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Checklist of Things to Carry in Your Purse

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Are you guilty of an overly cluttered handbag? I know mine was usually filled with randomness which included lots of receipts, dozens of lip glosses, pens and other nonsense floating around in it which I had to dig in order to find what I was looking for. It was messy! Thankfully that's all in the past because of the tips that I'll be sharing with you. Now I can actually find things in my bag and if you follow these tips, your handbag too will be clutter-free.

Keep reading for tips on organizing your handbag and advise on what you should (and shouldn't) have in your purse.

Make sure your purse weights less than three pounds and change the hand/shoulder you use to carry your handbag

Make sure your purse weights less than three pounds and change the hand/shoulder you use to carry your handbag

Ideal Weight of a Handbag

According to the American Chiropractic Association, a handbag should weigh no more than three pounds (that's 1.36 kg) and you should alternate which shoulder you carry your bag on throughout the day.

How to Organize Your Handbag

  • To begin de-cluttering your bag, you will need to dump everything out of it. Yikes, if you purse looks anything like mine did, I recommend dumping your bag's contents onto a cloth or something that you can easily trash after you go through it. That includes yucky things like crumbs and candy wrappers.
  • Create a system that works for you. Now since we want to be neat and organized, you will need to categorize all of your purse's content and give each item a designated spot like a pocket or a mesh cosmetic case. Consider keeping things like receipts in a separate wallet pocket until you're ready to go through them and things like lip glosses in a mesh cosmetic bag. Also, most purses come with built in pockets - use them!
  • Empty coins into a cute piggy bank or jar. This will keep your purse light(er) and you can convert the change into bills for some extra cash.
  • Keep just the beauty essentials (more on that below) in your bag and move all those chunky beauty products to your home cosmetics organizer (you should get one if you don't have one already!). Keep your bag's beauty products down to what fits into a small cosmetic bag or whatever fits well into your handbag.
  • Go through your wallet and take out things like credit cards and IDs that you don't use, and business cards of people whose names you can't even put to a face. And while you're at it, make copies of the credit cards that you do keep in your purse so that you know who to call in case your purse is ever lost or stolen.

Handbag Checklist

Now that you've lightened the load in your purse, what should you have in that purse of yours? Below is a list beauty essentials that are a must:

  • Cell Phone
  • Wallet or Coin Purse
  • An Energy Bar
  • Two Aspirins or Tylenol
  • Mini Hair Brush and Scrunchy
  • Dry Shampoo - Dry shampoo are Godsend for girls on the go. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to wash, blow dry and style hair. Dry shampoo to the rescue! The amazing product buys you at least an extra hour in the day. With dry shampoo, you don't even have to get your locks wet since the powder absorbs oil and odor, leaving them nice and clean.
  • A Makeup Bag - Every purse should have a makeup bag with your favorite beauty products. Just make sure the beauty products all fit in the makeup bag or otherwise, you're overdoing it. See the list below for some make-up essentials.
  • Feminine Hygiene Products - Always keep at least one tampon and one panty liner in your purse. You never know when it'll come in handy, either for yourself or a friend who needs it.
  • One Pen - A pen always comes in handy like to give that cutie your digits or jot down that awesome idea you have. Just don't keep a collection of pens and make sure your one pen won't leak by keeping it in a plastic bag with other things that can potentially open such as hand sanitizer or lotion.

6 Make-up Bag Essentials

Every gal knows that there are some make-up items you just can't leave home without. Below is my list of makeup essentials I always keep in my makeup bag and always find super useful.

  • A Mirror
  • Blush - I love the instant effect that blush creates. A little touch of peach or pink on the apples of your checks and voila, your face is glowing!
  • Eyeliner - Eyeliner is an instant way to make your eyes pop. Eyes looking drab? Use eyeliner and you're wide awake (or at least appear to be). I like to rotate between brown or plum colors because of my pasty skin and blue eyes and those two colors work best for me. But you can never go wrong with black eyeliner for those baby blues, even if they're not blue.
  • Concealer - A tiny imperfection on your face? No worries, apply some concealer and... what pimple? Or better yet, keep BB (beauty balm) cream handy, which is a blend of foundation and tinted moisturizer with SPF.
  • Lipstick - Definitely keep a tube of your favorite lipstick, preferably one that's a bold color like cherry red that will instantly boost your self confidence.
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  • Q-tips - Q-tips are a must for touch-ups and smudging eyeliner.

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i luv this checklist! this is for sure going to help me keep my purse organized! thnks!

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