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Clocks With Hidden Doors, Secret Storage Compartments And Covered Drawers


My Fascination With Clocks With Hidden Doors: The Time Travel Clock

At antique stores my eyes are always open for clocks with hidden doors. When I was a little girl I always played with my Great Grandmas' clock. It had word carvings on it with painted birds, behind the clock was a hidden wooden door. It was a perfect place to put small little things and notes.

Before I left I wrote a few notes and tucked them in the hidden drawer. When I returned I usually got a note back. I was told the note was from the Time traveler who traveled through time by way of "special" clocks. The clocks came in all shapes and sizes, it could be old or new but all had a secret door.

Every since then I was always fascinated when I saw an old clock and always checked for hidden doors, secret storage compartments and covered drawers. To my surprise one day I found one at an antique store. It was not the best looking clock or the best put together, but it was my very own "Time Travel Clock".

Mantle Clock With Hidden Jewelry Box

Mantle Clock With Hidden Jewelry Box

1. Mantle Clock

Also can be referred to as shelf clock or table clock.

A mantle clock can be many different sizes and shapes, giving more opportunities for a hiding space. The mantle clock in the photo is a clock with a door for a hidden jewelry box. Some larger mantles like the Tambour Clock can have lots of hollow space, perfect to keep medium sized objects hidden and out of site.

Grandmother clock with secret door

Grandmother clock with secret door

Clock with hidden door for jewelry

Clock with hidden door for jewelry

2. Longcase Clock

Also called tall case clock, floor clock or grandfather clock.

Long case clocks can some times have visible storage as well hidden spaces. The one in the photo is and grandfather clock with a radio and door in the back. Some hidden doors will share space with the clock mechanismand some will have extra drawer at the foot of the clock or at the top of the clock.

In some antique grandfather clocks there is a hidden compartment on the side and/or right below the clock face.

3. Wall Clocks

A wall clock can be a great place to have a handy secret storage compartment, I have seen them build to hide anything from a key, jewelry, money to a handgun. The one in the photo is met to store small items like jewelry and small valuables. Most of the wall clocks with hidden compartment either have a hollow back with a trick door. Some of the longer clocks such have hidden drawers in the front or hinged front that can open with the clock still on the wall.

My favorite wall clock I found that had a hidden compartment was in a cuckoo clock. It was a little hidden drawer right under the bird hidden with wooden flower carvings.

Make Your Own Secret Compartment Clock - Clocks With Hidden Doors

If you do not want to buy a secret compartment clock you can make your own. You can make an interesting box or closed shelf into a clock or create a secret hiding spot in already made clock.

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How To Buy Antique Clock Introducion Video - Clocks With Hidden Doors

While not all the clocks that have secret compartments are antique or even used, it will come in handy to know just how to buy a antique clock.

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anonymous on January 24, 2013:

Very cool clocks. Love the hidden doors!

anonymous on January 19, 2012:

Returning to bless because I just love your stories...and your clocks!

dahlia369 on September 14, 2011:

I always enjoy the lenses where someone shares their personal experience - thanks for yours! :)

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on August 05, 2011:

I loved the story about the time traveler leaving you notes in your grandparent's clock. This is something I never thought to look for.

OldStones LM on July 31, 2011:

What a great story, cool clocks.

Teddi14 LM on July 30, 2011:

That is so cool about you hiding the notes as a kid. I love it.

anonymous on July 23, 2011:

I like the idea of getting notes from a 'time traveler', so maybe I'd try that. What a sweet story. I like secret compartments to!

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