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Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberries

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Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberries


What are Yellow Wonder Strawberries

Yellow Wonder is an Alpine Yellow Strawberry, that ripens into a pale yellow color when ripe.

Yellow Wonder is a very productive type of strawberry. It is a clumping type and has few to no runners.

What is Unique About Yellow Strawberries

Yellow Alpine Strawberries are a continental delicacy plant that are as attractive as the berries they produce. The dainty pointed berries are a combination flavor of strawberry, pineapple and rose. Some people however compare the taste of the yellow alpine strawberry to passion fruit.

Yellow strawberries cannot be found in supermarkets, because they are too fragile to make the trip through modern processing and packages.

The yellow berries are also very delicate. They go from green to ripe to over ripe in a blink, so they need to be picked at the right time. You need to be careful when picking them, for the flesh is soft. They should be picked when the flesh has a little give and the fruit readily separates from the green cap.

The yellow strawberry ripens into a pale yellow color when ripe. The berries are cone shaped small pointed berries. They have bright green foliage and delicate white flowers.

They are full of sweetness and lack the tartness of commercially grown strawberries.

What is Different About the Yellow Alpine Strawberry Then Commercially Grown Red Strawberries

Yellow Alpine Strawberries are a productive type and a clumping type of strawberry which had few to no runners. Where you plant them is where they will stay, which makes them ideal for containers of pots.

The Yellow Alpine Strawberry plant is day neutral, which means flowering is not dependent on day length. The fruit is a pale yellow at full ripeness and sift, but less likely to be eaten by birds, because unlike the red strawberry, the birds do not think they are ripe yet.

Some people grow yellow strawberries for their unique color. Yellow strawberries are ever bearing meaning they produce berries all season long, from Spring until frost.

Yellow strawberries are a very productive type of strawberry.

Yellow Strawberries


Where Do Yellow Strawberries Come From

Today's Yellow Alpine Strawberries come from frageria vesca berries that were indigenous to ancient Persia, which is now know as Iran.

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The creamy-yellow fruited variety os a favorite of many in Europe. The small fruit is very tasty and unique looking. Many people prefer the tast of the yellow fruited berry to the more common red strawberry.

Where are Yellow Alpine Strawberries Served

The Yellow Alpine Strawberries is served only in the finest upscale restaurants. The chefs refer to yellow alpine strawberries as gourmet strawberries because of their refined texture and taste.

How To Grow Yellow Strawberries

Mock winter dormancy by placing seeds in an air tight container in the freezer, for at least 30 days.

After taking seeds out of the freezer, let them sit in a sunny window for a few days.

Soak seeds over night so the hard seed coating of the strawberry is softened enough for germination. Sow seeds on the soil surface in groups of three seeds planted 4 inches apart. Cover with a 1/4 inch layer vermiculate and spritz with water in a spray bottle to moisturize it, and then cover with saran wrap, to retain moisture. Do not allow to become soggy. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Keep at 65-70 degrees, They take seven to thirty days to germinate.

Yellow Alpine Strawberries will grow in zones 6-8. They are not fussy, and provided they get at least four hours of sun per day and their soil is aerated, rich in organic matter and moisture retentive, these little beauties will thrive. It is also said to do fairly well in the shade. They grow 8 to 10 inches tall with bright green foliage and delicate white flowers

Yellow Alpine Strawberries are perennials, but fruit production declines with age. It is recommended to replace plants every five years.

Harden off your strawberry seedlings, by taking them outside for short periods of time to get them used to the outside temperature.

Do not plant right next to cauliflower, cabbages, broccoli, fennel, tomatoes, peppers or mint. They will compete with strawberry plants for nutrients.

Facts About Yellow Alpine Strawberries

Yellow alpine strawberries are fragile, so take care in harvesting. They are softer then regular berries. Take care in watering so you do not wash the seeds away.

Yellow Alpine has 1/2 to 1 inch berries and have a spread of 14-18 inches. Plants should be at least 8 inches apart.

Yellow Alpine is the fragaria vesca species.

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