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What is Kitchen-Gardening?

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Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. Use of available resources with almost care and insight in the dire need of the moment. It is especially so in our country where a struggle for survival of the ever-increasing population with depleted resources has reached a flashpoint.

Floods and Droughts have become an annual feature. The pressure of population on our cultivable land is so high that even a single full meal every day for its numerous people is difficult, let alone a balanced diet and nutritious food.

It should therefore our endeavor to utilize even the smallest available space around our homes by resorting to the techniques of Kitchen-Gardening. Kitchen-Gardening if properly planned and executed can not only provide fresh vegetables for our daily use but also can create a pleasant atmosphere around our house.

Think small "START OUT SMALL" is good advise for your first garden. It requires less work and is easy to maintain. The garden should be on South-Side for maximum exposure to sunlight.

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