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Wet Room - Some Information For You


Before answering the question, we need to know a good definition. Well, a wet room is really a sort of evolved bathroom. It enhances the bathroom to a whole new level. It does this by extending the shower portion to literally the whole room. What this means is that our shower area or “wet area” as it is sometimes called is no longer contained in the typical, boxed portion of the bathroom. There are no longer steps or lips to contain the water as they are not needed for this use, but rather it is designed in such a way that water is drained away through one plug or drain hole. The bath is also removed leaving us with a much more spacious and open room.

Wet rooms are the rage these days because of the certain advantages they offer. They are stylish and easy to clean. They are also space savers because, once installed, they remove the bathtub leaving you more area for other bathing needs. They can be installed in a floor space with an area as small as 1 square meter. However, if space is of no object, large designs with custom plans can be installed giving us the freedom to design it as we please and as we see fit. If you are looking for a good or unique wet room design, you can do so via the internet. Designs range from normal designs that are rectangular in shape to spiral designs that gives our home a whole new look of fresh style.

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Wet Room Beware

However, all those advantages come at a price. First, we have to make sure that we properly waterproof this area. If not, then leaking water can cause damage not only to our new, stylish pride and joy of a bathing area but to the whole house, as well! The leaking water can damage the structure of the house through time and land you with a hefty repair bill. This can be done by tanking it in a membrane.

Wet Room Flooring

After tanking the new installation, we have to think about the wet room flooring, in other words the tiling to be used in the construction and installation process. We have to consider the color and the size of the tiles. Light colored tiles make the room look larger and lively while dark colored tiles bring the opposite effect. Large tiles will mean less gaps between tiles and thus less grouting which means the chances of water to seep through is considerably reduced. Which is always a good thing if you ask me!

Wet Room Shower

And, of course, the next important piece of the room is the wet room shower. Without it, the entire project is essentially useless and without merit. Since these bathing areas contain the basics of a bathroom such as the shower, toilet, sink and tower rail, it is worth investing in the shower portion. It will be the focal point of the room's design so getting a nice looking one that catches the eye is good.

Final Thought

Thus, a good wet room has effective tanking (waterproofing), nice-looking shower and tiles plus adequate space for a sink, toilet and tower rail. If we have all these, then our new addition to our home can be considered a fine one.