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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs 2015

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As you are interested in the best ergonomic office chairs you already know what it is all about as much as I do. The pain of perching on a stiff piece of furniture all day, the question of concentrating on your work or the discomfort of your back and about limbs that fall asleep…


Whether you go to an office everyday or you work at home like myself, acquiring good ergonomic chairs is an investment with substantial returns because it not only raises your living quality and eases health concerns but it also increases the overall productivity of you and your employees. There are many types of ergonomic chairs. The ones covered in this review are all intended for average workplace use. I have selected some of the best selling ergonomic office chairs for you and tried to impartially show their strong points as well as weaknesses. This should give you a general idea about each of these products. It is then up to you to choose the best office chair you want to spend your work hours on.

How to Decide the Most Comfortable Office Chair

Ergonomics is now an indispensable concern in office design and adjustable seats that promote efficiency have long ceased to be fancy accessories and are now a basic element of the modern workspace. Many features are now standard in office chairs and you should make sure that these are found in the ergonomic chairs you buy for your office. The first one is the adequate padding in the seat part and arms. You do not want to sit on hard wood nor do you want your elbows to suffer when you are typing. As for the back part, I suggest you to look for mesh rather than traditional textile stuff and padding. The main advantage of mesh is the ventilation it provides. Even with all the air conditioning tech that rule our office lives nowadays, the sweating of your back in the chair remains a brake on your work efficiency. Needless to say that adjustability and leaning ability of the arms and the back are your main concern in an ergonomic chair as these features are what ergonomics is all about. Lumbar support has become something we hear all too often nowadays but that doesn't make it any less important so make sure there is something that will keep your body comfortable around the lower parts of the back of the chair. Durability is also an issue. Buying the tough chair even if it costs a bit more is advised if you are not planning to use your ergonomic chair as fireplace fuel after one year. Finally, you should take care of the price differences. Sometimes the same chair can be found in ridiculously different prices. I have read about a customer grieving that she paid 190$ for a Flash Furniture Chair, which is about 50$ on Amazon.


If you just want a seat that has padding to keep you comfortable and you do not wish to pay any more than $100, you should have a look at these. Cheap office chairs can also be a solution if you need to buy chairs in bulk to furnish an office and you are on a budget.


Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12

Known as O12 or H12, this could hardly be called a good chair but it is on this list for a few reasons. First, it is the cheapest chair you will ever come across. Second, it does enjoy some decent sales. Finally, I like red and it is available in red. So if you want a red chair that is also very cheap, you can consider this one although it does have its caveats.

There are indeed several problems with this chair on issues that range from installation to durability. The parts of the chair are apparently not well-made because people often have a hard time putting the chair together. The bolts that are supposed to keep the chair together don't match the holes making it impossible to join the parts. Next, it is obviously one of the stiffest chairs out there let alone being comfortable. It is also reportedly quite small and not suitable for big people. Finally, some customers managed to break these as early as in the first two weeks. You should not be expecting a lot of durability from such a cheap chair but two weeks is too short a lifetime even at this price..

To sum up, the chair at hand is cheap and cute but not quite comfortable or well-built. I still like the red color though.


Flash Furniture Mid-Back Computer Chair

Flash Furniture chair is another popular item at the lower price range. This used to be the best selling office chair but recently it has lost some of its popularity and is being rated quite low by customers.

The good thing about Flash Furniture Computer Chair is that it is cheap and still has the basic stuff you want in an office chair: Padded seat, mesh back, arm rests and height adjustment. There is no surprise that people find it comfortable as a seat as long as you don't be pushy with the armrests, which are reportedly quite wobbly.

The bad thing is that there are no adjustments other than height. That means you will have little leeway to fit in your body or lean back a bit when you are tired. Also, the chair is not very durable. Arm rests and the back part are the parts that break most often. The issues are even worse if you are not very petite.

Long story short, Flash Furniture Computer Chair does function as a seat. It is obviously not as good as the Basyx chair by HON but if you definitely want something with armrests, this one is the cheap office chair you've been looking for.


basyx by HON

Basyx has become the best selling cheap office chair because it offers quality you would not expect to get at such a low price range.

What makes this one stand out from other cheap chairs is that there are quite few reports of Basyx chair breaking in a short time. Despite the low cost, it appears to have a tough build. In general, people love this chair and they rate it very highly calling it a very comfortable chair. Both the seat and the back is well-padded and that's another plus.

HON's chair is quite adjustable for the price. It has a pneumatic lift feature and back tilt tension adjustment. That's nothing to be compared to the expensive office chairs on the market but it is definitely better than other chairs with similar price.

Unfortunately, Basyx lacks arm rests and the mesh on the back part does not look very breathable. However, given the overall decent price to performance ratio it offers, I cannot do anything but recommend this chair as the best office chair under $100.

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Many people prefer an ergonomic chair at this range. That is because these chairs have more adjustments and better build than the above chairs and are still wallet-friendly. Provided you make a careful choice, it is possible to get a high quality chair that costs less than $200.


Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair with Triple Paddle Control

People buy this chair simply because it offers a lot of adjustment options at quite a low price. The three levers allow you to change back tilt, seat tilt and seat height. The seat looks fine. The back is made of mesh and is shaped to provide some lumbar support.

The major problem with this office chair is its low-quality build and faulty packaging that causes it to break during delivery many a times. Some people who reviewed the triple paddle chair were so unlucky as to receive more than one broken chairs. Even people who like the chair report about broken parts and even if you get a whole chair, you should expect it to have scratches on it.

Another issue is with the back. There is a widespread complaint about the back part not holding up and not providing enough support. Petite people seem to have problems because the back does not tilt forward enough to provide support for them while larger people have issues with the back giving in to the weight. All in all, these complaints dent the credibility of this office chair as a quality item. Many people also agree that the seat is not padded enough.

In short, Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair with Triple Paddle Control has good adjustments for the price and that's good. However, it suffers because of its weak build and poor back support. That's why the Elusion Chair reviewed below should be checked out before deciding on this one.


LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Seat

I could hardly call this one of the best ergonomic office chairs but it secures its place in the list because of its decent sales. I have to admit that I was also enthralled by the color options LexMod offers.

Despite the high number of sales it enjoys, the LexMod Office Chair is not an item that is highly rated by customers and many people agree that it is hardly worth its price.

First, let's list the good things about the LexMod Chair. It has padded seat and armrests for comfort and mesh back to keep you from sweating. Seat height and seat tilt can be adjusted. Armrests can tilt up and down and tlting arms is something everyone seems to love about this chair. People like the colors, too.

Like the Triple Paddle Chair discussed above, the LexMod Edge Office Chair has issues concerning the back design and back support. The back part is not adjustable and there is a plethora of complaint that it does not provide enough back support or it provides too much. This is probably because the chair is oddly designed so it fits neither short people nor tall people. Short people complain that this chair was not designed for them while tall people say it's not good for big guys. Some even say they developed back pain after sitting on this chair.

The back of the chair is also weakly built. The bolts that should bind the back part to the seat reportedly don't fit properly, resulting in the chair going wobbly right from the start. Several people broke the back part of LexMod chair after less than one year of use. Also, the padding on the seat and arms are obviously made of low quality material because they sort of collapse after a while making it less comfortable to sit on the chair.

All in all, LexMod Edge seems to be option if you are interested in getting a colorful chair. Yet, concerning functionality and build, it requires some improvements.


Alera Elusion Series Mesh Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion is the most popular chair under $200 and there is good reason for that. Elusion chair has features that makes it stand out from its peers.

First, the chair is highly adjustable for the price. Arms move and can even be removed if needed. Seat height can be changed, the back and the seat can be tilted and making things even better, the back height is adjustable, too.

I've seen several customer reviews lauding the lumbar support ability of Alera Elusion chair. This should be expected because of the adjustable back height that allows you to move the curve on the chair's back to fit your lower back. Back height adjustment is a feature that is rare in office chairs under $200 and its presence makes Alera Elusion a great choice.

There are no complaints about this chair falling apart anytime soon. It obviously has a strong build and is made to last a long time.

On the whole, there are only a few complaints about the Elusion Chair such as faulty shipping and a plastic smell when first unpacked. These are minor issues that can be condoned as you are getting a comfortable and adjustable chair that does not fall apart at such a low price range.

One happy customer calls this chair "poor man's Aeron". Sure, you're not getting an Aeron Chair but Alera Elusion still offers a very good price to performance ratio. It is well-built and has all the key features needed for comfort and good posture. I strongly recommend this product to people looking for a decent office chair under $200.


The ergonomic office chairs reviewed in this part belong to the higher end of the price range. In return, you will get premium quality and comfort that will perhaps last for decades. If you are having problems with your back or you want to make a great investment in your home office, the chairs in this part are for you. Being quite prestigious items, these products will also make true executive chairs.


Office Star Space Professional Deluxe Matrex Back Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Mesh Seat

Most office chair models crowd around the extreme ends of the price scala and it appears that there are few models that cater to people who are somewhere in the middle. So I hand-picked this model for those who want to get a decent chair but do not have the budget to go for the expensive chairs listed below.

Deluxe Matrex Back Chair is a somewhat underrated chair that has not received the attention it deserves. The truth is, in this model, Office Star has brought together some great features and created an ergonomic office chair that is both functional and affordable. The first two things I especially want to mention is the mesh back and the thickly padded seat. I think the back of the seat needs more than everything to provide ventilation and the sitting part must be soft so covering them in two different ways is a great idea. You will not have the usual “the seat feels hard” problem with this one. There is also a decent lumbar support unit attached to the back as you can see in the picture. Most parts of the chair including the lumbar support is adjustable, plus there is a headrest that will be handy if you want to put your head back a bit during your hours long work. This thing is also quite durable. There is some metal included in addition to plastic but without making it too heavy. Sure, this is no Aeron but we definitely have a very high quality chair here that offers a decent price to performance ratio.


Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Headrest Black Mesh/Chrome Frame

If you are after a chair that will be of really good use for many years, check this one. Produced by EuroTech Seating, Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair brings together some great features and turns out to be one of the best ergonomic office chairs. Let us now review these awesome features.

