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How to grow tomatoes upside down


Grow tomatoes upside down - Unusal but fun!


If your looking for an unusal way to grow your tomatoes then look no further. Why continue to grow your tomatoes in the ground or gro-bags when you try to grow tomatoes upside down. Trust me this is fun.

Photo taken by kkimpel

Photo taken by kkimpel

Benefits of growing tomatoes upside down

Growing tomatoes upside down can help your tomatoes plants to produce better, bigger yields, this is down to a better airflow around the plant and there being less stress upon the branches during growing. You will find that the smaller plant varieties are better suited to this method of growing. Other benefits of growing your tomato plants this way include:

* No need for staking

* Tomatoes rippen faster

*No weeding required

*The pest that love to destroy your tomatoes will find it hard to to get to them

*Fruit does not come into contact with the ground which means you wont have the rotting problems this can bring.

* Great idea if your short of growing pace or have poor soil.

Photo by kkimpel

video - How to grow tomatoes upside down

What are the best varieties of tomatoes to grow upside down

When choosing the variety of tomato to use in your upside down tomato planter, it is best to stick to the smaller determinate varieties. You will find that the indeterminate varieties can grow too big for the container without careful pruning. So lets take a look at some of the best varieties of tomatoes for growing upside down.

* Celebrity bush tomato. This is one of the great all purpose tomatoes to grow. The tomatoes are full of flavour and have a high level of disease resistence. This is a determinate, bush variety of tomato where the fruit all ripens at once.

* Window box Roma. This is an incredble compact dwarf plant, with an incredible flavour that produces high yields of red pear shaped tomatoes.

* Tumbler cherry tomatoes. This is an early ripening variety that can produce up to 6lbs of sweet tasting cherry typs tomatoes.

* Micro tom tomatoes. This tomato plant has to be the worlds smallest measuring 6-8 inches tall and produces plenty of red fruit about the size of a large cherry tomato.

*Basket boy red.  This is a great tomato plant for upside down containers with good diesease resistence.  A high yielding plant which produces tastey red pear shaped tomatoes.

Upside down tomato planters available from amazon

How to make your own upside down tomato planter

Making your own upside down tomato planter is a good deal cheaper than buying one and can be a great way of recycling old bottles, buckets etc.

I have put together a list of the best sites that go in to great detail on how to make your own upside down tomato planter, so why not give it a go.

The cheap vegetable gardener shows you how to construct an upside down planter using an old plastic bottle, including step by step photo's. Visit the cheap vegetable gardener.

See how Kay M has made her upside down tomato planters using brand new plastic paint buckets, full step by step instructions with photo's. Visit make your own upside down tomato planters

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Steve Maguire on July 19, 2014:

When planting I cut up sponges and mix in the soil. This solved the problem of upside down containers not holding enough water

duckie013 on May 26, 2010:

can you plant seeds or does it have to be a pre-grown plant?

Chris and his Upside Down Tomato on May 14, 2010:

Terrible thing! A cat ran up the tree where I hung my upside down tomato pot. I discovered it about half a day late so the stems were half wilted already. I'm still trying to revive them by submerging the stem in water. Yeah, the stem was detached from the roots. So that's one hazard of an upside down planter.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener on May 13, 2010:

I have updated my design of 2-liter upside down tomato planter. Much easier to water and retain moisture.

Chris and his Upside Down Tomato on March 22, 2010:

Hello there! This is one of the pages I read before venturing into my own upside down tomato. My pot's a little smaller though. Here's a little question. I planted a small seedling upside down. Do you think it'll have sun deprivation issues, being on the bottom side of a pot?

Moon Daisy from London on November 24, 2009:

I love it! What a great idea!

I might give this a go next summer, I'm getting fed up with all the pests that like tomatoes as much as I do, thanks.

Lgali on November 12, 2009:

thnaks for nice idea

Gnana Sambandam on August 24, 2009:

I have never heard anything like this before! Although it Seem to be a weird thing, i like the great idea and their benefits.

Dori S Matte from Hillsborough on June 12, 2009:

What a great Idea!! Seems like I have seen this done before!! Beautiful tomatoes!


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