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An Alternative Method of Dealing With Peeling Refrigerator Paint

A Photo of My Restored Refrigerator

Image Credit: The photo is the property of the author

Image Credit: The photo is the property of the author

My 'Restored' Refrigerator

About five years ago I had to deal with the problem of peeling of paint on my refrigerator; I tried one method then decided on another one. I've had my fridge for approximately twenty years and once had to replace the motor with a second hand one. Time has taken its toll on its exterior paint but it still works fine.

I first tried sandpapering the peeling areas and then spraying them with paint. This didn't work well, I don't own any power-tools such as a sanding tool and I'm not a regular DIY / Handyman type of person.

I came up with the idea of sandpapering the affected areas as best as possible, then covering them with some type of protective and decorative substance. More on that to follow.

The method I used is perhaps not the most conventional one, but it worked for me and solved the problem of my fridges peeling of paint.


My Refrigerator Makeover

The first thing I did with restoring my refrigerator was to sandpaper the areas where the paint was peeling and where light rust was starting to form. I used water-paper for this, a type of sandpaper that you moisten first before using and re-moisten when it gets dry.

I had initially tried spraying it with white spray-paint but this did not work well; large areas would have needed to be sanded to make this work. Not having an electric sanding device I had to find an alternative method to solve the problem.

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Using water-paper I sanded the areas where the paint was peeling and the surface rusting: ie on the door and sides of the refrigerator, then left it to decide what to do next. I came up with the idea of covering it with something but could not at first think of what to use.

Suddenly I thought of plastic floor tiling and went to a local hardware store to look around. I found some tiling that I liked and purchased one pack initially.

I started placing the tiles on the outside of the fridge; they had some sticky substance on the back of them but soon found that I had to add some superglue to make them adhere properly.

On some areas I had to cut pieces of the tiles to fit the specific area, such as the fairly narrow edge of the door. The process seemed to be working and it looked good too; it improved the appearance of my refrigerator. Thus I bought more plastic tiles and spent some time finishing the job of solving the problem of peeling paint on my refrigerator.

Although I wasn't well enough equipped to re-paint the outside of the door and sides of my fridge, for me the job I did was sufficient and also improved how my refrigerator now looks.

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© 2013 David Edward Lynch

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