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Weeping China Doll Tree Rose

Weeping China Doll


Weeping China Doll

The Weeping China Doll is an all time favorite tree rose, The tree is covered with large trusses of small cupped flowers on long canes which arch gracefully downward. The tree will become large and imposing after a few seasons and will require some support to train and guide the canes into the desired positions.

Weeping tree roses, are more commonly known as standards and is a collection of selected and various rose varieties that have been grafted into a tall rose stalk. It is in turn grafted to a healthy rootstock for stability. The trunk of the tree rose is referred to as the stem.

Weeping standards are varieties of ramblers. The stems cascade and are sometimes trained over an umbrella like frame. Some experts do not agree with this method and believe the stems look better if they are allowed to cascade naturally.

Either way weeping standards will produce an abundance of color that will sometimes cascade all the way to the ground.

Patio standards are usually dwarf floribundas on stems that are about 2 ½ feet tall. These will look great on a patio or by the front door or entrance way.

Weeping China Doll Tree Rose

Tree Roses

Weeping roses almost always look their best planted in a lawn, where they can best show off their symmetry and beauty.

Tree roses can be used to decorate a patio, adorn and dress up an entrance, or accent a flower bed.

They can be planted in the ground or grown in a decorative container.

A tree rose is a beauty to be sure and will attract the eye.

A rose of any type can be grafted on top of a stem to create a tree rose. Choosing a rose with an abundant amount of clusters and blooms will reward you with a full beautiful tree rose. In my honest opinion, the Weeping China Doll is the crowning glory of my garden.

When planting a tree rose in your garden, be careful where you place it.. You want the tree rose to stand out and shine in its glory. If you plant a tree rose among tall shrubs it may get lost and hidden.

When planting a tree rose it is necessary to place a stake next to the trunk and secure it with soft ties. This will encourage the trunk to grow straight.

A weeping rose tree will take a few years to be fully clothed with flowering shoots.

Once a good head is achieved , it can be maintained by cutting some of the oldest shoots back to a point where there is a young replacement.

Height /habitstandard tree4' to 6'


Medium Pink


Bloom size

2 inches


Bloom shape




Small glossy leaves


Petal count

17 to 25



Spice, tea fragrance


Foliage of The Weeping China Doll Tree Rose

The foliage of The Weeping China Doll An abundance of pink flower clusters on a dwarf, bushy plant. Light fragrance. Bright green foliage.

The foliage of The Weeping China Doll An abundance of pink flower clusters on a dwarf, bushy plant. Light fragrance. Bright green foliage.

Standard Height

How tall will it get ?

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Standards vary in heights. Even though some growers may use a slightly different method of sizing.

These are typical stem heights, the actual head may increase the total height:

Miniature Standard : 1 ½ ft.

Half Standard : 2 ½ ft.

Patio Standard : 2 ½ ft.

Full Standard : 3 ft.

Weeping Standard : 4 - 5 ft.

Having said that...Mine is currently over 6 feet high

Pruning Standard Tree Rose

Pruning Standards And Weeping Standards

Rose Pruning Basics

To prune standards

it is best to remove the spent flowers by deadheading regularly, throughout the growing season.

Annually remove any dead or diseased canes.

The best time to do this is when new growth begins in the spring.

However, that being said:

Weeping standards need to be dealt with differently. They are pruned in the summer, after flowering is complete and not in spring as a normal standard.

More Roses To See

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    lovely shrub rose with small pink and white flowers. Chock full of long blooming lightly fragrant flowers.
  • The Pilgrim Climber- A David Austin Rose
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Jerry on September 30, 2020:

Can you get a orange weeping rose tree?

Brenda Recknor on April 23, 2019:

Where can I purchase a Pink China Doll Rose bush?

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on September 26, 2018:

Angelea.. I ordered mine thru Armstrong Garden Center.

Angelea Brown on September 23, 2018:

Where can I purchase a weeping China Doll Rose tree I'd like 2 red ones

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on September 11, 2018:

@ Jennifer Hardin

I ordered mine thru Armstrong Nursery...They can have it brought in, they usually do not have them in stock

Jennifer Hardin on September 11, 2018:

I am looking to purchase one. How can I get one?

Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV on March 17, 2015:

Beautiful, just beautiful. What a great idea for a garden, and you've done so well with it. If I could still garden, I'd be sure to include this. I really enjoyed this page. Thanks for sharing.

Fay Favored from USA on March 17, 2015:

This has to be one of the most beautiful roses I've seen. I would love adding this to my garden. I like that this particular plant comes in a variety of sizes to fit any space you may have.

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on December 29, 2014:

What a beautiful picture. Those roses are so pretty, the prettiest rose tree I saw so far. I never heard of them before. Do they grow just in a certain area?

Happy New Year.

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on June 18, 2013:

Thank You Vickiw...I love my weeping china doll tree rose..I had my local nursery (Armstrongs) order it for me....they are happy to do that , was not very expensive and they called me when it was in .

Vickiw on June 17, 2013:

This is a really interesting Hub, and I liked the history on the GMO plants too. I love the china doll tree rose - got to have one of those very soon! I have never seen one here though. As usual your pictures and the videos are great.

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on April 08, 2013:

Thank you kashmir56

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on April 08, 2013:

Great information within this well written article about these very beautiful flowers. I have not ever heard of the Weeping China Doll Three Rose before, but thanks to your great article i know a lot about them now . Well done !

Vote up and more !!! Sharing !

Faythe Payne (author) from USA on April 07, 2013:

Thank You so much hawaiianodysseus...I am praying for your fathers full recovery....I have luck with roses but as much as I love them , I cannot seem to keep an orchid alive.....What a blessing and wonder that your father grew them and your mother made them into leis....what a team and blessing to each other, no doubt..

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on April 07, 2013:

This is an absolutely delightful niche, Faythe. My father, God bless him, is in the hospital recovering from a bout with pneumonia. I had a heartwarming phone conversation with him this morning and was encouraged to learn that he's doing so much better than a day or so ago. Anyway, he had/has a wonderful green thumb--like you--and he specialized in anthuriums, orchids, and carnations. My mother sewed beautiful leis with the latter two flowers. Reading your hub and reveling in the beautiful images bring back these wonderful memories of two beloved people in my life.

Blessings and aloha from SE Washington state. Thank you for getting my day off to a great start!


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