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Where To Find Custom Cushions For My Old Metal Glider?

Old Metal Glider Cushions

Are your old metal glider cushions funky? nasty? ratty? Yep,I understand where you're coming from.When I got my old metal glider I found a dead mouse in the hay portion of my old cushions! Eeeek! Back then I began my own quest of finding quality old metal glider cushions that wouldn't break the bank.I briefly wished I had Martha Stewart skills,but alas I certainly do not so my search began.

If your cushions are in fair condition and useable then count yourself lucky.Most of the cushions we come across and ucky,yucky,moldy and just plain out nasty.The old cushions usually have some sorty of loud flower theme in a retro yellow or green.Im not knocking but I was looking for the vintage feel of my old metal glider plus the comfort modern style of cushions.

Most clients that I work with make their own custom made cushions or they have their own upholsterer that they frequent.But what about the rest of us.Well,I finally found a reasonable reputable source.My cushions came out wonderful and the customer service was not lacking.

Besides the glider cushions,old metal glider maintenance is very minimal.The old metal vintage furniture is rich in vintage furniture history and make great conversation pieces for years to come.


Custom Made Old Metal Glider Outdoor Cushions

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