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What To Do With An Old Armoire or TV Cabinet. Repurpose.

This hub is about the ways you can rework old armoires or television cabinets as they're often called. We have four of these tall old cabinets in our house and one in the barn. We still have old televisions so we use ours. Many of the new flat screen television don’t fit into them. What can you do with the old ones? Here are a few suggestions.

My daughter was getting rid of hers and I took it and use it now to put all extra computer stuff in. It's full and I have a hub on how we recycled it.

I use one for bedding. I believe you should always try reusing what you have.

Following are my suggestions and ideas I have found. Recycle, recycle and recycle anytime you can.





Turn an one into a craft area or a gift wrapping/stationary station. I'm always having trouble finding a place for all the wrapping paper and ribbons. It's a good place to keep scissors, cards, bags, and ribbons where you can find them. It's easy for our Christmas wrappings to get away from us. If you have a special place you won't have trouble finding it when Christmas comes around.


For The Garden

Armories will also work great for a garden area. Keep all the planting items you need in it. You can also use it to store vases. I store my vases up high because this is the only place I have. When I want one I have to depend on someone else to get it down. Most of the time my flowers end up in whatever glass is handy to put them in. I would love to have a garden area like one in the photo. We don't have the room in this small house. If you have the room it's a great way to recycle an old armoire.

Make A Bar

I like the idea of turning them into bars. Keep all the glasses and liquor in it. Even though I don't drink I think it can make a great bar.

If the inside back of the looks bad because some come with a hole in the back for holding a TV. You can cover the back. Buy poster board or cardboard, and cut to the size you need to cover the back. Then glue or tape fabric, pretty wrapping paper or wallpaper to the poster board. After it's covered push it into the back of the cabinet.

If you make the cardboard tight enough you won't have to glue it in and can change the look whenever you want. You could use small nails and just tack it in. I would want to be able to take the poster board out so I could change the fabric. If you do decide to change to a different fabric then just add it right over the old fabric or wallpaper.


Changing Table

Use them for changing table for baby. It would be so handy. Keep all the baby clutter that you need for baby in it. I wish I had one when we had babies. All the diapers in those days were cloth diapers and rubber pants it wasn't always easy to find a place to keep them. They took up more space than the diapers do now. I would hook a diaper stacker to the door.

Down below in the doors good places for little t-shirts, blanks, and gowns.


Great Desk

Use for a desk or computer area to hold all the equipment. It's also nice because it can close so no one can see the clutter in the room.

Good place for those bills, papers, medical papers, pens, pencils, and computer stuff. We all have all those little items take up space and no place to go with them makes a good filing cabinet.

I get so overrun with paper stuff. It drives me crazy. I'm always saving things that give me ideas for Hubpages.

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Linen Closet

You can keep the linen in an old one or a place to put away winter throws when not in use, in the summer.

Great place for all the bedding we all have, extra pillows, throw pillows that you don't have out all the time. If you're like me I change my throw pillows. I put some away and bring others out.


For The Bathroom

This is a nice way to use one in the bathroom to keep towels and all the bathroom items in.

Place baskets in it to hold shampoos, extra toothpaste, make-up or toilet paper.

Add a screen to show everything or put fabric on the doors to hide things. My bathroom stuff I usually like to hide.

You can see how pretty one can look in a bathroom.



Use an old one for a pantry in the kitchen to put kitchen linen in or storage for can goods. It can also be a place to hold pots and pans or a place for all your pretty bowls and dishes. It’s a great place for mixer, blender, griddles and food processor. The things you don't have room for on counters.

I love pantries as you can see from my pantry hub. If I didn't have a closet for my pantry I would make one for a pantry.

When making a pantry. Be sure to cover up the hole in the back if it has one. If you don't do things will fall out and slip down the back.

If you don't want to do cardboard and fabric there are other options. You can cut a piece of plywood to size, cover with wallpaper or sand and paint, add to the back. Add wood shelves.


For Collection

They are nice places for all those collections. We all seem to have them.

They are so pretty done in milk paint. Now I have never used milk paint so I'm not an expert on it. I have seen them done in it and it makes them look so nice.

If the it has mirrors on the doors you don't want them you can take the mirrors out and add screens. It will show off all your pretty things. Chicken wire or window screen used for the doors.


Dress Up Time

Use one in a little girl's room put in all her dress up clothes. Make it hers by adding stick-on flowers or if you can paint even better. It will hold all her jewels, tutus, crowns, mom’s old heels, hats and fairy wings. A little girl would love something like this and it would hide away the clutter.

Use it in a boy’s room for his collections, books, or games anything which needs to be hidden away.

Use one to set-up an aquarium in. They would work well because there are already holes in them for all the wires aquariums take.

Place one in a child’s room. Place the aquarium on one shelf and another shelf place turtles, hamsters or whatever little pet your child might have.

Little Girls Dress Up

Little Girls Dress Up

Little Girls Room

If the front has panels which come out, you can add mirrors. This would also be nice in a little girl’s room. We all know how much little girls love to dance in front of a mirror and look at themselves.

Armoire is a French term meaning "closet." used in the old days to store household goods. Many homes didn't have closets. Today they are available in many different styles country, French, and modern.

My grandmother had one it was the old-fashioned wardrobe type or chifforobe, that's what we called it.


The photos are three of our four. Two used to hold a television. The black one holds computer stuff. The dark colored one with all the fancy work on the front we bought I think it was back in the 60's, not sure what style it is. It now holds some of our linens. The one at the top of the page is in our bedroom and still holds a TV.

Feb. 20, 2012

The new televisions are so different if they're at all big they don't fit well in the old cabinets. We just found this out when we bought a new TV. This new television is 32 inch. We got the television in the in but now we can see the big hole in the back. So now I have to do something with the back and when I do I'll put it on here.

Check out my other hub. It shows what we did with the black one in the picture. How we put the fabric on the back and added more shelves.

The Big Hole

What to do about the big hole? I'll figure out something. Actually, I'm going to add some fabric to the back and it will cover the big hole and not look so bad. .