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How to stop my neighbor from parking in front of my house


I have lived in my current home for two years now and have experienced this problem first hand. Everyone knows there is an unwritten law that one does not park in front of another’s house consistently, yet many have this problem. Here is the best way to take back your territory!

The situation: I rent three of my rooms out and many tenants don’t park there a lot due to a busy life with work and a girlfriend but when they do, they should park in front of the house. They like this and I don’t like them to park in front of other houses.

The problem: My neighbor across from me (with a jacked up eye he needs to see a doctor about) liked to park in front of my house by the mailbox. It was an eyesore. It comes down to the principle. It’s my land and my mortgage. I don’t want to walk out of my house and have the first thing I see be your car in the first parking spot to my house. If your going through this I understand your frustration, it gets better.

The solution: This is what will solve your problem and probably the best part of the story. First, I told the owner (kid) of the car the parking situation and tried to reason with him. This is always the first thing you should do. Talk to them politely and explain everything and that you’d really appreciate them parking in front of their house. Nothing. He still parked there. Next I knocked on their door and the mother answered. She had lots of excuses to fly out of her mouth. Still nothing. Its true, they have a garage filled to the brim with garbage, two broken down cars in the driveway and a basketball hoop with its net above their first (out of two) street parking spots. Surely they should park in front of my house! I though long and hard about my options and wanted to take the emotion out of it and reach my objective. Several things ran through my head. Here’s what worked, I put out my two large green city trash-cans into the street blocking his ability to park there for several weeks. I was training him not to park there. There was initial resistance, days after the start I received a note taped on one can that said “grow up, public parking.” Incorrect, my man cave, my territory. I laughed do to the irony of immaturely taping a note informing me to grow up. I held strong and kept the trash-cans there until he figured something else out. Remember, the bottom line is that it’s your spot so stand your ground.

For more information on this topic, view an article on How to stop neighbors parking in front of my and your house.

My route

1) Talk (explain politely and be firm they park in their spot)

2) Trash cans

Other options

3) Park your car in front of their house

4) Park your car in your spot that their parking



Rachael on September 14, 2016:

I am having this issue now which is why I googled the problem and this page came up. Good to know that I am not alone in this. I just bought my first house. The placed I moved from I had the same problem, but it was a street with multi-family housing and I had parking around back if I wanted it except it was dimly lit and I would get my car broken into often. But the street I live on is only a busy street because people use the street to cut through during high-traffic times. When I bought the house, the title person informed me that she was my neighbor and she allowed her 18 year old daughter to live there with her friends. They are mostly polite but have a million cars and park in front of my house. I also regularly have people who pull up in my driveway to pickup and drop off these people. It is so obnoxious! I bought a house so I didn't have to deal with this crap! I have 3 dogs who go ballistic anytime someone walks by or parks there. Plus we don't have curtains put up yet and have had issues with stalking in the past. Strangely they have a driveway that they RARELY park in. Makes no sense to me, but I've never known an 18 year old that did make sense.

Lynn on June 21, 2015:

Our neighbors' 22 year old son across the street has parked in our driveway on more than a couple of occasions and then proceeded to go across the street and go into his house. He also had a friend over and his friend parked in our driveway! I spoke to him about it and told him that I can understand if he remained in his vehicle waiting 5 or maybe even 10 minutes for one of the several cars in his driveway to move, but that our driveway is NOT his private parking lot. He did this again today, because my daughter came in from work miffed. She had to tell him to move his vehicle out of our driveway. I am seriously thinking about filing trespassing charges on him. He is an ass.

Mary on June 17, 2015:

Don't know where you live, but here in Queens, NY we go through the same exact thing. We don't mind, but when the same people put a cone in front of THEIR house so no one parks there, really ticks me off.

By the way, here in Queens, NY (and I totally agree) ... its a City Street, doesn't belong to me so anyone can park anywhere they wish. JUST DON'T BLOCK MY DRIVEWAY .... and don't put cones in front of your house so you can go pick your kid from school when your driveway has no car in it!

Bunny on May 21, 2015:

We live in a rural suburban setting.

