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Cobalt Blue Bedding & Comforter Sets

Image credit: The cobalt blue bedding set show here is available below.

Image credit: The cobalt blue bedding set show here is available below.

True Blue: Divine Decor with Cobalt Blue Comforters & Bedding Sets

Vincent van Gogh says it best about this inspiring blue hue, "Cobalt is a divine colour and there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things." Indeed, artists and decorators alike laud cobakl blue's energy and value in being a space's primary focus.

It goes without saying (but I'm saying it, anyway) that cobalt is one color capable of holding it's own as a major player in your decorating scheme.

I've included several cobalt blue comforters, duvets and related bedding below along with a few decorating basics to get you started in creating an ethereal bedroom that's truly captivating.

Cobalt: The True Blue

3-Piece Cobalt Blue Duvet Bedding Set

3-Piece Cobalt Blue Duvet Bedding Set

3-Piece Queen Size Cobalt Duvet Bedding Set

Just What is Cobalt Blue, Anyway?

There's no other way to describe the essence of cobalt blue's pigment except that it's blue in the purest form.

And because it's so extraordinary, finding 'true-blue' (no pun intended) cobalt bedding can be quite the challenge and this duvet set is the best representation of the color's true essence. Cobalt is a lot like royal blue but has that 'lilt' of light that it's neighboring shades of blue on the color wheel don't share.

Cobalt was discovered in the Middle Ages but its true essence--what we enjoy today--didn't appear until the nineteenth century, in 1802 to be exact. Today's cobalt blue is a greatly improved hue as evidenced in Vincent van Gogh's most renowned painting, Starry Night.

As I noted in my introduction, van Gogh lauds its purity and decorators and homeowners alike can take their cues from his work when determining whether decor is indeed, cobalt or more the royal hue.

Contemporary Cobalt Bedding Set

Defining Your Style: Modern & Contemporary Cobalt Blue Bedding Sets

While you may have your heart set on cobalt, determining your decor style should be your first course of business.

Have a penchant for modern decor? Or, is the traditional style a safe bet for you? Be reminded that your bedding should reflect your bedroom's existing pieces if you don't plan a total redo. And if you opt for a modern style cobalt comforter you'll do best to keep all your new additions in the same genre.

Keeping to one style makes for a cohesive space where everything works in harmony--and that's a good thing for a peaceful bedroom.

Solid Cobalt Blue Bedding: A Designer's Dream

Defining Your Style: Cobalt Blue Bedding Set for Any Decor

Solid bedding, while not so exciting as its more-decorated cousins, allows you the freedom to decorate in whatever style you might be keen on at the moment. Later, you can mix and match to your hearts content--with the same bedding.

How fab is that?

We often equate plain with bedroom-a-la-boring but there's so much more you can do when unchallenged by lines, swirls and designs. Here's a solid cobalt blue comforter set that rife with possibilities.

Can you see them?

Cobalt Blue Bedding: A Melding of Art & Bedding

Cobalt Blue 3D Image Bedding

Cobalt Blue 3D Image Bedding

Cobalt & Blue Bedding with Artistic Elements

The Dynamic Duo: Modern Design & the Abstracts

Cobalt & Blue Bedding with Artistic Elements

I've a penchant for modern design; if I had my way with it, my whole house would feature bedding like this set, here and those I've included below. But as I've advised in other articles: less is often more.

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If you love abstract art and modern design, you can realize quite an impressive space where your bedding will serve as an art form and bedding with your preferred cobalt blue reigning supreme on the color scheme. I suggest using solid cobalt pillows and other accessories with either of these duvets and bedding sets below.

Keep your space balanced with one busy piece and three plain pieces to avoid 'design overload.'

An Artistic Element: Vibrant Cobalt Bedding

More Abstract Bedding with Cobalt Blue Detail

I'm loving the artistic element this, 'oh, WOW' duvet proffers. DENY bedding boasts vibrant hues and design like no other I've seen. Your bedding should be your bedroom's showstopper and its bedding like this one and those below that play the part quite effectively.

But if you're not feeling it, the cobalt bedding further down is of the more subtle ilk; you'll get the blue without the ado.

Cobalt & Emerald Bedding by DENY

A Lesson in Abstract Color & Cobalt Blue Bold

I'm not sure if you're feeling this but my love for art has me totally enthralled with this cobalt and majestic emerald abstract duvet. It's quite the impressive work of abstract art.

