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Why Is Everyone so Down on the Praying Mantis?

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

The Praying Mantis is so patient that they will wait for log periods of time for lunch.

The Praying Mantis is so patient that they will wait for log periods of time for lunch.

When I was a Child, I Thought Like a Child

the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, and it was aimed at me. I was guilty or these two things, but when I became an adult, I have backslid a few times, but now I think that I have a handle on this scripture. It's a good thing. Not a thing of rebuke.

One of the many things that I have told you about was when I was age six, maybe five, and with no knock on my dad, the bread-winner for our family, did not make enough scratch to buy me a lot of toys so I could play with them in our front yard. But that is because of God giving me a wonderful imagination. No, I am not boasting of myself, but of God and His limitless love.

And speaking of God, He loves the praying mantis like no one else. Me? Not at first when I was six. But when I reached my 55th birthday, I changed. Things that once held my eyes glued to it's glitter, now were just rocks in the way of my pathway. I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would even love, not even like, praying mantis. Life is strange. And it is the strange, weird things about life that are very interesting--depending on the age of the person.

I Am Going to Share a Few

thoughts about the praying mantis that until now, I have kept to myself. I can be cold-hearted at times. But not now. Not when I have locked into my certain appreciation for the praying mantis. I wish that I had the right equipment in my home so I could raise all of the praying mantis that I wanted. Then I wouldn't have to scour the outside of my home just in order to find one of these lovable, cute creatures.

Yes, cute! Whoa! At this point, I feel so good about appreciating the Praying Mantis, that I am tempted to get a couple and put them into a glass case. Then I will put nice scenery behind the mantis' and I might have an American Gothic-looking mantis with the male holding a pitchfork and the other one wearing an apron. This is so much fun. I wish that I had found this much interest with these wonderful insects.

But I know before you gasp with surprise that if I am to do this, there will be those uneducated people around me, the non-praying mantis people who would love to insult me with horrible comments about why I am enjoying another area of our wonderful world. Let me ask: what would the world be without praying mantis? Empty. Lonely.

This praying mantis is killing a dangerous hornet wasp.

This praying mantis is killing a dangerous hornet wasp.

I Am Going to Pass-Along

a very special amount of poetic thinking that I have held to myself, not even my wife knows where these thoughts are, so now I am so proud to tell you how I feel inside about my buddies, the praying mantis.

Ode to My Friend, The Praying Mantis

Oh, praying mantis, I love your skin so green
Not being cruel, cold, or mean.
I am so glad that I met you long ago
Even with your big eyes, I still love you so.

You mind your own business that is for sure
You eat just what you need to remain pure.
Oh, praying mantis, the loner you are
I will love you forever and wish upon a star

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Praying mantis, you will always be friend
Teaching me about life and peace to no end.
I wonder if you ask where I have been?
You are a good friend, the best I've ever seen.

Doesn't this pose look so majestic?

Doesn't this pose look so majestic?

I Certainly Hope That

I Certainly Hope That
you and I will always be togther. Now how many people can claim this statement/ Not many, I am sure. I wish that I had a talking praying mantis and what a time we would have on the road watching people's eyes buldge out when they know that you talk. I will be mighty proud at the fact of knowing a talking praying mantis.

Yes, you and I will be patient enough to stop and study the praying mantis because they are not "just" an important link to the ecology, but they do a lot of clean-up work in ridding the gardens and forests of ants, mosqitoes, and annoying flies. So the argument can be made that the praying mantis is just as important as Smokey, The Bear, "only you can prevent forest fires," because of his/her stealthy-hunting technique that enables the ecology to be kept in balance.

Praying mantis, we give you a warm pat on the back. Okay. We will not pat you so hard as to hurt you.

January 26, 2021_________________________________________

The praying mantis does have a playful side.

The praying mantis does have a playful side.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 27, 2021:

I used to see many more praying mantis insects than I do today. They are curious-looking creatures.

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