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Sophisticated Coastal Kitchens With Beach House Charm

Beach House Kitchen - Colors, Cabinets, Canisters

Beach House Kitchen Décor

Do enjoy you visits to the coast? Is seafood one of your favorite foods? Bring the coast to your own home kitchen with some of the beautiful beach themed dinnerware and accessories to create some of the resort ambiance that makes a vacation so much fun. Clean colors and witty artwork, driftwood tones, and blue ocean views infuse Beach House décor.

Whether you choose an entire Beach theme or just perk up the kitchen with some exciting coastal design additions for summer fun, a bit of the Coastal relaxation and good eating creates a welcoming kitchen located in any part of the county.

kitchen Decor Ideas

Summer White Drawer Knob - Sea Turtle Emblem

Cabinet Pulls

Probably the easiest way to add a motif to the kitchen, there are innumerable designs available. I saw so many that it would easily be a very hard choice to make, but reduce the confusion by settleing on a type of metal, the accent or harmony colors that you believe would look best. Be sure to determine which shape fits your hand most comfortably and look for you design in that style.

Kitchen Cabinet in Driftwood

A white kitchen is always classic, but another look could be the soft gray color of driftwood. An entire kitchen or maybe a few accent pieces for a sun and water washed décor.

Beach Theme Kitchen Tips

  • As you can see the market is filled with beach-themed accessories, and they are all so cute you just want them all, but the secret of a great look is in the edited choices that portray the relaxed and easy feel of the beach. Be sure you add some well chosen decorative elements, but don't cram every space with all the "beach" and "shore" items possible.
  • In kitchens especially, efficiency is important. Design for efficiency, but allow for expression of your artful side in the decorative choices like the nautical flavor of the wine rack featured on this page. Storage, but with your own stamp of whimsy or sophistication on it.
  • Take a cue from the beach itself: soft neutral colors don't have to be boring as long as different textures abound. Combine pastels or go bright, but keep it interesting with texture of seagrass or maybe a painted surface or two on the cabinets.

Make Entertaining Easy

The best kitchen dinnerware and drinking cups are those that are colorful, easy to keep clean, and preferably non-breakable- or at least sturdy enough to withstand tough use.

Coastal Kitchen Cabinets

They can be dark wood, or painted in Beach House colors, but keep your coastal kitchen filled with light! No dark kitchens at the beach.

Beach Decor Kitchen

Beach Decor Kitchen

Beach Decor Kitchen

Giant Clamshell Planter - Like the one in the kitchen photo

Keep the Kitchen Ship-Shape - Not only the décor, but in efficiency

Wine Storage

Wine racks can organize the beverages, and provide a splash of color or decorating element.

Think of how to join efficiency and seaside sense of fun

Organization is important in any room in the house, but it seems essential in a well run kitchen. If the aim is easy care and relaxed living, then a little forethought given to creating "a place for everything", and then "putting everything in its place" is in order. And who says it has to white, dry, and prim? Add some coastal flair wherever you can and the decorating marries to the purpose for an outstanding place to cook and entertain.

Remember the mantra of the Beach house ease: relax, relax, relax. Let your plans take the work and worry out of making meals or cleanup; bring in as many well organized storage pieces and cooking appliances as you need in a well planned space.

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Sailboat Design Flatware

Kitchen Decor Tips


Those Wonderful Sea Creatures

Decorate Your Kitchen

The sea provides food and plenty of inspiration for décor accents. Judiciously choose a motif that accents your own kitchen colors, and interests. Make it fun or sophisticated, but make it something you love.

More sea creature dishware and serving pieces in Beach Dining Décor.



Colorful Fish

So many serving pieces and kitchen accessories come with pictures of fish or in fish shapes. It makes the feeling of the ocean part of your everyday experience of serving and eating meals.

Sea Turtles

Seas turtles are the most lovable creatures that make you think of the coast. They are represented on fabrics and the walls.


Does this say Florida , or what?

Coastal Color Appliances


What is more essential to the seashore than the blue of a shimmering aqua color that reminds you of beautiful beach glass?

Kitchen Aid Appliances come in a delicious array of colors, including some that make decorating your kitchen in coastal colors a breeze.

Consider introducing the color of your choice with gadgets and appliances. It can give coherence to the design and perhaps a bit of of fun.


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