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Do you know that an Anti Gravity Chair Can Alleviate Your Back Pain Problems?

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Back pain is quite a common problem faced by thousands of people across the country. There are many different kinds of back pains; some are mild while some other could be very hard to bear with. There are many ways and methods to deal with this problem and you can read more about this at 'How to cure Back Pain Naturally'.

One of the more recent inventions that has been proven to alleviate back pain effectively is the anti gravity chair. Also known as zero gravity chair or recliner, this ergonomic furniture is specially designed to be as comfortable as possible, thus allowing the users to sit and relax while forgetting about their back problems.

Woman resting on an anti gravity chair

Woman resting on an anti gravity chair

Anti Gravity Chair

Anti Gravity Chair

The concept for anti gravity chair was actually come from or inspired by Nasa. When astronauts are launching into space, they will sit in a reclined position, where their feet will be above their hearts. This position has been known to put very little stress on the body and this is very essential when counteract the force of gravity during the launching.

Moreover, sitting in an upright position could do a lot of damage to the astronauts bones and internal organs. Scientists who studied this sitting position believe that it could also be adapted into the design of furniture.

By making the chair that leaned back far enough while alleviated the feet above the heart level, it can relieve the stress on the spinal cord while providing a level of comfort that never experienced before. The pressure onto the heart is also lowered significantly. These features help in alleviating the effects of back pains.

The anti gravity chair is also designed to be very adjustable and accustomed to every user individual needs. This means you don't have to worry if this recliner is shared among the different members in the family.

This ergonomically designed chair come with quite a number of locks, adjustment knobs and levers that allow the users to access to numerous settings and seating positions.

You can fiddle with the adjustments until you reach to a position where you are totally comfortable and relaxed.

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On top of that, many premium anti gravity chairs (normally cost over a thousand dollar) also come with automatic massagers that could even enhance your relaxation experience.

When a person relaxes on the anti gravity chair, the muscles on the back will automatically decompress and release. In which, this also means that there will be less pressure laid on the spine and thus, allowing you to relax even more.

As the spine is freed from tension in the back muscles, the back pains that you have will subside slowly and gradually. Blood circulation in the back is also improved in such position.

This chair can also help in dealing with spinal disc problems, as well as mitigating the effects of other painful back conditions. For solely relaxation purpose, your body will be able to destress and regenerate faster.

Anti Gravity Gaming Chair (best for gamers)

Anti Gravity Gaming Chair (best for gamers)

Besides back pain, the anti gravity chair can also deal with your posture problems, should you have any. Bad body pressure can lead to some serious health problems should the tension builds up over time.

By using an ergonomically designed chair will allow you to relax your muscles and release the tension gradually.

As you continue using the zero gravity chair, your back muscles will get used to being in a relaxed position and thus, improving your overall body posture.

Now can you imagine sitting on an anti gravity chair that specially built for gamer as shown on the right?

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