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What Are the Different Types of Blinds?


Window Blinds

When it comes to window treatments, it can be said that they are very versatile. There are many different products that are used as window treatments, and one of these products are definitely window blinds. However, even when you decide to go with window blinds, your choices will not be as simple as you might have guessed. What this means is that there are many different types of window blinds to choose from, and you should do some research as well as some thinking before you are able to make an informed decision. Therefore, you can read on and find out much more about different types of window blinds.


Venetian Blinds

Owing to the fact that Venetian blinds are probably the most common and the most popular type of blinds, this type of window blinds are basically perfect for any room and any purpose. Venetian blinds are constructed from horizontal slates that are attached to one another, and they feature a system that allows users to rotate these slates from closed to completely open. Furthermore, you can also pull these slates completely up, and this will leave your window without the blinds, allowing a maximum amount of light to come into your room. Aside from being very practical, Venetian blinds are also very stylish and extremely versatile in design, so they are the perfect addition to any home.

Roman Blinds

Even though this type of blinds is usually used in offices and other public buildings, they have lately been used more and more in residential settings. The great thing about Roman blinds is the fact that they look just like beautiful drapes when they are completely lowered, so people will think that you have elegant drapes and not very practical Roman blinds. When they are lifted up, Roman blinds form horizontal folds, and this makes them very attractive to look at.


Vertical Blinds

Many people will argue that vertical blinds are indeed the most elegant choice when it comes to blinds, as they are different from all other types of window blinds. Much like Venetian blinds, they can be used to completely block out the sunlight, but they also allow a sufficient amount of light to get into the room when they are rotated in a way that makes them perpendicular to the window. However, vertical blinds have one drawback – they are not very practical for windows that can be opened and closed on the inside.


Roller Blinds

Another very popular type of window blinds are roller blinds, as they are very practical and long-lasting. Namely they can be used to completely darken the room and not let any natural light enter the room, but they can also be lifted up. When lifted up, roller blinds fold up and your windows remain free of any visible window treatment, which is great for cleaning your windows. Even though roller blinds used to all be beige and white, you can today choose from a variety of different colors and even patterns. They are usually made out of plastic, as this material is long-lasting and light enough.

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