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Festoon Window Blinds - Fancy Window Curtains Tutorial

Festoon Blind Tutorial - Window Blind Decoration

Festoon blinds are used as part of window home improvement. You can fit festoon blinds and then pulling the blind up by using the rings and cords just like the Roman blind.

Festoon blind is hooked onto a track like any curtain and headed by tape. In order to maintain ruched effect when the blind is lowered, you will have to use vertical tapes that can gather the fabric and provides loops for the cords.

To make festoon blind curtain, you will have to join many lengths of several fabrics along the lines of the lines of the vertical tapes, this is so that the joins can be covered.

As festoons originated at the beginning of the 18th century, it emulate the Georgian interior period decoration look.

The fabrics that are used to make festoon blinds should be light enough to be drawn easily. Festoon blinds can be trimmed, decorate with braid over tape lines and fringe at the bottom, with bows, frills and rosettes.

Generally, festoons are corded at the edges. There is Austrian or special festoon tracks that have holes that make it easy to pull up the cords.


Materials Used To make Festoon Blinds

  • Cord
  • Curtain heading tape
  • Braid
  • Festoon blind tape
  • Main fabric
  • Large screw eye
  • Batten
  • Fringing
  • Austrian blind track or curtain track
  • Hammer
  • Tacks and drill

How To Measure For Festoon Blinds

  • Measure and double the width of the window recess
  • Add 4cm (1 1/2in) to the side of the hem width
  • Add 6cm (2 3/8in) to the heading and hem length
  • Measure the height of the window for each panel's length
  • Multiply the height measurement two and half times
  • And add about 20cm (8in) for the hem

How To Make Festoon Window Blinds Instructions

  • Mark positions of tapes on the fabric and leave equal gaps
  • Fold and press festoon blind vertically. Turn 1cm to wrong side of each side, turn in again and machine stitch.
  • You should know the number of lengths that you will need for festoon tape, cut the required lengths and pin to back of blind.
  • The center of festoon tape should be placed on fold lines and stitch. Make sure the first loop is about 2.5cm (1in) from the bottom.
  • To cover the side seams and tape, you can attach braid to the right side. Take care not to catch the sides of the tape as you machine stitch.
  • Turn up a 1cm hem at the bottom of the blind, repeat this, press and on the right side of the hem, lay the fringing and stitch.
  • Turn down 4cm of the blind to the top and attach heading tape
  • In the vertical tapes, pull the cords to gather the festoon blind to the drop you are satisfied with and tie off.
  • Also gather the heading tape to the width you want and tie off.
  • At the bottom loops, tie cords and thread through to the top of the blind
  • Before you fix cleat to the wall, attach the festoon blind to the curtain track with hooks. Take the cords to pass across the top of the blind and allow it to go through the large screw eye that you will use to pull.


Margaret Crawford on December 19, 2018:

Where can I order a festoon (Austrian) curtain?

Christabel Evans (author) from England, UK on February 16, 2015:

I'm glad @Marg that the tutorial was beneficial to you. Thanks!

Marg on February 16, 2015:

That's a really good tutorial! Very clear and precise and so well presented. Thank you!