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What Is Clutter and Why Get Rid of It? - Feng Shui Energy


Decluttering The Clutter!

Why Get Rid Of Clutter?

The Importance Of Getting Rid Of Clutter

What exactly is clutter? It can be things you do not use of love. Things that are loved seem to have a special energy all on their own. Loved items make us smile, bring back wonderful memories, and seem to literally life our spirit when we see these items. However, anything neglected, forgotten, unwanted, unloved, or unused will make the energy in your home slow down, and begin to stagnate. This is where you may begin to feel stuck in your life.

Things that are disorganized and untidy are considered clutter also. Some people may feel and admit there is order in their chaos, and they need to keep these items out in the open to remind them of all the important things they need to do. However when it comes time to find a specific item can it be found? Actually everything left out in the open creates stress and confusion, rather than giving us peace and clarity by knowing where things are.

If you have too many things in too small of a space this is another example of clutter. The more items are crammed into an area, the harder it is for energy to move around. Some people have noticed their breathing actually gets tighter and restricted due to the little energy flow in rooms that are crammed full of items.

If you have anything unfinished this can be considered clutter, because your mind is always trying to remember all the things that need to be completed. Whether phone calls that should have been made weeks ago, mail correspondence that needs attention, or buttons that need to be sewn all, all take up parts of energy. Why you ask? Because everything we have is connected to us by fine strands of energy. The more unfinished things the more tangled up we get which leads to confusion, irritations, and can make us feel overwhelmed.

Clutter can really drag a person's energy level down. Once clutter is removed you can feel so much lighter, and your home does too!

When clutter clearing its important to see what messages you are sending out symbolically in your home.

Scroll down to see some of the great solutions for excessive clutter and the results created. You may be amazed at how simple some of these solutions are and how effective they will be in creating a positive feng shui energy flow!

Some Solutions For Clutter

If you're wanting a relationship get rid of all your solitary objects, and begin to pair items together. It can be a pair of pictures, birds, candles, statues, etc. I have also known many people who are looking for a relationship seem to have a large picture of a sad solitary woman in their home. There may be only one night stand on one side of the bed. Two night stands with two matching lamps will allow equality in a relationship. I personally am not a big fan of everything matching together however this is one area where I really recommend it! Keeping the lights on each night stand for a few hours in the evening, activates energy and can light up the way to a wonderful relationship.

If you are feeling depressed get rid of any items that hang downward such as pots and pans in the kitchen that some people hang about their stove. If your drapes are drooping down due the wrong size curtain rod, get a more supportive rod. If the drapes are really heavy remove them and get something lighter in weight. While I love spider plants and have always heard how well they clean indoor air pollution, actually they are not as good as some of the other plants out there. Those little darling hanging baby spider plants can have a depressive affect on some people. NASA actually did a study on 10 plants that are effective in removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air. Many of these plants are very forgiving, and if you don't have a green thumb you can still enjoy them in your home, all the while they are lifting your spirits, and removing toxins in our homes. Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Janet Craig Dracaena, Dracaena Marginata, Corn plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue, Mums, Peace Lily, and Dracaena Warneckii.

Poverty frame of mind items such as broken lamps, dishes, appliances that no longer work, ripped couches, torn shades, busted legs on chairs. If you have a bed that is on the floor, get a bed frame and lift up your life. While everyone is working harder than ever for their money there may be some simple, and inexpensive fixes. Maybe just new lamp shades can do the trick. A pretty couch cover can change the energy of a room, because you will not be looking at the tears on the couch.

When you begin looking at your home through feng shui eyes you will begin to see what messages you are sending out. If you look at your belongings, ask yourself what is this saying symbolically? It this affecting you energetically? More important is this creating the effect you want, or can you do better?

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Learning What Feng Shui Is


Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on October 28, 2014:

As mentioned in the above comment, that was one of the great things that we were able to do with our move last year. :) As I read your comment, I think that you are responding to the comment above I am mentioning, lol.

Suzie from Carson City on October 28, 2014:

Dale......I am so happy you said that. I am actually planning a move, at some point within the coming year. This is part of the reason I began de-cluttering.

I will be downsizing considerably so there's no way I can get around this.....and that's a really good thing. Having little choice is usually a great motivator!

