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eufy’s RoboVac G30 Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation Has Got Your Floor Covered


Robots Go Vacuum Cleaners

There was a time — in the 1950’s — when robots were feared as the inevitable dooming of humans. But this seemed to swing back and forth between robots being invincible death machines and benign friends of humanity (sort of a “dog” in that it was loyal and only wanted what was best for its master). Regardless of the swing, there’s no denying that robots today are able to do things that humans don’t want to do — and it’s cleaning a floor that we’re pointing to right now. We don’t want to have to pick up crumbs or dirt or sweep or any of that because we are bipedal creations that do not want to stoop, bend or lean over. Sarcasm aside though, it’s hard to complain about a robot that will take care of your floor and not ask for lunch. So it had better be a really, really good robotic vacuum that is going to be making the rounds. And that’s exactly why we’re letting eufy’s RoboVac G30 Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation take over this most reprehensible of household chores.


This Robot Disc Does Not Fly

Before we get into what it does, let’s get into what it is — a cylindrical disc that will make its way across a floor. Due to it being under 3” tall, it can navigate under furniture to get at those pesky dustballs. And because it has 2000PA suction it can grab hold of junk on the floor in a superior fashion to that of other models (especially the early generations of vacs). A very nice (some would say very important) feature is that it can automatically (temporarily) boost the suction performance when it perceives that more suction is required. Sort of the equivalent of a person knowing that they need to apply more “elbow grease” when cleaning.

Because it works on both hardwood floors as well carpets, you might think that there is some brush or rollers that have to be changed —nope! The G30 “knows” what it is expected to clean and behaves accordingly.


Smart Cleaning

Now obviously it’s running off of battery power. But does that mean you have to stay and supervise it until it gives you an indication that it needs that wall outlet? The answer is no, because besides having the ability to provide voice prompts when necessary should it encounter a problem, it automatically returns to the charging station when the battery has run low. It then waits till the battery hits 80%, at which time it returns to where it ceased cleaning and resumes the work you never want to have to do again. Unfortunately it can’t empty itself — that is something that you still have to do when its internal compartment gets filled up.

What’s interesting is the Smart Navigation using a Path Sensor — this lets the G30 map out and move in a more sensible and planned way as opposed to the random mess most ‘vacs’ do when cleaning a floor. As to how it knows where it’s to go and where it’s not to go, there’s an app (iOS/Android) for giving it this information — so connecting between your smartphone and it means there has to be a wireless network in the home that both the phone/robot can connect to. The app lets you enact manual control as well as scheduling and provides a means for checking where the ‘vac is (it’ll call out with a voice). The app also enables seeing what the G30 has been up to (history), so you know where and when it’s been cleaning.

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This Robot Cleans For You

The eufy RoboVac G30 Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation comes with a power supply and a base to use that with, as well as 2 side brushes, an additional filter and a cleaning tool. It also comes in a single color, being black, although the power indicator is on top in the form of a series of LED dots provides a dash of color as well as an indication of how its doing. Plus it works with Alexa and Google Assistant, which is just another reason for it having a connection to the wireless network. For more details go to

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