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Winix A230 Air Purifier For Allergies

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April 19, 2021



The Winix A230 so far works well, problem is it takes some time as it's a smaller machine compared to others. It does well keeping the air fryer of pollen. I'm fine outside but once I'm in any indoor areas where no air cleaners being used my allergies are set off. Didn't realize how bad pollen was till I was in the living room. We don't have an air cleaner there as we had tried so many and none of them showed any changes in my allergies. And those others that I had were when allergy levels are at about 5 to 6.

Reason For Having An Air Purifier

During allergy season air purifiers sell like hot cakes. Those who don't have seasonal allergies will never know how it is to live with it. For the most part its not throughout the year but only at specific times, maybe 3 or 4 months of the year at most. That's still a lot of random times to have allergies, and its not always the same from year to year. Some years may be worse than others and the randomness also applies to meds for allergies as well. All the medicine at the local pharmacy may or may not work. Generally those with allergies might end up purchasing a few brands to see which works with their allergies during that year. Allergies don't stop at seasonal, but usually seasonal allergies will often trigger other allergies as well as asthma. During any types of allergies triggered will also create an enormous amount of sensitivity to other contaminants in the air.

Those with some form of allergies are often tired, worn, and defeated at the end of the day. Uncontrollable sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and some have far worse symptoms than others. All those listed contribute to a lack of rest when trying to sleep for the night, most allergies can keep you up from a stuffy nose, sneezes, or itchiness (anywhere not just the eyes). During these times any relieve is often appreciated, but unfortunately its not easy to come by. The air throughout the planet is getting worse from pollution and this is not even accounting for seasonal allergies. People invest heavy into better central air units with better filters to help keep the air in the house clean. Your home is a place where you would feel safe from anything, including any ill feel from contaminants. Those which a shallow pocket might not be able to afford to have the air unit in the home upgraded as it can cost between 5k to 20k easy. There are stand alone units for those looking for an affordable solution. Some people might only need it for certain times and will not always have it on.

Dust, dust is a huge reason why most people have an air purifier. How much dust would be collected in your room if you left it for just a few days without touching anything or cleaning. Cleaning is important but it also takes time, air purifiers will remove a ton of dust but it will not remove all the dust. There are no equipment that can remove every bit of dust from the air. Contaminants will always be in the air but you can try to minimize that amount.

Minimizing contaminants can help those with respiratory health issues by keeping the air as clean as possible. Having clean air is important, most thing have a filter to clean the air, even cars have an air filter to prevent contaminants from getting into the engine. Just like people, cars have an engine that can be damaged if you drive with no air filter for a period of time. As the coronavirus hit and people started wearing a mask, it might become the norm in the future. Nothing wrong with wearing one outdoors to minimize what you breathe in. But in any case there will always be a group of specials, but this isn't what this article is about.

Winix A230

Winix A230

Winix A230 Pros and Cons

Everything is about preference, what will be a con might be a pro to some and vice versa. The machine is like a medium sized vase and light weight as well. Heavier the weight better the quality or lighter the better? Well that depends on whose buying it. Louder the better to show power or silent is better, we all would agree that if its silent there is usually less air being push. Pushing air at a higher rate, even if you use a hand fan you will generate more noise than when you slow it down to a crawl, unless you are getting motor noise.

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The Winix A230(black) or A231(white) is a small air purifier, for most people they might complain about the noise being a tad bit too loud, and might be therapeutic to others. There is an auto mode for air detection and will ramp up speed if needed, there is also a sleep mode where it is pretty quiet. The air purifier is easy to clean and according to the specs the filter can last up to a year.


  • Lightweight
  • Power of the fan
  • Hepa (filters out allergen)
  • Cleans up to 230 sq ft
  • Filter last up to a year
  • Has auto and sleep mode
  • Value for price


  • Might be loud for some

The video below I had tried to record the noise level at different speed though I fumbled the controls. There are other models from Winix with a lower dbi level, this really depends on noise tolerance and what noise will bother you. The A230 to me sounds like a central ac unit and its soothing for me when falling asleep but this is a preference just as auto mode vs wifi mode for some models.


The air purifier does what it was designed to do and the aesthetics is very modern so it can fit in as a piece of furniture for those worried about looks. The power is there, the air from the output is strong, but this also increased the noise level due to the size and power. A bigger purifier would usually have less noise due to power and size ratio. There is a Winix C555 air purifier at Costco which is bigger and noise level is much lower.

The auto function on this machine works nicely and can be left on to do what it needs to do. The expense on this device is quite good, you just need to change the filter once a year rather than other air purifiers when you would be required to change every 3 to 6 months. The saving on the filter can help tremendously for those on a budget.

Winix A230 Noise

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