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Clockwork and Wind-Up Gadgets


Clockwork Gadgets & Technology for the 21st Century

The range of modern clockwork and wind up gadgets is expanding to include MP3 players, Bike Lights, LED Torches and Cell Phone chargers. These are now being made by a number of companies globally to cope with the rapidly increasing demand. 

Clockwork & Wind Up gadgets and devices are becoming more and more popular for many reasons -  

Clockwork devices have been around now for centuries, yet it is only in the last decade that they have been given a new lease of life. Mainly thanks to British inventor Trevor Baylis who brought us a clockwork radio which proved very popular and has now been copied by countless companies and these can now be found all around the world.

Now many clockwork devices work by the crank powering a small dynamo which charges a rechargeable battery. Often cheaper ones work by the dynamo providing power directly to the device whilst the true clockwork mechanism unwinds. 


Wind Up Micro Bike LED Light / Torch

The Clockwork Light for your Bicycle!

Wind up bicycle torch with quick release clamp, and eco windup system. Selectable 3 LEDs, 1 LED or 3 LEDs flashing. 1 minute wind gives 90 minutes light.

* 3 light modes: 1 x LED / 3 x LED / 3 x LED blinking

* 5 hours constant light on full charge

* Rugged shockproof design with bicycle clamp

* 1 minute winding gives up to 90 minutes light

* Weatherproof - ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Hi-Tech 3-phase dynamo: more light for less winding

Handlebar clamp included

Also available as Front & Rear twin pack

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Mini Pro windup / dynamo LED torch

* Super-Bright 3 x 5mm LED system

* 5 hours constant light on full charge

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* Rugged shockproof design

* Small & Compact design

* 1 minute winding gives up to 15 minutes light

* Weatherproof - ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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Professional windup / dynamo LED Torch

Inc. Phone Charger!

* Super-Bright 5x5mm LED system

* 8 hours constant light on full charge

* Patented brushless generator means less effort

* 1 minute winding gives up to 25 minutes light

* Emergency mobile phone charger

* Rugged shockproof design

* Weatherproof - ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Adapters for most popular phones included

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Maxi Pro windup / dynamo LED & Head Torch

The same as above with a Head Torch attachment and belt pouch.

eco windup system and Mobile phone charger.

* 4.8v Mega-Bright LEDsystem

* 5 Days constant 1-LED light on full charge

* 1 Year standby light on full charge

* 1 minute winding gives up to 90 minutes light

* Emergency mobile phone charger

* Plug-in LED Head Lamp included

* Weatherproof - ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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Eco Friendly Media Player

Wind Up MP3 Player, ebook reader, Photo Viewer & more......

The Green MP3 Player -

The eco windup system means that you never need to worry about running out of power or wasting environmentally harmful batteries. One minute of winding gives up to 40 minutes of play time so it's ideal for the beach or long weekends in the country - you can even use it to charge your mobile phone in an emergency!

Alternatively, you can still charge the media player conventionally through the USB port of your computer.

For a full review of this and details of all the features go Here

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Wind up and rechargeable LED Lantern

Wind up and rechargeable lantern with eco windup system. 5 x 5mm LEDs. Includes 12 v car adaptor

* 4 Hours constant 5-LED light on full charge

* 3 Days standby light on full charge

* 1 minute winding gives 30 minutes light

* 3 phase hand-generator technology means minimum effort

* Weatherproof ideal Indoors or Outdoors!

* 12V in-car Charger also included!

60 Hrs nightlight

Wall mountable

12v In-car charger included

Easy hanging handle

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Wind Up / Dynamo FM Radio and LED Torch

Wind up radio and torch combination. FM digital tuning. Emergency phone charger with eco windup system

* Superb FM-Radio sound quality

* Up to 8 hours use on full charge

* Emergency mobile phone charger

* FM Digital Tuning = fantastic reception

* NO external aerial = tough & durable

* 5 LED's = super bright torch

ONE minute of winding gives:-

25 minutes of 5x LED super-bright light


Approx. 15 minutes of FM Radio


Approx. 2 minutes Talk-time to mobilephone battery

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My Mini Magic Torch

Pocket Sized Wind-Up Torch

Wind up LED Torch with eco windup system 0.3 Watt superbright LED chip. Emergency mobile phone charger.

Available in Silver or Blue

* 1 minute winding = 25-30 minutes light

* 5 Hours constant light on full charge

* Super-Bright Long-Life LED lamp

* Ultra compact just 135 x 50mm

* Soft Touch satin finish


* Emergency mobile phone charger

* Includes trendy storage pouch

Exquisite design and build quality and great value too! The My Mini Magic Torch ™ is so compact that it will easily fit your pocket - and so will the price! The Hi-Tech brushless hand generator system will provide 25-30 minutes of light for each minute wound and is virtually immune to wear.

The internal (NiMH) battery of 300mA capacity offers up to 5 hours continuous light output.

These torches also feature a Super Bright LED lamp tested to 50,000 hours life, and an emergency mobile phone charger complete with Nokia type auto recoil connecting wire plus a range of adapters to suit most other popular phone makes.

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Power Anywhere!

