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Gothic Furniture and Medieval Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

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Gothic décor isn't for goody two-shoes. It's more befitting for someone with a little dark side, someone who might dream of living in a castle, raising a pet dragon and keeping a vile witch in a secret dungeon. Well, I'm just kidding. You don't actually have to be that radical to appreciate the wildness of medieval home décor. This decorating style is for anyone who revels in oddity, mystery and archaism.

To create a gothic living room, the first thing you have to do is decide to what extent you'd like to embrace the goth theme. You could do "contemporary goth" by furnishing the room with modern-style furniture and using gothic art pieces as highlights. Or you could go all the way with it and pretend every day is Halloween. No matter which way you prefer, the following gothic furniture and décor items are what I'd like to recommend. With these medieval decorations, you could almost feel the ghostly presence of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the room.


Medieval Decorations - Candle Holders and Wall Lighting Fixtures

Don't put a table lamp in your gothic living room. That's not what the medieval royals and knights used in their castles. Instead, take a trip to your local thrift store and look for some old-fashioned candle holders or wall lighting fixtures. The more intricate-looking, the better. The most ideal lighting fixtures for gothic home décor are those with mythical creatures, such as dragons, griffins or pixies. They could lend a pretty spooky atmosphere, but since you're interested in gothic decorations, I assume you don't mind and might even like a little bit of eeriness. If you love the idea of using candles but worry you might burn your house down, opt for a lighting fixture with mock-candle bulbs. They can conveniently goth your living room up without the flames.


Gothic Furniture - Wooden Chest/Coffee Table

Due to its link to the notion of hidden treasures and its uncanny resemblance to a coffin, a wooden chest can be a magnificent item to display in a gothic living room. You can buy one at most antique stores and home furniture shops. If you're lucky, you might even find a very cheap and ornate wooden chest at a thrift store or yard sale. Big and sturdy, it would make a great coffee table that also saves quite a bit of storage space. When Halloween arrives, don't forget to stuff some scream-provoking objects in there. You'd never know how many people will be tempted to open that chest.


Medieval Decorations - Heavy Drapery

Goth decorators are not very fond of sheer white lace and summery prints. If you want to go with medieval décor, you've got to look for a heavy fabric with a dark shade. Velvet is probably one of the most popular materials for gothic drapery. Black, maroon, dark purple, gold and deep blue are the ideal colors. Another trick to make your living room appear even more gothic is to use a no-sew fabric instead of a prim-looking curtain with loops or chrome rings. Sometimes primitiveness can turn out to be quaintly charming. Choose a lengthy fabric that runs all the way to the floor. Don't be afraid it might be too bold or dramatic. That's what gothic décor is all about.

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Gothic Furniture - Carved Wooden Chairs

This throne-like chair looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? Too bad your behind will probably find no comfort while seated on it. That is one downside of gothic furniture, which brings me back to what I have mentioned earlier. You don't need to go all the way with the medieval theme. If you love your soft couch, keep it. Just one or two of these gothic chairs would make an adequate statement. You don't need to purchase a whole set, force your guests to sit on them no matter how uncomfortable, and drink from a brass goblet like the Knights of the Round Table. Another smart alternative is to get a set of antique cushioned armchairs, with intricately carved legs. They might look more Victorian than Gothic, but if you accessorize the rest of the room with medieval decorations, I'm sure the overall look will be goth enough.


Medieval Decorations - Metal Chandelier

The type of chandelier you pick can dictate the atmosphere of the whole room. To create a gothic ambience, choose a bulky vintage one made from metals, such as wrought iron or brass. A dainty crystal chandelier won't do the job. Also, take a good look at your living room and see whether the ceiling is high enough. This is to assure that no one in your house would be at risk of daily head injuries. Chandeliers are tricky things. They look splendid in a large space but gaudy in a small room, so think twice before you buy one.


Om Paramapoonya (author) on November 25, 2011:

hahaha I had no idea Frank liked goth stuff! Glad you enjoyed this article. :)

genupher from NorCal on November 23, 2011:

This was a fun article! Goodness me, I wonder how my husband would like it if implemented some of these ideas. A castle would definitely come in handy right about now.

