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Do Electric Dryers Produce Carbon Monoxide?

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When it comes to filling your home with modern appliances, it is common to buy a dryer. Electric dryers in particular are very popular with people today. They offer a reliable, simple, and stress-free solution for making sure you can get your clothes ready to be worn in a short space of time. That being said, many people are looking to try and be more eco-friendly – and rightly so. With that in mind, you might look at using an electric dryer with some form of trepidation or uncertainty.

For example, you might wondering do electric dryers produce carbon monoxide?

Many of us are looking to make sure we cut down on our CO production, and this might mean looking for another dryer type. So, with that in mind, let us take a quick and decisive look at what the electric dryers out there produce. Do you need to worry about the investment in an electric dryer bringing CO production and potential problems at home?

Do Electric Dryers Produce Carbon Monoxide?

If you were to buy an electric dryer, you would hope that it would not be capable of producing CO. After all, we typically associate CO production with gas-based products. if you were to buy a gas-based dryer then yes that would be likely to produce carbon monoxide. With an electric dryer, though, you do not have to worry about them producing dangerous carbon monoxide into the air.

However, what you do need to worry about is the moist air and the lint that is being created by your dryer as it works its magic. These can cause serious damage to your property if you allow them to build-up and accumulate. With that in mind, you should always look to keep your dryer operating in a well-vented location. This is important as it can make sure that you do not find that problems such as moisture, burning lint, or other structural issues can become quite so likely.

By having proper venting for your dryer, you can more or less make sure that everything is done exactly as it was supposed to be.

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Things to Consider With the Electric Dryers

However, while your electric dryer will not be producing carbon monoxide on its own, it could become a problem for you due to circumstance. For example, if your gas dryer has a vent that becomes clogged and thus cannot allow for a proper ventilation process then carbon monoxide could build up over time. This would be released into the house and thus could bring some serious health risks down the line for you and others.

Gas dryers create fumes that are dangerous to the people in your house, and it could even be fatal if it is left unchecked. While your electric dryer is very unlikely to have the same issue as a gas dryer, you should look to ensure that all vents are able to work exactly as they were supposed to.

Your electric dryer will need some form of outlet to get rid of the warm and moist air that it is creating during the drying process. It will not be able to work without a vent that allows it all to escape. So, you should look to ensure you have some form of exterior ventilation that allows all of that lint in the air to escape your house accordingly.

Over time, this also allows for excessive moisture to build up in your home. Over time, that could lead to framing being rotted and also mould growing where it should not have been present beforehand. Allow that lint to linger for too long, and it could even become a fire hazard!

So, while your device is not producing carbon monoxide as it is not burning fuel it could be something that you need to look out for. Electrical appliances cannot produce carbon monoxide when they are being used; anything that burns fuel of some kind, though, is likely to be a problem for you down the line as it is a source of CO. As such, making sure you have the absolute best ventilation that you can for any fuel-powered appliances is essential to the health and wellbeing of yourself and everyone who resides at your home.

Taking Care of Your Dryer

While CO might not be a problem, getting rid of excessive moisture is very important to your healthy living and well-being. Make sure that you regularly empty out your dryer, that you clean it down, and that you ensure that all of its ventilation spots are free from blockages.

Do this, and you can make sure that the dryer you are using on a daily basis is not something that you need to worry about failing you. Caring for that dryer is the essential next step to making sure you can keep using it without any risk if moisture build-up, fire risks, and more.

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