A new way to approach an abstract piece like this one, is to appreciate it as a new, different work of art each time you admire it.

Now, having been lectured, do you see the duvet's abstract design in a new light?

A Band of Blue To You


Fabulous Band of Coblt and Blues

A Merry Mix in Cobalt & Jewels


Fun 3D Abstract Design Duvet/Bedding with Cobalt Blue Accents

3-Piece Cobalt & Blue Duvet Bedding Set

3-Piece Cobalt & Blue Duvet Bedding Set

Balancing Your Artwork & Display Pieces

3-Piece Cobalt & Blue Duvet Bedding Set

You may be thinking what artwork and display piece have to do with this bedding set and those below but I chose this duvet to illustrate the '3-piece display technique.' No, that's not a formal name, rather, it's a reference to how well when grouping three related-- but different-- pieces together, you'll realize a pulled-together, cohesive look.

Did you notice the three seagulls in this bedding set, here?

There's just something about a trio of 'whatever' that makes for the best arrangement; it's like Goldilocks: ". . . just right!"

I've included a visual I created further down to give you more of an idea how using a cluster of related objects, like candles, coral--even wall art works to make a great impression.

While this bedding set and those below have other colors and elements than imply cobalt, you have more freedom to add more cobalt blue pieces to your space without experiencing sudden dizziness and becoming inexplicably nauseated. If you want a ton of cobalt, stick with a more-solid bedding set; otherwise, use bedding like those, here and add cobalt piece around it.

Remember, less is more and you'll have a lovely bedroom space befitting of the purest of hues: cobalt!

Blue Suede Hues--in Sheets

Using sheets is a great way to enhance your bedding's cobalt blue palette.

Or, if your bedding is lacking in blueness, you might consider piling on other pieces like of course, a sheet set like this one and perhaps several accent (aka throw) pillows in your fave, cobalt.

Don't worry about getting too blue a hue in your space; you'll know when enough is enough.

Working with Blue That's Not Quite 'There'

As I mentioned, cobalt is a hard-find and sometimes you might happen upon the ideal comforter or duvet set only to realize it's not quite 'there' in the cobalt blue department.

But don't discount it too quickly, as you can convince the eye it's looking at cobalt, or whatever hue you're after with accessories in your desired shade.

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night Wall Art

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night Wall Art

Manipulating Color with Cobalt Blue Accessories

Here's a few ideas below for making a convincing statement to better betray cobalt's strength. Turn your comforter or duvet down in a welcoming fashion with a cobalt sheet set exposed and use accent pillows like the one, here to add extra support in your theme color.

Cobalt Blue Accessories

60" x 84" Sheer Cobalt Blue Window Panels

60" x 84" Sheer Cobalt Blue Window Panels

Keep the Light without Forsaking Decor

60" x 84" Sheer Cobalt Blue Window Panels

Like any decor, you love your chosen color but be careful to keep a check on it, lest you wind up with a sea of decor drowning in cobalt. Keep this strong hue to your primary focus like bedding but with a comforter with minimal blue, go ahead and add cobalt to your windows to strengthen your space's color palette.

This 2-piece cobalt blue window sheer set is uber-cheap but is a favorite among those who've reviewed them. You'll get privacy without blocking out crucial natural light. They're available in a host of colors and it's a nice touch layering two colors on each window.

Cobalt Blue Goes Country: Traditional Quilt Set with Star Detailing

As I mentioned earlier, cobalt blue presents well in any decor genre, much like this county traditional quilt set with its telltale, bright blue star detailing.

With its high-energy design, I'd suggest using solid cobalt pieces for windows and accessories like pillows and rugs, although I'd much prefer white sheers for the windows to keep the space balanced. With solid colors, you'll keep the attention a bit longer on your bedding where it should be before the eye moves on to your supporting pieces.

Doesn't this bedding set have quite a warm and inviting personality?


The 3-Piece Arrangement

As promised, I created this visual to give you an idea how well three pieces go in adding dimension to your bedroom or living space. You aren't limited to sizes, either. Note how well three pieces of different shaped objects work to add interest to your bedside table or shelf.

Remember though, it's best to have one large object versus more than three piece groupings.

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