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Decorating A Gender Neutral Master Bedroom

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How To Create Harmony In Your Bedroom ...


Compromise Is The Key When Decorating The Perfect Master Bedroom

It can be a bit difficult for him and her to come to a total agreement when it comes to decorating the master bedroom? As a rule, a couple won't have any problem when it comes to decorating any other room in the house. However, when it comes to the master bedroom many couples find it very hard to agree on decor. This can result in a line being drawn in the sand. Let's face it women and men have different needs to fulfill in a bedroom. While women look at the bedroom as a room to take refuge, a place to relax with all "their stuff" gathered around them. Women are creatures of comfort. Whereas men, look for peace, sleep, and sex in a bedroom. They don't appreciate all the frilly comforts most women desire in their bedrooms. They could care less about loads of pillows and such. To them, loads of pillows spell out work taking them all off the bed each night, and just one more thing to stumble over in the night on the way to the bathroom.


How To Choose A Perfect Color Scheme For A Master Bedroom

My best advice on where to start when decorating a master bedroom, even before you choose a paint color, I suggest you and your mate choose your bedspread and linens. Whether it be a comforter, duvet cover, or bedspread, choose and buy your bed cover first. A common mistake many couples make is choosing the color of paint for the bedroom walls, and proceed to apply it before choosing linens and bed-cover. If you limit your color choice to what you have painted the walls, you may be sorry when you find that perfect bedspread or wonderful window treatment, and it does not match the paint color on the walls... Choosing the bedspread first can also help you find the perfect color scheme for the room. You will most likely be drawn to a particular style of bed cover that will guide you right into the perfect décor for your mate and you.

Keep in mind the bed, as a rule, is the focal point in a bedroom. It will not only dictate the color scheme, but it will also set the direction of the décor. So choose your bed cover first, and you will find all the rest of the decorating decisions will come easy.

I am dealing with a contemporary guy!


I want to be comfortable too ...


He's So Contemporary

When your mate wants contemporary fabrics with some color, and you love to sleep on crisp white sheets. Don't worry there is a good solution that you both can end up happy. Note photo, you can easily mix contemporary fabrics with white linens. The color white is actually a very contemporary color. Consider it's like starting with a blank canvas. You can add just about any color with white, that can work to make a dramatic contemporary statement. White looks clean and gives a crispness to any decor.

I Would Like To Keep It A Bit Feminine And he dislikes frills!

When it's his and her bed, you should consider him as well as yourself. In reality, you walk a fine line when you try to combine feminine and masculine. Not the above photo. The bed is simple yet has visible feminine lines, but is not overly feminine. The linens are clean bright white, yet they are a down coverlet. Again a bit feminine. Choose linens that are a bit more subdued, not only in color but pattern. This will somewhat even the score, so to say. Play down the feminine features of the bed by using other furniture in the room that is more masculine, or simple as in the photo. Also keep accessories simple, no-frills.

I have so many memories of Grandma


I am Going To Use Gram's Bed !

"I have my Grandmother's wonderful old bedroom set. The bed brings back wonderful memories of the times I spent with my grandmother."

Antiques are wonderful, and certainly can be used in the master bedroom Note the photo, The decorator used a wonderful antique bed. By using the right fabric and color, grandma's bed can become a bed he will love as much as you do. When using fabrics that are soft in color, and neutral in the pattern it creates a very rich, yet neutral look. Makes the bed gender-neutral. You can use an antique bed. try mixing it with contemporary pieces and accessories, mix it up --- some masculine, some feminine. You will be surprised how well all will mesh, and come together. Perhaps on a female nightstand a well-loved porcelain figurine or jewel box, on his side perhaps a couple of old leather books or a contemporary sculpture.

We are keeping my brass bed !


He Want's To Do Away With My Brass Bed !

He Does Not Want Too "Lay Across My Big Brass Bed"

Brass beds are wonderful, they are romantic, and can really be great looking in a master bedroom.