First, the chair is all mesh so you will not sweat on this one.

The best thing about this chair that makes it stand out among others is the unique lumbar support unit that you can see in the picture. Unlike any other chair, this one features a separate compartment that supports your lower back. What we see here may be the best chair for your back. People with medical issues in their backs laud this chair and reportedly there is even an office that orders these for employees with back injuries.

The ErgoHuman chair will give you more options for adjusting your seat than you will ever need. In additon to the back tilt and height and of the chair, arm rests and back height are completely adjustable. There are several tilting options such as Tilt-lock and Synchro-Tilt and to make things even better, ErgoHuman chair comes with a built-in headrest.

Concerning the durability of the chair, ErgoHuman deserves full points. Unlike most cheaper chairs, there are no known incidents where the ErgoHuman chair broke in a short time and not even in a few years. There are only a few complaints that the chair broke after several years of use, which should be expected as there are so many people buying this and some of them will find a way to wear it out. It is obvious however that this ergonomic chair is built to last as there is a five year warranty on the upholstery and a lifetime warranty on the solid parts.

The only concern with this ergonomic office chair could be the price but the long life of the chair should more than compensate for that.

to summarize, this is a truly high quality chair that will pay for its price. It is durable, highly adjustable and perfectly helpful for your back. Most importantly, there is not a single person who is known to have sat on this chair and said it was uncomfortable. This chair is second only to Aeron Chair and some people -though not most- like it even better than the Aeron Chair.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

If comfort in your working environment is a priority to you and you see the office seat as an important factor that will affect your long term work capability, a factor that warrants a generous investment, then Aeron Chair is a product you should definitely check. Despite the cost, which is well above the lesser chairs we see around, Aeron Chair is close to the top concerning sales, suggesting that those who realize the significance of workplace ergonomics are not few. Moving on, the number one asset of Aeron Chair is the extensive range of options to adjust the chair to your needs. You will find that you are able to adjust the arms height and tilt, limit the back tilt and change the height. There is even an option called “kinemat”, which basically means the amount of pressure you need to exert to lean back. The controls for all these options can be somewhat confusing when you first get the chair but you will like them as you realize that it is impossible to feel squeezed in this chair. 


As for the lumbar support, it is substantial, fully adjustable and can even be completely removed if you don’t want it. The mesh material that covers the back and the seat is comfortable and ventilating, in addition to acting like some sort of net that evenly distributes body weight. This material is not textile so it won't soak liquids and you can easily wipe it if you spill something on it. The frame of the chair is tough plastic (not the kind that will break) and metal (titanium + zinc). The amount of metal is just so much that it is perfectly durable while at the same time being very light.

It is nice to have Herman Miller in the chair market as the company offers the only chance to escape the cheap-chinese-knock-off wave. Herman Miller's Aeron is chair is made in USA and comes with 12-year-warranty.

Overall, the chair itself looks cool and impressive. It will give you comfort and boost your prestige. Aeron Chair might be the best office chair in the world. It is my dream chair and I say you consider it if you have the finances.

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

There is always something better out there for people who are not satisfied even with the best. Well, concerning office chairs, Embody Chair by Hermann Miller is exactly that. Developed as a result of seven years of work, this chair has no competitor other than Aeron chair by the same company.


First, the Embody Chair is covered with a breathable textile layer and because all the supporting structure are exposed, there is perfect air circulation and you will never feel sweaty. There are seemingly endless color options as well as different finish choices for the chairs's frame and base such as graphite and titanium.

What distinguishes Embody from other ergonomic office chairs is the unique design. The back of the chair is held in place by something that looks like a spine and it looks so because it is actually meant to fit your spine. It is connected to a network of web-like support units that connect to the seat through two different mat layers. Not going further into technical details, what the Embody Chair does is to auto-adjust to whatever movement you do so as to provide just the right amount of support on every point on the person's back without comprising the correct posture or the comfort of the person. You will find that you can just curl around as you will when you are on this chair and you will also find out the chair will just keep you from contorting your spine.

We just saw how Embody Chair adjusts itself to fit your body but there are manual adjustments, too. Some of the adjustable stuff are seatback tilt limiter, tilt tension, chair height, arm height and width. Also, backfit and seat depth adjustments allow you to change the seat size so there will be no issues with your height.

Like the Aeron Chair, Embody is made in the USA and has a 12-year warranty.

Some people have been complaining that the lumbar support of Embody Chair is too hard and discomforting. This issue turns out to be experienced by people with a posterior pelvic tilt. If you have this posture problem, your back is not properly curved so you will feel the lumbar support more than others. The strong lumbar support actually imposes the correct posture. The bottom line is Embody Chair is good for the health of people with a flat back but they can initially find it a bit annoying because it will force them to sit up right.

Comparing it with Aeron, Embody is more expensive but it has been in the market for some five years or so and nobody has come up to say that it is not worth it. That being said, Aeron might be a better choice if you want a completely adjustable lumbar support. That is why I named Aeron the best, instead of Embody. If the lumbar support is not going to be an issue and you want the ultimate chair, Embody Chair by Herman Miller is here.

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