appears and together you can find the perfect place for it.

Easy to Grow Flowers

Easy to Grow Flowers

Grow Your Own Flowering Plants

When you live in tropical climates, this is not a problem as flowers are available the whole year. But in a cold climate, it is hard to have flowering plants in the winter. And this is the time when you most need the lift that flowers often give.

There are many ways of ensuring you have flowers even during winter. You can grow bulbs. You can pot tubers wrapped up in a cool place in the autumn and let them grow later inside.

Grow lots of them so you can rotate them the whole year. Of course, you can always buy flowering plants from florists and greenhouses, but growing them yourself gives you more satisfaction. And who knows, you may find plants so engaging that you build a small greenhouse onto the back of your home. From hobby to a passion, I've seen it happen.

The following videos are helpful in growing your own flowering plants.

© 2010 Mary Norton

Do you like flowering plants for your home? - We can learn from you

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 18, 2020:

In our climate, we have numerous flowering plants outside in our yard. I do agree that flowering plants are a delight and can brighten one's spirits when looking at them.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 18, 2019:

Too bad. I have orchids and African Violets but am worried now as I am going away for 2 months. They are beautiful and keeps my spirit up.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on November 17, 2019:

I love flowering house plants but my husband would rather I not bring "weeds" into the house. I managed to talk him into allowing the basil plant on the window sill in the kitchen but nothing more. My mom used to have a wide variety of African violets and they were amazing and beautiful.



Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 08, 2019:

PS, plants sort of replace pets for me but as I am away often, I feel bad for them. I have to make some arrangement as I brought in my plants due to winter.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on November 07, 2019:

You are so right..flowering plants bring so much goodness to our homes not to mention the health benefits. I was unable to keep plants inside for many years as I had indoor pets who wanted to munch on them. Now that I do not have them (which saddens me) I am thrilled to enjoy my plants inside. I adore yard is overflowing with them. I am anxious to get my Christmas cactus for this year.....they are so lovely. Sending Angels your way once more. ps

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on January 16, 2019:

Gregory, I live in Canada and I have several orchids. My friends in Philadelphia also have many. They seem to flower again easily, too.

Gregory DeVictor from Pittsburgh, PA on January 14, 2019:

Mary, I didn’t realize that orchids are such cost-effective indoor plants. I see from your article that you can have them even in more temperate climates, but that they are harder to maintain. Good article.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on March 13, 2017:

A great selection of plants to grow at home. Thank you for sharing, I love the orchids.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 12, 2015:

Thanks Mary. My balcony is about average-sized. Orchids and jasmine sounds lovely.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 12, 2015:

I just got some orchids because they are cheap here in Phnom Penh and jasmine. I have a big balcony and there is enough light for this plant. I love the smell of the flowers. I don't overdo this as my friend told me once that I have a garden inside my house.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 12, 2015:

Great hub Mary. I'm thinking of adding some flowers to my home--my balcony and for indoor decoration. Any preferences? Voted up!

anonymous on May 10, 2013:

I love my flowering plants. Right the orchids and african violets are blooming. You've given me more ideas here. Great lens!

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 12, 2012:

@marsha32: I used to leave my plants for people to water when we were away but I think they over watered so they never survived.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 12, 2012:

@miaponzo: I hope you found some good flowering plants for your new home.

miaponzo on November 28, 2012:

I really need to get some flowering plants for my new house.. it's soooo drab and depressing!

marsha32 on November 21, 2012:

I love to have plants in the house but I seem to have such a brown thumb....even the alo vera plant in the kitchen window isn't doing well!

KonaGirl from New York on September 09, 2012:

I love this lens with its beautiful photographs of tropical flowers. I got a chuckle out of your writing too. Great lens. I am in Minnesota right now and I sorely miss all the beautiful tropical plants of Hawaii. As you know, many of them were brought over from southeast Asia. *Angel Blessed*

anonymous on July 21, 2012:

I cannot imagine a house without plants, love the images of the flowers, they are lovely.

mrsclaus411 on June 17, 2012:

These would brighten up the home, really pretty.

miaponzo on May 16, 2012:

I am moving to a new home soon, and am totally going to put loads of flowering plants both inside and out! Blessed!

RetroMom on April 01, 2012:

The pictures look wonderful.

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on March 24, 2012:

Great tips on house flowers. Flowers are so refreshing inside. Lovely idea to have plants in your window. We enjoy potted plants, too but we tend to buy ones that can be easily left or planted outside. I wish we had better green thumbs. :)

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on March 12, 2012:

I really like potted plants to brighten my home and patio. Taking care of them keeps me in tune with nature too.

efriedman on December 06, 2011:

Very clever idea to use house plants as a cheerful "curtain" in a kitchen or dining room window.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@FanfrelucheHubs: There is so much sun here in Asia that it is easy for us to do so.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@FanfrelucheHubs: There is so much sun here in Asia that it is easy for us to do so.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@pixelposy: Too bad...enjoy your kitty. They're lovable.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@PrettyWorld: Those lavender have a really nice smell inside the house.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@dellgirl: Thank you so much.

Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 02, 2011:

@Sylvestermouse: It is so cheap here in Asia but when I was in Canada, it was so expensive so I only have it once in a while.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on November 29, 2011:

I adore having flowering houseplants! Unfortunately, I have not been successful with them. Poor things, it is truly a death sentence for them for me to buy them. I never really know what I have done wrong. Rest assured, I would not repeat it if I did. I would really, really like to have an orchid, but after killing 3 of them, I simply admire them from afar now.

dellgirl on November 14, 2011:

I love this lens, it's absolutely beautiful!

PrettyWorld on March 27, 2011:

This is such a beautiful lens. I can almost smell the flowers when I read and see the photos. So pretty!

pixelposy on February 09, 2011:

I love flowering plants and I agree they warm up a home like nothing else can... but my kitty unfortunately destroys them.

Nathalie Roy from France (Canadian expat) on January 15, 2011:

I love plants, I have lots of them...but never had much success with flowering plants!

anonymous on January 10, 2011:

Beautiful lens, and great ideas. I love flowering plants especially during the winter!

nort43 on December 05, 2010:

Winter is here and house plants make a real difference. Letting the kids pick out their own favourites is a great involvement.

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