Although some men seem to think the big brass bed a bit feminine. However, they really don't have to be. Note the photo, an effort has been made to tone the bedding down with a medium to deep-toned color, and the linens are kept somewhat tailored, and the bedspread hangs to the floor with no bed skirt. In regard to furniture that will accompany a brass bed, keep it simple. Note the photo, you can use contemporary furniture with an older appearing brass bed. Keep the furniture simple in lines. Do the same with the accessories. All these changes will add up to his/her room that both will appreciate. So, choose the right bedspread, and he will most certainly want to lay across that big brass bed.

A Man's Worst Scenario - The Canopy Bed

Make him feel like a "king", not like a wimp in that canopy bed! Have you ever slept under a canopy? I personally think it's one of the most luxurious feelings one can experience. However, most men do not appreciate a canopy overhead, due to the frilly factor. So, easy fix removes the frills, use either very light gauze fabric or a very heavy fabric that has masculine overtones. Keep the bed linens simple and tailored. Consider using furniture in the room that is also clean lines, on the simple side. By using traditional furniture it will tone down the frilly factor. Keep accessories to a minimum, and gender-neutral. Note the photo, the decorator has pulled the look off perfectly.

Keep the canopy bed, but get rid of the frills.


White on White

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We Both Love White However

However, I would like to add a little something special...

White is so restful. White is wonderful, crisp, and clean. It's a great color choice for his/her bedroom. Want to add a "little something special considers vintage linins. Vintage linens, such as some wonderful crisp white pillowcases or shams, they are easy to find and make such a pretty statement. Choose white on white embroidery pillowcases or perhaps cases that hold an old monogram. You can find great vintage linens at antique shops, flea markets, and second-hand stores. Many in pristine condition, due to not ever being used. Many fine linens have been tucked away in the linen closet, and actually never used. A bed all done up in vintage white linens is an all-time favorite of mine.

I want Color - He loves neutrals

This problem can be solved very easily, he gets to have his white sheets, you get to choose a wonderful color of your choice for the bedspread. You actually can't go wrong when choosing your color. Do keep in mind to try to keep the bedspread you pick in his/her fabric, and or print. By this, I mean no lace or feminine colors. Bold stripes or bold prints would be a great choice for a master bedroom.

Add color to your walls, and bedspread


A sensual bedroom


I am So Good - He's So Bad ! We want a sexy bedroom

You will have no problem creating an "I am so good bed, he so bad bedroom". Have a look at this photo. For his/her sexy bedroom keep it all light and airy. Sleek flowing lines, that are just waiting for a cool breeze. Puddle the netting at the floor, this results in a great sensual look. I like the use of all-white linens with a touch of color, as in the photo. Another great color you might consider can be taken from the "Jungle", such as green, magenta, hot deep pinks, deep golds, deep oranges, or deep reds. Furniture to accompany this type of bedroom, keep with the jungle theme use antique worn black furniture or contemporary pieces. You can really go wild with accessories, jungle, African, beach, tropical, contemporary, or keep just keep it very simple. A sexy bedroom can be made very relaxing or very stimulating. That up to you.

Keep It Simple And White With Lots Of Texture


Hey ! He Could Care Less

In this case, you can literally do what you please. However, you may not want to go overboard. Check out the photo below, it shows a bedroom that is very female-oriented. Although some thought has gone into making pleasing to her mate? Nice soothing neutral colors were used. The decorator used a great architectural old piece of paneled wall for a headboard.

When In Doubt Use White, And Mix Up The Textures

You might be thinking "white is white is white?" No big deal. However, add some texture, and make that white bedroom spectacular! When in doubt, choose white. White linens can really make a big statement in a bedroom. Mix it up with texture can make it much better. Add a spread of white chenille, with loads of pillows covered in white vintage pillowcases, the look is fabulous. The texture is the key when you want to get that extra pop out of any room, mix up the textures.


Do you consider your roommate's taste and suggestions, when decorating the bedroom?

I Just Love My Featherbed

"I Just Love My Featherbed..."

"I Just Love My Featherbed..."

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