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Furry Bean Bag Chairs and Fuzzy Chairs


Decorating with Funky, Furry & Fuzzy Chairs for Kids and Teens

These affordable furry bean bags and fuzzy chairs for kids and teens are a fun way to decorate, plus you'll get the awesome look these funky seating solutions proffer without all the fuss and cost of conventional chairs.

Kids to teens love the comfy texture that fuzzy, furry chairs offer. Pair comfy~cozy with cool colors and unequaled style and I'd say you've got the perfect chair for your kid's bedroom.

Want portability? No problem. The fuzzy and furry bean bags featured here are the ideal chair to move from room to room. Place and plop: easy~peasy!

Scroll down to find your child's or teen's fuzzy dream chairs in fabulous popular colors and styles to the cool bean bags I mentioned with matching, equally~fuzzy ottomans you'll be proud to display, along with some fun decorating tip your kid will love.

Image credit: Ultra fuzzy bean bag chair for kids shown here is available below.

Small Round Furry Moon Chairs: - In Pink, Too

Fuzzy Pink & Furry Cheetah Print Chairs - Sitting Pretty Decorating

These chairs have it all: fun, lightweight portability, foldable and cool. They're the pick up and go chairs that's ideal for smaller spaces. They make great corner chairs for the bedroom and will earn their keep being the favorite chair for you kid to teen.

Pink Fuzzy Chair and Ottoman for Kids' Room

Fuzzy Pink Camouflage Bean Bag Chair for Kids & Tweens

Pink Furry Butterfly Chair and Foot Stool for Tweens

Fuzzy Pink Cheetah Bean Bag Chair for Kids' Rooms

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Decorating a Teen's Hangout

Super~Furry Bean Bag Chairs & Ottoman

Teens love their own space but they love company, too. Pairing several of the uber~furry bean bag chairs together is an ideal start to a creating a 'conversation pit.' I suggesst hanging cool paper lanterns above the setting for a really cool look teens love.

Paper lanterns are really cheap; they're available in any color of the rainbow and only require an equally~cheap hanging light kit (they're usually under $10) . I'd suggest hanging as many lanterns as chairs in like colors. Hang them at different lengths so each one stand out.

Fuzzy/Furry Bean Bag Chair ~ Neon Yellow

Fuzzy/Furry Bean Bag Chair ~ Deep Purple

Fuzzy/Furry Bean Bag Chair ~ Neon Green

It's All About Comfort - Big and Fuzzy Microsuede Six~Foot Lounger

Lots of fun colors.

Cool Teen Desk Chair: - Zebra Stripe Fuzzy Microsuede Task Chair

Fuzzy Animal Print Bean Bag Chair for Teens' Room: Tiger Stripe

Fuzzy Animal Print Bean Bag Chair for Teens' Room: Zebra

Fuzzy Animal Print Bean Bag Chair for Teens' Room: Leopard

Fuzzy Animal Print Bean Bag Chair for Teens' Room: Cow Spots

Fuzzy Animal Print Bean Bag Chair for Teens' Room: Giraffe

My own teens had a seemingly endless stream of friends spending the night ~ or two, or three . . .. We needed extra chairs every time a good video game got going.And it wasn't surprising to see two or three TVs in my great room. I remember one teen brought his own game console and television set (with two more friends in tow). I learned that we had the bigger living room and a more 'teen~friendly' mom (that would be me and I loved it). Chairs and teens, teens and chairs . . . and TVs; this went on all summer long. This year, they both have jobs for the summer and I have to admit, I miss the noise.

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