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Beach House Colors Are A Visual Vacation All Year

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Make Home Your Happy Place


Soft, Sun and Wave Washed Colors

Serene, gentle colors of a seaside beach are some of my favorite colors. So easy on the eyes and easy to live with, they belong to the family of slightly shabby interiors that create a comfortable atmosphere of relaxation and coziness.

Alternatively, a tropical and happy environment is also one that is native to the beach house in hot climes. Those are sharp and sassy, but always light and bright.

Beach homes are not just beside oceans, lakes have beaches too! But sunny, comfortable color schemes are characteristic of them all. and that is what we love about beach house colors.

Are you interested in bringing the beach into your interiors in all seasons? Consider this article as something of an "idea board". Inspired with quotes about the coastal life and beaches strewn throughout to evoke the feeling of the sea side.

"Heaven Seems a Little Closer when you are Sitting by the Ocean"


A beach cottage just feels like a healthy, happy place to be, and the colors do everything to underline a feeling of well being.

One of my favorite looks, and one that harmonizes perfectly with the sea and sand colors is the seagrass woven rugs and furniture.

Vacation Colors

"It's hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy...Beach Therapy"

--Amy Dykens

Seaglass Brings Together Shimmering Colors

These are the colors I personally like best. Blues and greens, and aquas. remixed from a photo by tracy

These are the colors I personally like best. Blues and greens, and aquas. remixed from a photo by tracy

Beach Palettes For Your Home

Beach House Color Combo Examples

Sea green, sail white, ocean blue, those are just a sampling of some of the colors we identify with the sea.

Sand, stone, pebble, seagrass are a number of the neutral colors that come from a visit to the shore.

You may just find your perfect palette in this post, you may find it in a real life example, or you may find it in a decorating book.

The Perfect Palette by Bonnie Rosser Krims

Painting tips, color recipe palettes, make it easy to come up with exciting colors for your interiors. If you wish to save loads of time tracking down just the right colors from manufacturers or putting together a cohesive thematic look, this is the book for your personal library.

As you can see on this page, there is a feel to beach house colors that is unique to the light and natural surrounding of a coastal area.

Building a Palette

Look for themed colorways and then build a small palette to work from in those hues.

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The light bright look of a seaside cottage is a simple one, so don't add in too many color, be careful of competing colors, unless you are going for a Caribbean tropical look. Even then, colors should remain within a group of similar saturation.

Some of my favorites echo the colors of beach glass with hazy aqua, blue, and green; or crisp nautical pairings lie within traditional navy and white. You may wish to center around other themes mentioned here.

The secondary colors and textures that are part of coastal life evoke the feeling, too.

Have fun with mixing and matching for your own unique design.

beach colors palette

beach colors palette

A Turquoise Sea

This color is one of the most evocative of the seaside of the Gulf Coast.

It is cool and restful, but still has a kind of energy to it, like the turquoise green waters that lazily lap the beaches on the Florida Panhandle.


Peace And Calm

"I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm."

— Anonymous

Coastal Design Interiors - Expert Tips You Can Use

The Art Of Relaxation

Hopefully, by the time you reach this part of the page the colors have completely soothed you.

The cheerfully decorated beach houses with their emphasis on ease of care and comfortable lifestyle décor are inspirational to look at, aren't they? I think that the attitude that creates this environment can be imported into many different interior styles, even if choosing very different colors and furnishings.

The key is to go with what makes people comfortable and the palette is light and airy. I think that invitation to relax and breathe deeply is what really makes this one of my favorite looks for a room.

Bring the refreshing ocean breeze and colors of the sea right into your bedroom.

Queen set includes comforter, bedskirt, and two standard-size shams in 100% cotton; aqua color to create a beach sense bedding.

Azure and White Trim

Azure makes us immediately envision skies and calm ocean waters. Matched with white trim brings the sparkle of light  and a clean edge to a comfy and inviting bed.

Azure makes us immediately envision skies and calm ocean waters. Matched with white trim brings the sparkle of light and a clean edge to a comfy and inviting bed.

Daydream About The Scene

Where is your dream vacation location? A beach on a Caribbean island? In a hawaiian island retreat? A Coastal shore beach cottage? Dress up your bedroom to make the bedroom of your dreams - a truly restful place to sleep.

Matching Sheet Set


Touches of Luxury and Coastal Details

Neutrals of Bleached Seagrass, Sand, Driftwood


Sandy Neutrals

So easy to work with and live with.

No wonder so many choose this color scheme. What makes it special for a beach house theme is when the natural elements of shells, sand dollars, and starfish are added... along with white slipcovers, breezy white curtains and sun bleached wood accompanies the colors.

Pick Up Ocean Walk Finds

Pick up the colors of some of the ocean walk finds for a neutral palette: warm beige, sand, driftwood gray, shell white.

Neutral Sand Shades

Woven Textures, Smooth Wood

Butler Specialty Entryway Bench

Butler Specialty Entryway Bench

White Sand, Blue Ocean


Ocean Blues

The colors of bright white, deep navy accents, along with plenty of neutral sand and seagrass textures are a classic combination of beach colors. They evoke a strongly nautical feel, as well.