Om Paramapoonya (author) on August 19, 2011:

You're welcome, carcro. Hope you find your dream castle soon. =D

Paul Cronin from Winnipeg on August 18, 2011:

I love the Gothic medieval look, now I just need a castle to put in it. Seriously, great hub! It's neat to have different rooms in your home with different themes, this would be great to try! Thanks for sharing...

Om Paramapoonya (author) on July 27, 2011:

Oh that sounds really cool. I wish I could visit his castle. :)

Wendy Iturrizaga from France on July 27, 2011:

I like the idea of mixing eras and styles when decorating a room. A friend of mine is renovating a castle in a very personal style, he is keeping all the main architectural features while adding a few very modern touches in the kitchen and bathrooms. It looks stunning, imaging a medieval looking kitchen with modern appliances.

Om Paramapoonya (author) on July 19, 2011:

lol =D

Katharella from Lost in America on July 17, 2011:

I can't resist saying "whose buns are going to end up on this chair" .... the question of the century! lol ;)

@juncolt, hey where is your blog and don't forget to post yours and progression would be cool too!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on July 16, 2011:

@Kathrella - LOL you're hilarious! :)

@juncolt - That photo doesn't belong to me or Kathrella. It belongs to Quinet, a Flickr user, and it's under creative common license. So if you want to post this pic on your blog, don't forget to include photo credit (as I did above).

juncolt from saudi arabia on July 16, 2011:

Katharella, I am planning to include the image of the chair on my blog. I hope you would not mind.

Katharella from Lost in America on July 16, 2011:

Ok ok ok, fine, I give in! I'm a girl plate, not the actual hamburger, although I have enough ham on my bottom some might think I'm part ham.. now I've never burgled anybody so yeah, no I'm not an actual "HAMburger"

The truth is out, now I shall hide my buns in embarrassment! Kinda scared of what those sesame seeds will do when I sit down though! ::hummph:: lol

Om Paramapoonya (author) on July 16, 2011:

What? You're not a hamburger?!!! Stop deceiving people with that avatar then. :P

Katharella from Lost in America on July 16, 2011:

LOL hey gimmie a lil credit, I never asked and you avi actually looks like a guy I know! I know I know, should not assume, since I have not read or remember if I read your main page, but you have to admit you avi is androgynous! But even if I had of known exactly I actually call more of my female friends dude out of sillyness than my male friends, even the gay ones. lol Sorry Ms. Om! Forgive my assumption! And if it matters I still totally dig this hub!! :P

p.s. I'm a girl not a hamburger btw. :P

Om Paramapoonya (author) on July 15, 2011:

@juncolt - Thanks for stopping by. Katharella has answered your question. Her advice is absolutely correct. :)

@Kathrella - "HIS photos"?? You think I'm a dude? That's funny. :)

Katharella from Lost in America on July 15, 2011:

juncolt, depending on how intricate the design, you could get quite a bit for each chair. Or even a foyer chair. Red velvet covered seats.. you could get a plain study one at an old flea market or lots of places in the south where they're plentyfull and you could make a mint, these are very much in style now. It is beautiful! Om Param,'s made an excellent selection with his photos here!:)

juncolt from saudi arabia on July 15, 2011:

I am a woodcarver.I wonder how much is that carved wooden chair in one of the images on your hub. It's beautiful.

Om Paramapoonya (author) on June 30, 2011:

The swords are kept in the secret chamber along with the spears and invisible cloak LOL Hey, by the way, you don't need to live in a castle in order to decorate in this style. :)

suzielucy from San Francisco on June 29, 2011:

where are the swords..my husband says! lol

this is super cool! I wish I live ibn a castle so I could decorate like this!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on June 13, 2011:

Well said. An artistic explosion!!! I like that. Thanks for dropping by, goth girl. :)

Sarah Jason from Vermont on June 12, 2011:

I'm ridiculously in love with the Gothic era, it was an artistic explosion that needed to happen. I love the exaggeration and the dark passion behind all of the pieces, whether it be a simple piece of furniture, or a giant archway to a mansion. SO glad to see that someone shares my taste!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on June 04, 2011:

Thank you. Hope you find your gothic dream house very soon. :)

taythomas22 on June 03, 2011:

