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Have You Installed a Folding Shower Seat in your Bathroom?


The most common shower seat that often used in the bathroom is the type that can easily be lifted into and out of the shower area without any trouble. This shower seat is known as freestanding shower bench and the most popular ones are made of teak wood; it’s the highest quality of wood.

Folding shower seat is quite popular too but unlike the free standing type, it is mounted onto the shower wall and which can be lifted up when not being used and placed down according to your wish.

Folding seat is quite useful in the shower; it provides you a place to sit when your need to shave your legs or clipping your toe nails. It is more convenient to do so in a sitting position compare to standing. If the seat is fixed near to the shower area, you can even sit on it relaxing while letting the hot shower running through your body.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Shower Seat

Folding Shower Seat

Folding Shower Seat

There are many types of folding shower seats that available in the market. Depending on your budget and preference, you might want to choose from seat that made of plastic, wood or metal. Each of the material offers you a different level of comfortably but the one that most people like is the one that made of teak wood. Sitting on a wood material seat is always comfortable than the other but yet it depends on individual needs and preferences.

The biggest advantage of a folding shower seat is it saves place. It won’t take any more space when it is mounted on the wall and if you think that it won’t look nice when not being used, you can fold it up. This shower seat is perfect for small shower room where space is limited. However there are people who prefer to install this type of seat even if they have a rather spacious shower.

The disadvantage of this shower seat is it can’t be moved around like the free standing seat. Once fixed to the place, you need to keep it there. It will also be troublesome should you want to take it down and fix it to other places, especially if your walls are tiled.

A folding shower seat does not cost as much as the free standing seat or bench. You can get the one that made of teak wood for as low as hundred plus at Amazon. It might be even cheaper if you opt for the ones that made of plastic or metal. You can perform some research online to find even better deals as there are many online stores that carry such items.

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