This is the first home my husband and i have ever owned. A week or two after we moved in, a two families approached me and TOLD (not asked) me they had decided to put their basketball hoop in front of our house...The thing is an eyesore, and we did not like it but let it slide in an effort to maintain peace. That was our first mistake.

They keep the hoop in front of our property for months at a time, it is the first thing we see when coming out of the house. I asked them to move it twice. My husband moved it once, in the ensuing three years. They wonder why i am "unfriendly"...really sparky? you invade someone else's space and wonder why they get hostile?

They seem to think they are ENTITLED to impose on and they also put the hoop on our yard when asked to keep it off the street(encroachment).

We have dailogued with the city for 2 years about this problem not wanting to have to call the city to get it off the street. The ordinaces are wriitten for cars not hoops, and they are NOT supposed to keep it on the street in perpetuity.

Having tried the trash can route, where they actually TOOK our can, following a lawyers advice, i did what was suggested in this article and parked our car in front of our house. Within 15 minutes the neighbor had his kids in the street, playing basketball OVER our car.i went out to talk to him

He had the nerve to castigate me for "blocking the right of way". then proceeded to tell me how "reasonable" he and his wife were about these things. all the while deflecting balls from hitting our car. He told me i was being "petty". Obviously you can't reason with such people.

Why doesn't he park that hoop in front of someone else's front door and see how they like it? He obviously doesn't want it in front of his house, he feels ENTITLED to keep the hoop in front of our house because we live next door to him. He also feels entitled to encroach on our property...

This is what happens when you let people impose on you to keep the peace. They feel entitled.

This is in fact endemic in america. Nice people who want to be left alone, caving to bullies. It doesn't matter if it is on Wall Street with big banks bullying the government, or international terrorists bombing civilians, it is the same issue writ large.

JJ on May 16, 2015:

No, the bottom line is not that you are the owners of the parking spot in front of your house. Why would anyone say something that is so easily proven to be untrue.

We live in LA. and I am pretty sure that there is a greater concentration of narcissists here than anywhere else in the country. Add to that the fact that city life is impersonal and competitive. People get wrapped up in petty conflict with neighbors over things that they shouldn't be fighting about because they lose a sense of perspective about life. And because sometimes, they think the sun rises and sets on them and them alone. Nothing you say or do will ever change these people's point of view.

To claim that the parking spot in front of your house is yours is incorrect. You are wrong. Why waste your time insisting that you have a right to the parking spot in front of your house? You don't.

Hey, I am unashamed to admit that I don't like it when our neighbors park in front of the house that we have owned for several decades. But that is nothing compared to the frustration we have felt when they used to park on our property and leak oil onto our driveway when we were out of town. Or when they blocked our driveway too many times to count. At least we can make a legit argument against them for these last two transgressions. But we would feel like utter fools to even think that we had any right at all to feel ownership of the curb or parking strip that everyone ought to know belongs to city of LA.

So, what did we do about these problems? Well, we told them thanks, but no thanks when one of the neighbors actually told us that he parked regularly in our driveway when we were gone as a favor to us. I guess we must have had "stupid" written all over our faces. And last year, lo and behold, the city freshened up the "no parking " red painted curbs....and the curbs next to our driveway turned up red, too. Problem solved.

Do we stress about Tom, Dick and Harry parking in front of our livingroompicture window? Not anymore, we don't. A waist high stone wall with a lovely ficus hedge has blocked out our view of the chaos outside and we have regained the peace we felt backing the day when LA meant sun, carefree living and the last stop on the West Coast.

Hakeemnva on May 12, 2015:

