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The Eufy See-Everything Video Smart Lock Has Its Eye On You


Security In The Home

Security in the home has never been more important — in the old days that mean spending a lot for so-called professional security devices like cameras. Or going with a security service that provided the tech for a very little price or even free, but then you’d pay a monthly subscription fee to have the company monitor what is going on with your system. So either way it was a big hassle that made most people annoyed. And as a result most people ignored it all and did nothing at all. But times have changed

For one thing, the need for home security has increased many times over, even as the fear of crime has skyrocketed. And as most people know, the front door of the house is the first ingress into the home. Even if the only concern is not having one’s packages left on the porch pilfered or taken away (porch pirates, etc.), being able to monitor and control what is going on at the front of the house is even more important now than ever before. So that’s where eufy’s See-Everything Video Smart Lock comes in.


Problems Avoided with a Video Smart Lock

Most people now understand the need and value of having a camera at the front of their house — the sheer increase of video doorbells makes that known. But video doorbells have two problems that many understand, even if they’re not noted by the companies looking to sell same. The first problem is that a video doorbell has to be installed wherever the doorbell is — since it has to use the electrical wiring the existing doorbell has — and that is usually not facing the porch area where it needs to be. The second problem is that wiring need, which requires more than a DIY attitude. A video smart lock doesn’t have either of these problems; the smart lock’s camera points forward from the front of the door and of course has a wide angle lens that “pulls” in a view that doesn’t exclude anything that the homeowner wants to be able to see. And the need for power comes from the lock’s internal battery supply which in this case, once charged, can keep going for up to a year. Meanwhile DIY installing isn’t an onerous procedure.


Simple Installation

Before getting to the specifics of the See-Everything Video Smart Lock, let’s discuss installation, which follows the same rules as other bolt-driven locks. To simplify the process, after removing the old bolt lock, the new bolt section is inserted into the now open hole, with the front plate and rear plate attached. Obviously this is far from a real description, but the point is that it’s not different from doing compared to other locks.

So now let’s get to specifics of the Smart Lock. It has Wi-Fi, so that means it can use an app (more on that in a bit) so that requires having a home network. The front keypad works in the obvious way, but there’s also a fingerprint sensor on the top that can speed up the door opening process. But perhaps best part is that the lock will stays open if you walk out to grab a package, for example, but auto engage if you go back in and close the door but forget to lock it.

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The Camera is 2K

And of course there’s the front facing camera which capture images in 2K Full HD detail And has a whopping 160 degree wide angle of view. As for storage, this lock eschews cloud storage and instead goes for local using a SD card, which is installed not in the lock but in an accessory Wi-Fi chime inside the house.

Now even though its local storage, the app is able to utilize it through Wi-Fi. So the app can let you see a live view as well as control the lock remotely. Plus it has dual detection so if there’s an issue before it, you get a warning sent to the app. The app can also let you record and do screenshots and use the 2 direction speaker/microphone for talking/hearing through the lock. The app is simple to use and even simpler to understand — making it worth having for your iOS/Android device.

But there is one obvious caveat — if you have a screen door in front of the lock, especially if the screen door is of the security type where it blurs what can be seen through it -- then you’ll have to either keep the screen open so the lock’s “eye” has a clear view or go without.


The See-Everything Video Smart Lock is made from a zinc alloy with a stainless steel frame so it holds up well — especially since it has an IP65 rating against the elements. Plus the chip tech improves the quick access every time the fingerprint sensor gets used, and it’s pretty fast at .3 seconds to start. Plus you can use Alexa to voice command it too. Further details can be had by going to

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