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Find Cashmere Colour Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

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What Colours Goes with a Cashmere Kitchen?

You're not alone. Although a Cashmere kitchen sounds great at first, it gets a bit more difficult when you need to think about what colours actually work with a Cashmere kitchen.

For instance, what colour should the worktop be? What colours have you thought about for the kitchen units? The colour of the splashback, the kitchen tiles, flooring and so on?

Not to fear though, we have taken all those thoughts, and hope to give you some ideas below, so you can get more of a handle on the right colour mixture and overall contrast when thinking about a Cashmere kitchen.

Why Cashmere is a Great Colour Choice

Now, just before we get into the other colours that work aloingside Cashmere as a colour choice for a kitchen, we need to firstly understand why it is is such a great colour choice to begin with.

Complements for Dark and Light Tones

Firstly, the reason why Cashmere works so well is that it is actually very easy to pair with other colours, as you will see in the Cashmere Colour Scheme section below. Why this works is that it actually adds warmth to whether you're going for a lighter colour palette or even a darker one. No matter, the tone choice you go for, it works really well.

Brings Warmth and Softness

Cashmere naturally brings a warmth to the overall colour, it's natural in shade and that's why it can work with not just a range of colours, but also styles as well. Whether you are wanting a more modern and sleek kitchen or perhaps something more rustic and bold, and perhaps even industrial. Cashmere can work with stronger colours but also help aid lighter and weaker colours too.

It's great to mix and match textures that work together to create a more unique and interesting overall look to your kitchem, use of different finishes such as high gloss and matt lacquered can create a different direction for the use of colours that you want to use with your Cashmere kitchen, so that should be something to consider also.

Kitchen Cashmere Colour Schemes

So the above reasons, are why Cashmere has become a great colour for kitchens and is increasing in popularity. Simply put, it's great to work with, as it is naturally closer to white and creams but has a more inviting feel that's not overly clinical. So let's see how we can enhance it further by exploring some of the colour ideas below.

The above video shows a kitchen tour from Charlotte Louise Taylor and does a great job of showing the contrasts that work with Cashmere. You can see the Snow Glitz Quartz worktop along with rustic wooden flooring along with brass handles and accessories for the kitchen units and taps, which all create a beautiful and warm kitchen.

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A slightly different style that you can explore, is keeping a lighter theme throughout the house with the use of a lighter worktop that makes use of a gloss texture on Cashmere for the kitchen units. Then you can see a use of stainless steel for surrounding wiring accessories (such as the socks and plugs) along with a quartz worktop to keep everything not only looking warm and light but they are practical too, in a sense that it's easy enough to clean.

You can see the flooring has a similar theme and colour contrast to Cashmere as well, a grey tile that helps bring out the different shades of the Cashmere units and works well to fit in the rest of the house. The walls for contrast are painted with a white that can help to create the look of more space, and the Cashmere helps to bring that non-clinical aspect as well.

This kitchen shows that you can get the modern feel and still opt for Cashmere. It offers a high gloss texture along with a range of Quartz top surfaces, implemented with a lovely marl type tiled floor along with LED lighting that helps to bring a very clean overall look to the kitchen. Plus, the use of handless kitchen cabinets also helps to enhance the overall look further.

Gemma in the Cotswolds does a fantastic job of touring us around here Cashmere kitchen that shows a more rustic feel. Particularly, in contrast to the other kitchens, you can see greater use of stainless steel as a nice feature and added texture for kitchen cabinet handles. What works particularly well is the white tiling that goes along the worktop to connect to the raised kitchen cupbaords.

This is another fantastic-looking Cashmere kitchen that makes use of copper handles with a grey quartz worktop that offers a warm and truly inviting feel to the kitchen. Again you can contrast the gloss-type nature of the kitchen to that of a more matt version that we will show case below.

This is one of our favourite Cashmere kitchens from the showcase above. Where the levels of darkness work their way up from the floor, with a dark grey wood style laminate, and then the Cashmere kitchen units and then a clean white worktop along with a glass splashback. Everything is hidden away from the bin to the oven, washing machine as it is all integrated with a full stack of LED lighting. The overall matt feel looks great and can work great when you add hunts of colour with flowers and so on.

Hopefully from the guide above and the range of Cashemere kitchen colour ideas provided, you have a better feel for the types of contrasts you want to create as well as the colours that best work with and compliment Cashmere rather than work against it.

What we do know for sure, is that Cashmere is a great colour to use in any kitchen as it brings a certain softness and calmness and overall classical timeless feel. If you do have any other ideas on the types of colours for different aspects of the kitchen that work with Cashmere, then we would love to hear them down in the comments seciton below.

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