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What Are The Best Colors To Paint Your Home?

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No matter your style or your favorite color, you should choose a paint color for your home or property that is going to perfectly match your space and enhance the interior and exterior of your home.

Choosing a paint color isn’t for the faint-hearted, you should consider a wide range of color options as well as a range of elements. Here’s what you need to know.

How to ensure you choose the best color for your home or property?

To ensure you choose the best colors to suit your home, you should take the time to consider all options and embrace the process. While you might not love the idea of choosing a color and matching it to suit your home, once you have selected a color and put it on the walls, you will be stuck with it, so you will want to ensure you’re 100% happy with your choice.

Talk to an expert about colors

If you aren’t a color professional, call in the experts to give you a rundown on the color wheel and what options you have for the scheme for your internal and external walls. While you might have a favorite color, there are hundreds of options in each color, so you might need to take a deep dive into accents and even the hues to get the right color to suit your space.

Once you put a color on a wall, it can look a little different from what it looks like in the pot, so you will need to consider what sunlight will do to the choice of color as well as the furniture and any built-ins in the room. Paint shops have plenty of sample pots and small paint pots for you to take and so some testing for colors, allowing you to try before you buy or even saving you from putting the wrong style of color on your walls.

Do some research and tests

The home design shows often show DIY experts putting small samples of colors on the walls to test colors and this is a great way to see what choice will actually look like. Select your top 3 or 4 colors, and test them to see what works.

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You can also test against your window treatments such as shutters to check if the color options are complimentary or not. Considering your style of property and whether it is modern, or an older style is also important when choosing the colors.

If you are finding the whole concept of choosing a color for your home is a little out of your depth, calling in a paint expert or designer can help to make the process a little easier.

Styling isn’t everyone’s forte, and if you need a little help to tie in the color, furniture, and styling of your home, there are plenty of professionals that are experts in tying all of this together.

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