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Four Reasons You Need a Bookcase For Your Bedroom

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"Take a good book to bed with you...books do not snore."

-Thea Dorn



‘Reading a good book in silence is like eating chocolate for the rest of your life and not getting fat.’ As a Bonafede bookworm and chocoholic, this quote hits in all the right places as I think about snuggling under all my blankets in my comfy bed devouring a romance novel, and nibbling on chocolate while ignoring my mom belly.

Reading is my happy place even though I get so emotionally involved and worked up over my books. I am addicted! My mantra is one more chapter.’ So as a result, I have a book storage problem although I do not think it's a problem because I could happily make a place for my books in my bed however my husband is not so fond of the idea, so I had to consider more conventional methods. Our study room bookcases are overflowing with books so are our shelves.

Am I a hoarder, you may ask? The answer is No, if you are a book lover like me then you understand there are some books you just cannot part with, and then there are some you are not ready to read yet, so you need to find places for them all. Especially if the ones you can part with are donated hence making room for more books! Que bookcases for bedrooms...


Reasons you need a bookcase for your bedroom

Having a bookcase for your bedroom is a fantastically inventive way of having your favorite books on hand because they:

• Save space

It is definitely a sore sight to have a mess with your books scattered all around your room and a bookcase creates a tidy way to save a lot of space by setting your books in one place.

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• Arrange your setting

With the help of a bookcase, you can arrange your books and categorize them into subsections of journals, magazines, or academic books.

  1. You will feel more organized by finding your books just where you want them to be.
  2. Having a place for everything and everything in its place will save you time especially when you are rushing about and need to find something right away (This is a very useful bonus if you anything like me and rush around in a last-minute panic sorting through random piles of objects).

• Easy to access

Having your books arranged on a bookshelf in your bedroom makes it easy for you to reach any book at any time of the day.

  1. Some people like to read a book before bed while some like to read it in the evening.
  2. When you want to, you can always read your favorite book without having to go to another room or even make an excuse for not being able to read at all.
  3. You can easily put it back from where you took it to keep things in order instead of piling them at your bed's side table.

• It Improves your room aesthetically

Adding a bookcase in your room saves up space and makes your bedroom look aesthetic. It adds up to your room's vibe and artistic effects. The books' arrangement displays an insight into your mind and makes your room look more appealing than it already was. It creates an aesthetics of a library with the wood's rustic brown appeal filled with the aroma of old or new papers just like different perfumes would or a metal artsy structure that pulls a modern feel to your space.

It all depends on your preferences and room flair that is individual to you. A bookcase just creates a mini library for your bedroom or for your kid’s bedroom that can contain anything from different sections of children's bedtime books, magazines, documents, fictional novels, and even more complex books. These can be related to academia or more, all depending on who or what you want in your room with you and near you.



To have a healthy mind, you need to provide your brain with healthy food for thought, and books contain information that is food for your brain. In the words millennials will understand, Books are like software installations for the brain. It has been stated that many successful people read at least one book every single day. And if you already like to read books, you absolutely need to buy a bookshelf for your room if you do not already have one. Bookcases are a part of every room in modern houses, whether it is your bedroom or your kid's room, or even the main living room. Go on and empower your home as well as your brain.

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