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on October 27, 2014:

Thanks for all fpherj48! Sometimes, as in my case a little over a year ago, a move is necessary to de-clutter properly. ;) Glad that this hub was beneficial. :)

Suzie from Carson City on October 27, 2014:

Dale...I see this hub is a bit older, but I just now happened to find it at a time when it's important!

I will never be able to understand how a person who loves organization and UNcluttered living....can manage to have more clutter, junk and hoarded items than 10 people.

I have been working on de-cluttering for 2 years. That may sound crazy, but I'm serious.

I really appreciate your hub and intend to follow your advice. Thanks Voted UP UIAB.....and I think I'll REcycle this by sharing

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on February 09, 2013:

That sounds wonderful, Snurre! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

Snurre on February 09, 2013:

Some great advice here, Dale! I'm going to reorganize some of my stuff according to it. Voted up and useful.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on December 23, 2012:

Spider plants came to me in my reasearch on the topic. I was unfamilar with those as well, WiccanSage.

I have experienced the same feelings as I start to rid myself of clutter...I feel the strong desire to get rid of more, and the following days and weeks the energy around the home or work place is simply much fresher, more positive and calmer. :)

Mackenzie Sage Wright on December 23, 2012:

This is so true... out of college I was turning into a bit of a pack rat and one day, thanks to a Buddhist friend's influence, realized I had to let go of some of these attachments. The funny thing is the more I got rid of, the more I wanted to get rid of. It is very liberating. I did not know that about spider plants!

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on September 26, 2012:

That is great that it did NOT meet your expectations upon cleaning. :) Also it is good that you can see the need to incorporate what you mention as well as how it can impact your mood. :)

I do appreciate you stopping, reading, commenting, and of course, voting up. :)

Shasta Matova from USA on September 26, 2012:

I was expecting you to tell me to clean, but I really enjoyed reading the information about how your items impact your mood - I will make sure that I pair my items, get those houseplants, and avoid drooping stuff. Voted up.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on September 12, 2012:

I appreciate that you understand the value of houseplants involving feng shui as well as the air purification properties that they possess. :) Thank you for linking from your hub as well on How To Improve Air Quality At Home and Work--Grow Your Own Fresh Air!

Clutter seems like an ongoing "learning" experience for me for sure. It is easy to understand it, know about it, but harder to do something about it. With a fresh move to a new place in the near future, hopefully, I will be able to reduce some clutter myself.

Thank for stopping by, reading, commenting and voting up. :)

visionandfocus from North York, Canada on September 12, 2012:

I'm so glad you mentioned houseplants! Many people don't realise they can really improve a room's feng shui as well as clean the air for us. I'm linking to this hub from mine on How To Improve Air Quality At Home and Work--Grow Your Own Fresh Air!

Thanks for a very informative hub. I thought I knew a lot about clearing clutter but I still learned a few things. Thanks for a great hub. Voted up!

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on September 10, 2012:

Hello Angela. :)

So we are "Virgo" related. :) I am the same way, a bit of clutter does not bother me as much as it used to, however, when it gets "excessive", I have to act. :) I look forward to an upcoming move by the end of the year and getting rid of some of that "stuff" that seemingly accumulates no matter how hard you try to stop it! :)

Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on September 10, 2012:

I have encountered the same in various places, Lucybell. It could well be due to the clutter or other energy related issues for sure.

Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

Angela Blair from Central Texas on September 10, 2012:

Wow -- I'm also a Virgo and have experienced the same thing. A bit of clutter doesn't bother me as much as it once did -- but then again, I've begun to pare down "stuff" and find the freedom is exhilarating! Great Hub and absolutely super advice. Best/Sis

Bonny OBrien from Troy, N.Y. on September 10, 2012:

Very interesting hub. The part about people finding breathing to be restricted really caught my attention. This happens to me sometimes at work. My staff bedroom is. Depressing and it makes me tired. And. Sometimes I can't breathe in there.

Dale Hyde (author) from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on September 09, 2012:

Hello Carol. As a Virgo, it feels that it is ingrained in me to be uncluttered. I enjoy not having clutter around me, but it appears that in my "older" years, it is more tolerable to let things become cluttered! I do know that what is mentioned in this hub about clutter and the affects it has on a person are most true, as I have experienced it.

Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

carol stanley from Arizona on September 09, 2012:

I hate clutter but often find myself there. I am one of these people who never puts things back where I got them. I am always cleaningdrawers and closets (keyword here is always). I have been trying for years but alas I guess I will have to live with it all. Good suggestions here for those who can..

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