Very interesting Hub, I like it very much indeed. I do like the gothic style of living, hopefully I can live in my gothic dream-house sooner or later in life. :) But again very awesome Hub. :D

Om Paramapoonya (author) on June 02, 2011:

Thanks so much for the read and comment, Katharella. Your house sounds really cool. Old houses can be very charming if kept in good condition. Happy decorating! :)

Katharella from Lost in America on June 02, 2011:

I just love this hub! I have the chest in front of an abandon fireplace from the late 1800's, and the heavy deep purple curtains my mother made when I was a teen, (although I only hang them in winter, and for the same reasons- they stop drafts, and over a bay window area with archway) :) I also have the wrought iron chandelier, but am having my ceiling redone and MAYBE will be putting it in the big living room (there's two, my house is over 100 yrs old) I want a ceiling fan, but I have to make sure it will support the weight of the chandelier, it's quite ornate and heavy, almost like the one in the photo. I also have the second of the wall lighting that actually holds a candle but I don't use it, it's for décor only. I'm trying to stay with the them of the age. I'm going to have a rough time finding the right carpet for the big living room though. I just received the signed deed yesterday! I'm very excited, that is another reason your hubs are so fascinating to me, you gave a lot of GREAT tips for my bathroom as I live near Atlantic beach and already have an Ocean theme. V-up! :) I wish you could come over for more helpful hints LOL :)

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 20, 2011:

Thanks for dropping by, Dolores. Combining the Gothic and Victorian styles together isn't a bad idea at all. I'd actually love to see your "crazy house." :)

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on May 20, 2011:

Hi Om - I love the idea of Gothic décor and think that medieval style is so beautiful! Right now my living room is sort of a 'crazy house' décor, as one of my sons calls it. A sort of Gothic/Victorian mishmash. Thinking about toning things down. But why not add a bit of panache to a room. Why be boring? Great decorating tips!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 16, 2011:

Goth hairstyles? The only one I can think of is Morticia Addams' hairdo, but perhaps that's not what you were thinking about. I think it would look cool on you, though. If you really decide to do it, don't forget to send me a pic! =D

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on May 15, 2011:

Great ideas, Om - I have been wanting to change my hairstyle too coincidentally. Do you think it would be weird for someone as old as me to have a 'goth' hairdo in black? Maybe I should stick with the furniture and not get too carried away - though it is very tempting!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 15, 2011:

Yes....But you don't really need to buy real antique furniture in order to decorate your room in this style.

ellahall2011 on May 13, 2011:

I guess the décor is antique. Am I right?

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 12, 2011:

Yep, that would be a very fun project. Thanks for stopping by, KoffeKlatch. :)

Susan Hazelton from Sunny Florida on May 12, 2011:

Om, I don't know if I could live with the gothic style but I'd love to try my hand at decorating a house that way. It would make a great haunted house.

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 12, 2011:

Already decorated your living room in another style? Too bad. Hmmmmm well, you could goth up the HubPages' office instead! hehehe

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on May 11, 2011:

Oh, what a fun idea! I know so many people who go for older looks, but few have the gumption to go gothic - it's a shame though, what a cool look it makes! Great tips... now I'm just miffed that I already decorated my living room in another style!

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 10, 2011:

Thanks for the read and feedback, prasetio. :)

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on May 10, 2011:

great information, my friend. I love interior design and all about furniture. Thanks for share with us. ~prasetio

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 09, 2011:

Wow, I never imagined you to have a goth hubby. Well, I know he probably doesn't paint his nails black or wear a cape to work or anything like that. But still, it's kind of funny. Thanks for sharing your personal experience! :)

anglnwu on May 08, 2011:

When I first got married, my husband had an apartment that pretty much have most of the décor you mentioned. It was dark, dim with less than dainty fixtures. Unfortunately, I wasn't too fond of them, and he had to let some go but we still have the most of them. NIcely done and rated up.

Om Paramapoonya (author) on May 08, 2011:

hehehe yeah, I understand. To a lot of people, gothic décor seems a bit too eccentric. I love many things about this decorating style but am still not ready to goth up my whole house. Thanks so much for dropping by. :)

bloggering from Southern California on May 08, 2011:

It would be fun to decorate a room like this if not actually live in it :-)

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