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Fleur de Lis Home Decor Ideas


Fleur De Lis

The fleur-de-lis is literally "the flower of the lily" and is an ancient stylized representation of a golden iris, part of the lily family. It is most popularly known as an emblem in heraldry especially in that of the French royalty and today remains popular, no more so than in home decor. On this page we will not only tell you a bit about the history and symbolism of fleur de lis, we give you some great ideas on how you can incorporate it into your own home decor.

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Where did the fleur de lis come from?

Theories vary as to the origin of the Fleur De Lis especially as it is so closely associated with the French Royal Family. But there is no doubt it appears in history long before then. It appears in many ancient cultures including Egyptian and Greek. It seems to have been used as a symbol of authority appearing on crowns and jewels, spears and standards.

By the 12th century is adopted by many royal families and starts to take on significant Christian symbolism. There is some discussion that the three upper leaves have come to represent the Holy Trinity and when linked with the royal house assumes they are ruling by divine inspiration.

Fleur-de-lis wall decor - wall decals

One of the first things you need to decide is whether to simply add fleur de lis accents or whether to make the motif prominent in your design. It is probably most effective used in borders, fabric and accents but there is something to be said for creating one wall in a room entirely of fleur-de-lis. It works particularly well in a bedroom such as this.

You can use these to create a border all around the room or arrange them together in a pattern on one wall. If you are using them all together, avoid arranging them in clinical rows, try out your pattern on the floor or sketch where each will go relevant to the room before you start. If you want gently mark the wall with a pencil mark where the center of each motif should go so you can see roughly what they are going to look like in place.

Interesting facts about the Fleur De Lis - did you know?

  1. The first recorded siting of a Fleur-De-Lis is an Assyrian bas-reliefs dated 3 centuries before Chris.
  2. Coins for the 10th century have been found bearing the Fleur de lis.
  3. Some English nobility added a fleur de lis to their heraldic crest to state a claim to land in France in the middle ages.
  4. During the French Revolution the fleur de lis - the royal emblem - became to represent the three social classes - the workers, the soldiers and the church.
  5. It is thought the Fleur De Lis symbolizes purity, light and perfection.
  6. French legend has it that Clovis king of the Franks was presented with a a yellow iris and so the Fleur De Lis was adopted as a French emblem.
  7. The fleur de lis was the emblem of Joan of Arc.
  8. Slaves in Mauritius were branded with a fleur de lis symbol.
  9. Several cities and states in America carry the fleur de lis in their flags and official seals. These include towns along the Mississippi river, New Orleans, St. Louis, Louisville, Detroit, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Missouri.
  10. During the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Catriona people wore a fleur de lis to show their resilience and commitment.
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Wall decals - Fleur de lis designs

If you prefer, you can use single fluer de lis wall decals as accents. Pick a color to match or to stand out from your base color and other deocr accents. They work well in studies, bedrooms and kitchens.

Examples of fleur-de-lis fabrics - home decor ideas

In bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms you might want to add some fleur de lis fabric either made up as curtains, or covering chairs or as cushions, throws or pillows. Many of the fabrics can be heavily patterned so they will dominate in any room. So if you want to use the fabric as curtains either use those as the dominant feature or pick a more subtle patterning. If you use the dense fleur de lis design it is a good idea to them just add one or two accents featuring fleur-de-lis to blend the design together. Small pillows or cushions work well as do single wall decals, or accessories such as candles and so on.

Decorate with stencils - fleur-de-lis design

An attractive alternative to wall decals is to use stencils. With one stencil you can create any pattern you want but they do look best as borders either at ceiling height or at dado rail height or along the skirtingboards/kickboards. These perhaps give you more variety in color options that you can match or contrast with your base wall color. They work best on plain backgrounds.

Decorating with fleur-de-lis accents - Fleur de lis design

With a pattern as distinctive as the fleur-de-lis, often the phrase "less is more" comes to mind, meaning a few well placed accents can make a room look elegant and stylish. Too many can ruin a room decor. The Fleur-De-Lis is an elegant motif so think about understated elegance when you are considering your decor. These wall accents look wonderful agianst plain walls especially if you have used fleur de lis fabric in the room.

Fleur de lis mirrors - home decor ideas

Fleur-de-lis decorating accents - kitchen accents

Rugs and throws - fleur de lis design

Fleur de lis decor - candles and candle holders


Bellezza-Decor from Canada on August 08, 2013:

I have a black wrought iron clock with this pattern and I really enjoy the Old World charm of the design.

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