Freeplay Freecharger Weza Portable Energy Source

Freeplay Freecharger Weza Portable Energy Source

The Freeplay Freecharge Weza is a versatile, robust energy source providing totally dependable power for emergency situations and everyday use in remote applications. It features an internal rechargeable lead acid battery capable of jump starting a range of vehicle and boat outbound engines, as well as powering a range of other devices. The Weza can be recharged from either an AC or DC source and, in emergency situations, using the step treadle. The Weza will accept 110v and 240v AC and DC inputs from 10.7v to 21v. With an output rating of 400amps, it can also be used to power electronic equipment including navigation devices via its 12v DC cigarette lighter output socket.

* Step treadle for power anytime and anywhere

* Recharge at home or away from AC or DC power

* Provides power via the 12v DC lighter adaptor

* Can jump start automobile and marine engines

* Sealed, non-spill, 7 amp-hour lead acid battery

* Jumper cables

All Things Green

Most of the products featured here link to this wonderful store that stock items as wonderfuly diverse as Solar Powered Battery Charger, which can also use your USB ports to charge batteries at home and a Water Powered Calculator

The Natural Collection is an online store bringing you the best in eco-products and environmentally friendly goods

Gadgets include the Solar Powered Helicopter Kit and Bird Box with inbuilt Webcam for the best reality TV show you're likely to see!

Nigel's Eco Store is an award winning UK store supplying hundreds of green and ethical products, from wind up torches to solar lighting.

The Big Green Smile believe passionately that the individual can make a difference and that small changes by one person can have a ripple-through effect on society at large.

All their products meet at least one of these criteria - Products help aid water efficiency - Products help aid energy efficiency - Attempt to make people think twice and help change behaviour towards use of a resource - Products are locally sourced wherever possible - Wood products come from sustainable sources - Recycled materials are used wherever possible

More Stores to be added shortly

We will be bringing more store links soon!

Eco-Friendly Car Insurance

Go Carbon Neutral

ibuyeco - Car Insurance With A Difference

Together with their partners The CarbonNeutral Company they'll make it easy for policy holders to balance the CO2 their cars produce by donating money to projects which save the equivalent count of CO2 elsewhere. For every 1kg of CO2 produced by their cars each year they will pay for 1kg to be saved by a climate friendly project somewhere else in the world - one balancing the other to make your driving carbon neutral.

ibuyeco is backed up by a great insurance product offering:

* Claims repairs guaranteed for 3 years (subject to conditions)

* Emergency assistance 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year (subject to terms & conditions)

* Window glass cover (£50 excess)

* Guaranteed courtesy car for 7 days minimum (subject to terms and conditions)

* Savings of up to £175 on your current Insurance.

So, If you're a Driver in the UK, and want to make your driving greener, checkout IBUYECO

Have you used one, do you own one, would you want one?

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HaremCinema on January 27, 2020:

LOVE this article and THANK YOU for sharing it. I am always looking for windup 'gadgets' and so am always looking for new suppliers. Right now I am looking for a wind-up fan. I live on solar and wind so anything that helps me conserve electricity is a BIG help to me. Keep these coming please!

C A Chancellor from US/TN on February 25, 2013:

I have a wind-up torch. They're great for emergencies -- no need to worry if the batteries have run out. :-)

kathysart on January 24, 2012:

A few Christmas' ago I got my husband a headlamp. I thought it was a joke gift I guess cause I could not imagine him wearing it. He did though.. ALL THE TIME! He LOVED it. I think it is a guy thing. He used it to capture koke frogs (spelling is not right for them but too lazy to look it up) They are frogs as little as your thumbnail that are taking over Big Island of Hawaii like crazy. They chirp! With a lot of them they sound like crickets with a microphone. You get used to it though. Anyway my husband would go out at night with his headlamp to capture them. Humm I think I will do a lens on them,,LOL. Angel blessed again!!

hysongdesigns on December 25, 2011:

I guess I never realized there were so many handcranked gadgets out there, very cool!

blazingzone lm on August 25, 2011:

really cool lens you have her. Lots of cool gadgets.

anonymous on April 14, 2011:

Awesome lens on these gadgets! Blessed by a Squidoo Angel on 4/14/2011. Have a great day!

Jeanette from Australia on September 17, 2010:

I have started my collection of wind up gadgets. So far we have several lights and an orange radio. I love them.

TheBestGadgets on April 12, 2010:

I love these things! Thanks for an interesting read

julieannbrady on June 08, 2009:

I was feeling a tad bit wound-up today and dropped by for a visit. Nice gadgets my dear! How are you doing? ;)

gadgetmaniauk on December 07, 2008:

im all for windup gadgets because im what you would call a tree hugger and i believe in preserving our planet and think we should all try to reduce our carbon footprint

WritingforYourW on July 23, 2008:

A fun idea for a lens. :) I need to get one of those windup flashlights, because the batteries always seem to be dead in mine when I go looking for it (once every two years, heh).

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on April 27, 2008:

Love this lens and the products!

James Bashkin from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA on April 23, 2008:

Wonderful lens! Thanks for all the tips on great approaches to saving energy. Jim

Kathryn Grace from San Francisco on March 06, 2008:

Not only are these gadgets good for the planet, but they've got to improve our bottom line as well: All that winding has to spend some calories. Thank you for a useful resource, and welcome to the Building Ordinary group.

rockycha on November 06, 2007:

excellent! love the gear gadgets! fivers

kemengr on November 06, 2007:

Well, a cool 5* for you! Thanks for providing so much info on clockwork. I have bookmarked it...

teamlane on November 06, 2007:

Pretty cool gadgets ya got here! Looks like you've been busy on this lens, as your lens is very informative and well laid out. 5*

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