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Cleaning Motivation

As a mum of two young children, I understand the occasional difficulties in finding the motivation to clean and tidy up day after day.

Don't Rush, Find Your Flow

It's so easy to get behind on the cleaning when life is so full and so rich. Even if it's rich with unpleasantness for you right now, good or bad, it's all going on.

You can't put everything on hold to clean up but you need to clean up otherwise everything is on hold.

You've Got This

You know you can do this. You clean every day. You have created beautiful spaces and with them, comfortable atmospheres. You know that feeling you get when you've cleaned a room and lit candles?

You do because you've done it.

It isn't easy, there are so many obstacles in life, so much to think about. So overwhelming, right?

You know that tidy spaces allow for tidy minds but what is going to give you the motivation to get this done daily? It's different for everyone, like many things.

Do The Hardest Tasks First

"Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do."

-Oprah Winfrey

Now, I'm sure Oprah wasn't referring to cleaning when she said this. In fact, I'm sure she wasn't because this is one of my favourite quotes; but that doesn't mean that we can't apply it here.

If you do the hardest tasks first, the rest will seem easier which will speed the whole thing up, leaving you with more free time each day.


Repurpose and Reorganise

Find a shallow box to fill up and slide under your bed, have a think about whether the contents of your kitchen cupboards could be reorganised and cleaned out in the process, repurpose a cabinet or a chest of drawers.

Could you have a quick clear-out and free up a couple of storage boxes or a drawer to be used for things that you actually need?

Change things up a bit.

If you have nothing to repurpose then try rearranging some furniture, you'll have to clean and you'll flow before you know.

Take Baby Steps

Look around the room that you're in right now, even if you're in the garden. Choose a space to focus on and tidy it all up, move anything away that doesn't belong there. Don't worry about where you're putting it for now, just get everything out of the way.

Clean the area as though your only job is to clean this area. Tidy all the things that belong there, make it look exactly how YOU want it to look. You'll likely find yourself adding finishing touches that you weren't thinking about when you found this article.

Tidy this area as though that's all you have to do today and it's being inspected. You're the inspector, don't worry. Clean with focus in mind.

There is an acronym for the word "focus" that goes: Follow One Course Until Successful.

Every time you finish something beyond your own expectations, you build on your character in many ways. Even if it's just cleaning your dresser or washing the dishes and putting them all away.

Each task completed builds will and of course, keeps your house clean which is what we want. Take it one task at a time and practice focus. Keep going until it's done and do it again on you next chosen area.

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When you're faced with a mountain of clean, dry clothes to iron and put away - focus on that as closely as you can and follow it all the way through.

If it's too much of a task then you probably need to donate some unwanted items. Donating things or even throwing them away will make your life much easier. The less clutter you have, the less you have to tidy. The less clothing you have, the less washing and ironing you have to do.

Clean One Room Per Day to Tackle Neglected Spaces

One room a day can keep the stress at bay.



Hallway & Stairs


Landing & Bathroom




Visual Motivation

Take a photo of each room in your house looking fabulous and keep them together in a folder. Look at these photos for inspiration and motivation. There's nothing quite like seeing your own bedroom looking exactly how you want it.

Stand in your distaster-zone kitchen and hold up your phone with a photo of your kitchen, all clean and sparkly. The comparison will get you going.

This can be more effective than following #cleaningmotivation on Instagram because the photos are of your home.

Turn to YouTube

If you don't already have photos of your home looking fabulous then you know what you need to do.

To get you started, you could try turning to YouTube! There are many wonderful YouTubers who create speed-cleaning videos which can help with both the initial motivation to clean and the boost you need to get it done quickly.

There are many other videos in the cleaning niche and they could all be helpful, have a look or better yet - listen while you clean!


Where Do They Get Their Energy From?

You will have heard or asked this question at least once in your life. Whether it be about children or exceptionally outgoing adults, it's probably been asked in your presence.

If you're a parent, you may be able to relate to being exhausted and wishing you could borrow some of your child's energy so that maybe you could meet in the middle and see rest on the horizon.

Where do they get their energy? They don't.

They release energy. You release energy. You are energy. It's all within you. Yes, we're still talking about cleaning here but it gets hard at times, really hard. No matter what going on in your life, try and find the time to keep your space yours.

If you're still struggling, close your eyes and imagine the room was tidying itself in front of you. Things were floating back to where they belonged and cleaning tasks were done by the click of a finger.

Take note of where things are going. You know where they belong but imagining mess floating to wherever it belongs can help you center your mind on putting them there.

Pay attention to how it feels to be in the clean room that you have imagined. Then, open your eyes and get going!

© 2019 Karla Taylor

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