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My Personal Review of the Dremel, the Evolution Rage Circular Saw, and the Sonicrafter

Arthur strives to balance aesthetics, functionality, and quality with costs when planning DIY projects in the home and garden.

Worx Sonicrafter power tool and accessories

Worx Sonicrafter power tool and accessories

Three Great Power Tools for the DIY Enthusiast

The Dremel, the Evolution Rage Circular Saw, and the Sonicrafter

Being a DIY enthusiast, this is my personal review and recommendations for three great DIY power tools and accessories, which I frequently use and find most useful for my DIY projects around the home. In particular, this review focuses on:

  1. The Dremel: ideal for small area work (e.g. cutting the head off of a corroded bolt).
  2. The Evolution Rage Circular Saw: comes with a great saw blade that cuts through hidden nails in wood.
  3. The SoniCrafter: reaches awkward areas that other tools can't reach.

Based on years of experience and knowledge, I've included in this review article a selection of videos I made to demonstrate some of these handy, versatile, and useful power tools in action. I've also included photos and my personal review for each power tool showcased here, which I find extremely useful around the home for numerous DIY projects, and which I'm sure would make great gift sets for the DIY enthusiast.

Handy Power Tools for the Handy DIY Enthusiast

My Personal Experience of Using These Great Power Tools

As a keen DIY enthusiast, I know the satisfaction that comes from using the right tools for the right job. I also understand the importance of using quality tools. I frequently use a wide range of small, handheld tools and a selection of electrical tools to complete DIY projects around the home, from building shelves and cupboards to redesigning alcoves and renovating kitchens and bathrooms.

From my personal experience, I know how invaluable these gift sets can be to the DIY enthusiast. And I'm sure they'd make a great gift for any of your friends who are into a little DIY around the house and home improvement.

1. The Sonicrafter

Used as a Sander for a Stairs Makeover

One of my DIY projects, at the request of my wife, was to pull up the old stair carpet to use the wooden stairs without any covering; something one of our friends had done to good effect. Apart from looking good, the main advantage is that rather than continually having to vacuum the stairs to keep them clean, they only need to be kept clean by sweeping, which is a lot quicker and easier.

Pulling up the carpet revealed that originally they were carpeted with the old-fashioned narrow strip stair carpets that ran up the middle with both sides of the tread having been painted white.

Removing the bulk of the paint with a belt sander was easy, then to get into the corners I switched to using the Sonicrafter fitted with a sander attachment.

Sonicrafter With Hyper Lock and Universal Fit

I’ve had one of these for many years now and I find it an extremely useful power tool for DIY jobs that can’t easily be done by other tools; especially the saw, although it comes with a wide range of other useful attachments for various uses in tight and awkward areas.

For example, I recently used it to shorten shelf support (wooden baton) while the support was still screwed to the wall; I was able to cut the wood accurately, efficiently, and quickly without damaging the wall.

The latest Sonicrafter models come with Hyper Lock and Universal Fit Systems, which not only makes using these great tools even greater. The Hyper Lock allows you to change attachments easily and quickly, almost one-handed, and the Universal Fit means you can buy blades and attachments from any manufacturer, and it will still fit, and the Universal Fit is backward compatible so if you upgrade from an older model you can still use all your old attachments in the new model.

Short Demo of SoniCrafter in Use

Versatile Tool for Cutting Wood in Awkward Spaces

I made this short video clip during a recent DIY project for remodeling shelves. This demonstration of a SoniCrafter in use shows how easy and quick it is to accurately cut right through the end of a shelf support to shorten it while the wood is still screwed to the wall without damaging the wall behind.

2. Evolution Rage Circular Saw

Robust Saw That Handles Hidden Nails Without Damage to the Sawblade

A few years ago when I needed a new circular saw, I did lots of research and found this model to be no ordinary circular saw. Unlike an ordinary circular saw, this is a multipurpose circular saw that will cut through hidden nails in old wood effortlessly and without damaging the saw blade.

In a recent DIY project, I used this Evolution Rage Circular Saw to quickly and efficiently narrow the width of pinewood floorboards by cutting along the length of the wood. The great thing about this electric saw is that you can use it confidently on reclaimed wood as the blade is designed to also cut through soft metals so any hidden nails in old timber will not damage or blunted the saw blade; in fact, you’ll not even notice that you’ve cut through the odd nail or two in the old recycled wood.

3. Dremel

The Small Electric Tool with Hundreds of Uses

The Dremel is an invaluable specialised tool which although not for everyday DIY I often find indispensable for lots of little jobs in the home and workshop that other power tools can't do.

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With a wide range of accessories, this handy little tool is great for getting into those awkward spaces and saves me hours of hard work. If you're into crafting, then the Dremel also has an excellent range of attachments for engraving glass, metal, ceramic and wood.

Demo to Remodel Shelves with These Handy DIY Power Tools

This full-length demonstration on remodelling old shelves and a built-in cupboard, and making new shelves to match demonstrates the use of several power tools featured in this article.

The power tools demonstrated in this video include the Evolution Rage Circular Saw, the SoniCrafter saw, bench saw, DeWalt jigsaw, a Router and bits, and the DeWalt electric drill and screwdriver; and electric sander was also used but not demonstrated in the video below.

A Trio of Great Tools

Showcase of Shelves Made Using These Tools

A woodworking project of mine where I made bookcase shelf units from pine floorboards for storing DVDs made using the Evolution Rage Circular Saw and Sonicrafter along with other power tools featured in this review article; showcasing what can be achieved with the right tools.

Bookcase for storing DVDs

Bookcase for storing DVDs

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2011 Arthur Russ

Your Comments and Views on DIY Tools

Arthur Russ (author) from England on June 15, 2017:

Thank you all for your comments, and as topbuilderlist stressed, always follow the safety precaution guides when using these power tools. Safety is paramount.

topbuilderlist on May 15, 2013:

Always be aware the safety precaution guides in working with these power tools and only an authorized technical personnel should use it.

maceemiller123 on December 20, 2012:

Yeah!! That's a proper selection of tools!! Great stuff

anonymous on October 13, 2012:

Thank you for great ideas on this lens.

getmoreinfo on October 06, 2012:

Thanks for sharing the Great DIY Home Workshop Tools Gift Sets.

Pam Irie from Land of Aloha on October 04, 2012:

Lots of great power tools for any DIYer. :)

anonymous on September 25, 2012:

As an interesting read, I recommend it to my lenses.

anonymous on September 04, 2012:

Very nice to be a handyman who loves to build things, I'm sure.

Nice tools, btw! :)

Dazmagpie on July 09, 2012:

Great ideas

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