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Wine Bottle Decorations: DIY


Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, its been estimated that 47 million people consume wine in the United States alone. With all those empty wine bottles being recycled each year, I thought I would add a few creative DIY projects that I stumbled across. Each one is beautiful and easy, making use of a simple glass bottle.

Wine Bottle Lamp:

Take at least three wine bottles, making sure they have no cracks. Wash the bottle with warm water, soaking the label for 15 to 20 minutes to remove the label. If any sticky residue is on the bottle, spray with WD-40, it should come off easily.

Using a glass drill bit, drill a hole about a half an inch above the bottom of the wine bottle, most recommend using a 5/16-inch drill bit and a- 7/16-inch Forstner bit or standard drill bit the same size. Once the hole is made you are going to want to carefully feed a strand of lights through the hole you made, using a strand of 20 to 25 lights.

shake the bottle, to spread around the strand inside the bottle. You are Done! It is as simple as that. Make sure you wear goggles and use gloves, since bottles have been known to break during the drilling process. It may take a few tries before you get it to work, so have a few extra bottles ready.

You can also accent the bottles with a fake grapevine, or grapes.

Wine Bottle Torches:

I love this idea, when I stumbled across it on www.designsponge.com I called my dad and told him the idea... which reminds me I should call him to see how it worked out. The basics to this project are simple, get some torch fluid, a wick, and place it all together.. besides the few tools and parts you need to buy, which all add up to about 5 bucks.

For the full instructs follow this link: http://www.designsponge.com/2009/08/diy-project-eriks-recycled-wine-bottle-torch.html

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes:

This one is just as beautiful, but a little more complex because it involves cutting the bottle. So after some research I found a simple way to do this, and I will be posting the video below for all of you who would like to try this.

Once you successfully remove the bottom of the bottle you are going to want to wedge the cork into the bottle, using a glass adhesive around the edge of the cork. Before you wedge the cork, you are going to want attach a metal or wooden ring attachment into the cork tying a piece of hemp or plastic string to the ring. Once the cork is wedged in the neck of bottle you are going to want to add the chimes. Using wooden balls, medal tubes, hammered copper or sea shells... what ever you want to use will be fine.

I love finding uses out of common house hold items. It gives everything a more personal feel, and in some cases, its great to sell these items on Etsy or e-bay. I hope you enjoyed this.

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