Nautical Navy Blue

Crisp and clean navy and white makes us all think of summer and the beach. It is a wonderful combination for a casual interior design, and mixes well with dark woods or white glazes.

Crisp and clean navy and white makes us all think of summer and the beach. It is a wonderful combination for a casual interior design, and mixes well with dark woods or white glazes.

Seafaring Whites

This is the feeling of a beach cottage: lots of white in its many variations. Sailcloth white, bright picket fence whitewash, creamy white, seafoam white, shell white... all layered on one another.

Alone or with one beautiful accent color. Matched with neutrals of sand, driftwood gray, or sisal, and it becomes the most calming backdrop imaginable.


"At the beach, the time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted."

"Even the upper end of the river

believes in the ocean."

-William Stafford

Which Room Will Get The Beach House Treatment?

Beach Color Room Ideas

  • Beach House Dining Room Decor
    Have an idea for creating some coastal comfort in your dining area? Let the styles of the U.S coastal regions inspire you to make an inviting setting for your family and guests.
  • Coastal Kitchen Comfort and Sophistication
    Do enjoy you visits to the coast? Is seafood one of your favorite foods? Bring the coast to your own home kitchen with some of the beautiful beach themed dinnerware and accessories to create some of the resort ambiance that makes a vacation so much..

Old Lighthouse By The Sea



A Lighthouse Theme

As an example pick a lighthouse theme, with its colors and accessories, art, and iconic shape woven throughout a room.

Perhaps you already have a collection that centers on lighthouses, or just a picture you like. It can serve as the motif and inspiration for a room or the entire house. Usually a particular motif like this works best in just one room, carrying just the colors into adjoining spaces. No need for too much "kitsch".

Using Red, White, And Blue

Nautical and Lighthouse themes are pure Americana, and they are crisp as an ocean breeze.

Navy Blue and soft white sand colors are often accented with red in these motifs. Reminders of summertime fun and relaxation.


Iconic Symbols of the Sea

Instantly go with a Beach Theme

  • Beach Glass
  • Sea Shells
  • Coral
  • Tropical Fish
  • Boats and Nautical Items
  • Lighthouses
  • Sand and water
  • Palm trees

Beach House Look for Bedroom Furniture

Paint finishes -especially in cool pastels are the perfect match for this look. It is light and breezy and easy care.

Paint finishes -especially in cool pastels are the perfect match for this look. It is light and breezy and easy care.

Caribbean medley of colors that make a tropical statement.

Caribbean medley of colors that make a tropical statement.

Caribbean Pastels

A vacation in the Caribbean will bring out your love for sunny pastels - warm, sweet, and so easy to mix and match.

A comfy and practical sofa

Stripes are part of the breezy, crisp feeling of beach houses, using the colors of sand and seagrass.

Stripes are part of the breezy, crisp feeling of beach houses, using the colors of sand and seagrass.

Which Seashore Colors Appeal To You? - Palette Preference


The Shore and Its Art

People never tire of painting seaside pictures, and I love to look at them. The right picture can make a complete difference in the atmosphere of the room.


Decorating Touches Using Art, Crafts, And Seasonal Celebrating

Using Accessories, Adding Details

I recently bought a glass base lamp that will hold seashells foraged from our trips to the ocean over the years. It had been on the wish list for so many years!

There are other ways to keepsake pretty shells, but this is one that will mesh well with a room without lots of dusting or getting in the way.


Glue some to candles, mix a few into the potpourri bowl.... use them in crafts; seashells can be attractively integrated into the interiors of your house.

Create the atmosphere with seasonal decorations, too. Bowls of shells, or jars of seaglass, Christmas tree baubles all in a natural beach theme. Let your imagination run along wave washed shores to pull in the fresh feeling and invigoration all year.


Scents of the Sea - Ocean breezes, tropical flowers

by snedegar3

by snedegar3

Ocean Scent Of Salt Air

Certain scents help evoke the seaside, and they often come in containers and forms that meld with beach colors.

I love the subtle scents of these reed diffusers- they are so relaxing and uplifting. This is my favorite form of home fragrance because it doesn't overwhelm and the scents last so long.

Potpourri comes in mixes that include small shells and beach colors. A decorative and aromatic way to add the feeling of the shore to your home.


Sea and Dune Candle

Not only certain colors do we associate with the seas, there is a fresh and fragrant scent that seems to belong to the ocean's shore, alone. There are home fragrances and scented candles that carry that scent right into our homes, even if we live many miles from any ocean shore.

Beach Cottage Christmas - Beach colors and seashells make a beautiful holiday theme


A Coastal themed tree is one of the prettiest for Christmas, and takes advantage of the popularity of pastel color themes for recent Christmas decor.

If you do your rooms in this style, the themed tree is a seasonal foil for celebrating in a way that reflects your taste and the things you love.

A Timeless Feeling

"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun."

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