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What Color Says About the Mood of a Room

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Important Color Choice


Color is the Bold Way of Signaling the Mood

It is a known fact that colors affect our moods. With that fact in mind color can also affect the mood of a room. What mood do you want your room to give off? Do you want people to be warm and cozy in your living room? Do you want a lively, exuberant dining room? Do you want a super modern kitchen? The place to start is choosing your color scheme.

Depending on your taste, style, and size of your room there are colors that work better. Colors that work with the mood you are wanting to express.

Your taste is yours alone, though, considering how you want the room to feel you may consider lighter or darker colors.

Color, surprisingly, really does affect the feeling of the size of your room. Obviously, painting the wall burgundy is not going to literally make the room smaller, but it will give that appearance. Dark colors make rooms seem smaller and more intimate. Also, warm colors, yellow, orange and red, make a room feel smaller.

Warm Tones


The Effects of Warm, Darker Colors for Your Room

Picture a log cabin, the feeling you would typically want is one of warmth. It seems to go hand in hand. Warm colors make you think of warm, cozy firesides. This is a great way to handle cool climates. Imagine walking in from a freezing cold day to a room in deep reds, yellows and oranges. The warmth of the room will lend towards a cozy and warm feeling.

Yellows give the feel of sunshine. Though yellows can be brighter, they are still considered warm.

A neutral color that pairs well with warm tones is dark brown. You can accent the warm colors with dark brown trim or accents and the warm colors will pop out looking even more comfy.

Use Color Wheel to See Warm Colors and Cool Colors Together

Cool blues and Greens are together.  Warm Reds and Yellows are Together on the Color Wheel.

Cool blues and Greens are together. Warm Reds and Yellows are Together on the Color Wheel.

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The Effects of Cool, Lighter Colors for Your Room

The effects of light, cool colors can make a room feel bigger. It, also, gives the feeling of the sky, ice, and even snow. This sets the mood of calm and soothing. It allows the feel of a nice breezy day out under picture clouds. It is very calming and refreshing.

Light, cool colors also make a room appear larger than it really is. Like warm colors bring the walls inward to make a cozy feel, cool colors give an open feeling to the room. Lighter colored objects give a further off feeling.

Picture a bungalow on the beach. Light blues and greens in the decor. This gives that breathy, light feel to the decor. A feeling of relief from a hot day.

Walking in from a smothering hot day into a light, cool colored room will feel refreshing. It gives a sense of light and air.

The Color Wheel


The Color Wheel

The color wheel gives examples of warm tones and cool tones. All of the warm tones are together on the side with the red shades. The cool tones are on the side with the blue shades. These cool and warm tones sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

If you know that you want a cool color, but not sure what goes together simply look at the color wheel. This can give you ideas for additional colors to coordinate with your cool color choice. The same is true for warm tones.

Your choice should be simple depending on if you want an open, light bigger room or a warm, cozy small feeling room.

Bold Decision

Whether you decide to go with white or light colored walls for a bigger feel it is usually decided with the question, "Is your room starting off too small?". If your room feels small and you want it to seem bigger definitely paint it a light, cool color. The dramatic reds, burgundies or yellows will close in on you. You may like the warm colors, but painting the walls those colors could be a huge mistake in the long run. You may feel claustrophobic.

If you are a fan of the bold, dark, warm colors, but your room is small you can add the colors in accents. Add throw pillows, an accent chair, or a rug in those favorite colors.

On the other hand, if you have a huge room and it feels way too big, do not paint it a light color. If bold, dark colors scare you, paint an accent wall a warm color. It will help that wall to feel closer in and not so far away.

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