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Why This Wax Warmer Hack Doesn't Work

Cynthia enjoys filling her home with wonderful fragrant aromas. She loves testing new candles, and wax melts and sharing her opinions.

Home fragrance and wax warmers go hand in hand. I have several wax warmers throughout my home. I was delighted when I first came across this wax warmer hack meme floating on the internet. It boasted a natural alternative to using mainstream wax tarts in a wax warmer. Filling the house with a wonderful fragrance while using items I already had on hand. Plus the added bonus of an all natural safe home fragrance, I was stoked to try it. Sadly to my dismay this hack simply does not work at all.

As much wax as I melt it can get a bit pricey. I always consider it a small price to pay for being greeted with a wonderful fragrance throughout the house. Living on a farm the last thing I want to smell in the house is the barn. So I always look for ways to fill my home with amazing scents. I decided to test this wax warmer home fragrance hack in hopes that it could save me a little money in the long rung. I had all the ingredients right here in my home. So I tried it right away! Lackluster results and huge disappointment.

Though this is not the original hack I found as a meme. This one I created shares the same information.

Though this is not the original hack I found as a meme. This one I created shares the same information.

Wax Warmer Hack Recipe

Oh the power of social media. If it's on the internet it must be true right? I came across a meme on social media the other day. It offered a recipe for an all natural fall fragrance alternative for wax warmers. Here is the recipe:

  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil

  • 3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

As an avid baker and coconut oil advocate I had all the needed items on hand. So I began testing this wax warmer alternative right away. I even tested with a few other aromatic spices as well. This would have been a great alternative to spending money on my favorite tarts for my wax warmers. I do a lot of baking in the fall and winter and buy all the items in bulk. So using these items in this wax warmer hack would be much cheaper than purchasing tarts and melts all year.

Spice fragrances are my favorite, second to bakery scents. So I was giddy with excitement that the potential for lower cost scents was within my pantry's reach.

All ingredients gathered up.

All ingredients gathered up.

I added the coconut oil first and allowed it to melt prior to adding the spices.

I added the coconut oil first and allowed it to melt prior to adding the spices.

As you can see the spices really do not incorporate well into the wax warmer and coconut oil.

As you can see the spices really do not incorporate well into the wax warmer and coconut oil.

On my second attempt I tried to use a toothpick to ensure the oil and spice mixed well.

On my second attempt I tried to use a toothpick to ensure the oil and spice mixed well.

This Wax Warmer Hack is an Epic Fail

I started testing my wax warmer hack right away. I had recently ran out of tarts and melts so my warmer was cleaned. Ready and waiting to be used. I remained optimistic in the beginning as I tested the wax warmer hack. After all cooking and baking with the spices always fills the air with aromatic goodness! Of course at first I could smell some cinnamon goodness and the other spices as I was putting them in my wax warmer. Knowing that this was likely because I was just measuring and adding them to the warmer. I decided to walk away for a while.

My wax warmer sits in my foyer. Using this particular warmer will have fragrance wafting into the upstairs, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Depending on the brand of wax I use it will also waft as far as my dining room as well.

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After 15 minutes trying the wax warmer hack I noticed zero scent throughout the usual areas in my home. So I decided to work on my household chores in the meantime. After several hours of cleaning I decided to take a break. During this time I had been back and forth through all the rooms that usually fill with home fragrance. I walked through the foyer and stood still for a minute. Still not a noticeable scent at all.

So I leaned in hovering directly above my warmer. I barely even noticed the cinnamon, and none of the other scents at all. So I played around with the recipe a bit. Adding more of this spice and less of that. I tried many combinations to try and make this hack work. Nothing helped it work, adding more or adding less it simply does not work at all.

This is a much more accurate meme.

This is a much more accurate meme.

Why This Hack Does Not Work

There are a few conclusion on why this particular wax warmer hack does not work. Coconut oil has a low melting point and used at times as an additive to beeswax candles. You don't find any candles made from just coconut oil right?

Using the coconut oil with the spices in a wax warmer is not going to fill your house with fragrance. The spices sink to the bottom and the coconut oil remains on the top. The fragrance from the spices is not released. There is not enough heat in a wax warmer to create a reaction to move the spices as the warmer is on.
Wax warmers work best with tarts, or melts. There is a scientific process to creating these home fragrance gems. Having dabbled in candle making in the past. I should have known better than to think this would actually work. Shame on me for forgetting my experience, and wasting my spices.

It all boils down to the process of creating the wax products designed for wax warmers. There is a process to their creation just like with candle making. With this hack that process goes completely unnoticed. The oil and the spices thrown willy nilly into a wax warmer does not work. Before you can make a tart the wax must be melted at a precise temperature. Various types of wax also require a certain temperature at which fragrance oils can be added. Then the fragrance and the wax need to be stirred.

The temperatures required are alone well beyond what a wax warmer is capable of! Adding fragrance oils to wax at the wrong temperature means you wasted both the wax and the oil. It will not produce a quality fragrance.
This is one of those 'If it is on the internet it must be true' moments. So much misinformation out on the internet, and we are all guilty of sharing some of it. The meme I saw on social media has been shared a ridiculous number of times.
Save yourself the headache and time and stick with your regular tarts! Mine latest haul will be here in a few days, and I couldn't be happier.

I purchase my wax warmer products online. I shop Amazon for the wide variety of fragrances and change to try handmade artisan wax too. To date I have purchased a lot, and never had a disappointing product. Choosing a handmade artisan for all your home fragrance needs is a better choice to store purchased tarts and melts. You will get a much better product, with a longer lasting scent. All while helping to boost your local economy and support an artisan.

No doubt many others have fallen victim to this wax warmer hack. Next time you see a bogus hack, call it out. Save someone else the energy in finding out it is an epic fail! It is still possible to find all natural fragrance alternatives for the home. Just be sure to try a tested alternative to save you the time and disappointment that goes with false hacks.


Teresa on September 01, 2020:

Wish I would have read this first tried it and it does not work what a waste of spices

Sandra Scianna on November 13, 2019:

I tried this today.It does not work.

Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on September 07, 2016:

MizBeJabbers Oh my what a scary situation! My warmers are all electric. Even electric are not without their issues. My cat (long haired) once got his tail in my warmer and slung wax on the wall. I ended up having to cut a large section of his fur off! So I now try to keep them high enough he will not come into contact with them. He did smell very nice for several weeks though!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 06, 2016:

Interesting, but I'm not surprised. Coconut oil isn't reliable for everyday use. I tried making a pie crust with it years ago. When the pie was baked, the bottom crust was at least 3/4 inch thick, and the sides had disappeared, but the flavor was delicious, so what can I say?

I hope your warmers are all electric. I was using an Asian-style warmer powered by a tea candle in my office one day. I stepped out and when I returned, the wax was flaming and it was sitting on a table that belonged to the boss's wife. I was terrified, but luckily no damage was done to her table. Out went that candle burner.

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