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Composting at Home: Making Time More Productive

composting at home

composting at home

Indoor Vermicomposting

Did you know that you can be productive even when at home? If you are a housewife, there’s more you can do than just by cleaning the house, preparing the foods and taking care of the family. If you are a career person, you can also have a hobby by engaging to this so called composting at home.

This work is not too technical so everyone can learn it. It does not require any degree, it just demands commitment. Vermicomposting or in a simpler term, worm composting is very popular nowadays. More and more people are becoming addicted to this simply because it does not require much time, money and effort but it gives more than what you exert. The process which requires composting worms to produce vermicompost can be done at the comfort of one’s home.

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Composting with Red Wiggler worms

Meanwhile, if you are now planning to have it at home and start your first worm composting, then you should know what it takes to have maintain a vermicomposting bin.

Worm composting does not actually need much attention once the worms are settled in. This is the good thing about it. Plan it out by thinking of a good place where you can put your red worm bin. You can locate it even in your garage, under your kitchen sink or in your basement.

A vermicomposting bin doesn't necessarily mean those commercially made worm bins that are too expensive for some of us. If you have an old plastic box or a trash can, just drill enough holes on it for proper aeration and you're almost good to go!

Pros of Vermiculture

So why do this? What are the benefits of this act whether you choose big backyard worm composting or small indoor vermicomposting?

First, it provides you with a natural pesticide and fertilizer for the plants. By the use of wormcastings or worm poop that are produce by Red Wiggler worms, you will promote a greener lifestyle by staying away from chemical fertilizers.

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Second, the composting worms will help aerate the soil in your garden. With the use of Red Wiggler worms, you are sure to have a good soil because this kind of composting worms improves the water system for your garden.

If we are to count all the benefits from worm composting, there’s not enough space and time. But to sum it up, the most important thing that this process does is that it helps the environment a lot. How? First, you are able to recycle wastes by using old newspapers, magazines and cardboards. These materials when shredded are suitable beddings for the bin. Your kitchen scraps such as fruit peelings; tea bags and vegetable left over are served as your composting worms’ foods. Instead of throwing your grass cuttings, you can also reuse those by using them in the process.

Going Green with Composting worms

You can only imagine how much wastes are recycled because of doing this at home.  You are not the only one who is benefited but you also help in protecting the environment.  You also help your family because whatever you harvest from your garden, you cook it for them.  Thus, you are giving them foods that are chemical free because the castings of Red Wiggler worms are filled with so much nutrients.

Now, your home is not just a place for your family.  Hence, it’s now a home for composting worms that will make your life and your environment 100% healthy!

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