I have the same problem and it is very iritating. My neighbor across the street has 7 cars between 4 people. So one of their cars is always in front of my house. My next door neighbor has two cars and they park one in the drive (although they could get two) and the other in front of my house even though there are no cars parked on the street in front of their house. The problems I have because of this is I have oil stains in front of my house and they don't. When a repairman, delivery man, or visitors come to my house, they have to go down the street to park because there is no room in front of my house. Three cars can park in front of my house; however, they often park so that only two can park out there and I often have to park, blocking or partially blocking my drive way, to be able to park in front of my house. When parking in front of my house, they often drop trash and cigarrette butts in front of my house and on my lawn and if they have a passenger, when that person gets out of the car or into the car they have to walk across my lawn or my front lawn is used as a path. I cursed them out one day about walking across my lawn. Also their cars are in my way when I mow the lawn and I can't even edge my lawn or sweep along the curb because their cars are in the way. I can get two to three cars in my drive way; however, if my drive way is full, why should I have to park down the straight when I am paying to live there? The neighbor across the street parked his dead cousin's big azz Lincoln Town Car in front of my house and left it there for 6 months. I eventually called the police and they moved it. No sooner than they moved it, my neighbor next door had his big azz broke down Buick Park Avenue towed and dropped off in front of my house. After 3 months, I called the police and had it towed. If you are having a party or visitors, I don't have a problem with someone parking in front of my house; however, you shouldn't be parking in front of my house and especially at the edge of my drive way on a daily basis unless you have asked me. If you are going to have 7 cars, then you need to widen your drive way to accommodate them. You pay to live over there, your cars are registered over there, so keep them over there. Keep your cars out of the front of my house and your kid's toys out of my front yard. Where is the common sense and respect? I mean really, have you ever asked me to move my car so that you can get a delivery or a repair man to your house? So why should I have to ask or cordinate with you or the delivery man have to ask you to move your car out of the front of my house? Where is the common courtesy and decency? I'm not acting like I own the straight, your azz is.

md1 on May 10, 2015:

Oh, and for the people getting all upset over people parking in front of their house. You do realize that in many cases that people are only parking in front of your place because you're complaining about it like you own the place. It's funny reading the comments because I know exactly why it's being done. If you don't like it, next time buy a huge plot of land with a nice driveway. Yes, you need money to have your perfect life.

md1 on May 10, 2015:

I've been having this trouble with my neighbor as well. Except I'm the one that will park in front of someone Else's house. I bought a house and I can not park anywhere around my neighbors place? I just moved from the city where it was a celebration when you would find a place near your place to park. Not too many people do it in the area but what is the big deal? Why is it so important to feel that you own the public parking spots around your home? Maybe I'm rude, but in my book they're a little nuts and rude as well for acting this way. If someone is not able to walk a block or two then it's a different situation which a simple talk is called for. But, if you're able to walk the length of a car on your own, then me parking in front of your house should not be a problem. By the way, I don't have a problem if you want to park in front of my house. That's all for now folks.

j_tropic on April 20, 2015:

I appreciate your concerns. I used get really worked this one car that constsntly park in front of my house. That was 10 years ago. Now the vehicles on my street have multiplied by 3 times. I find myself constantly parking in front of other's houses. Others have even spoken to me about not parking in front of their house. But the road the for public use. Leaving your bin out on the road is legal in australia as it is creating an obstacle. The street is to shared. You don't pay reserve parking in frong of your house, thus everyone has the right to park. So get over it.

Leroy on April 15, 2015:

Argh! My neighbors also park in front of my house. They hang out by their vehicles in front of my house socializing, which makes me nervous to have the kids play in the yard while they are out there (one of the tenants is on the sex offender registry). There must be at least 10 people living there as they have 8 cars and an occasional semi. They have plenty of room on around their house as they have a corner lot. I have told them that I didn't mind occasional parking while the semi was there but did not like it otherwise. When they parked the semi in front of my house I went over and let them know that was unacceptable and repeated myself about the occasional parking. They moved the semi and have never done that again, they do however continue to park in front of my house daily. I get aggravated when I have four or five cars parked in front of my place and they have one or none. I'm not going to risk my car getting vandalized by parking it in front of their's and I can't place anything in the street like a trashcan. I'm not the criminal type so I won't be doing anything foul but I need an idea on the account that reasoning has not worked. A dirt blowing yard and rude parking and five "No Trespassing" signs they have stapled up across their house is not yet reason to pull up from a neighborhood that we lived in 30 years before they ever moved in, the sex offender may be though. It is turmoil having bad neighbors.

Carlos on March 21, 2015:

I had one big truck one time park next to my drive way for couple week, one day I just came out by 12am and cut 3 of the tires...never park again!

Pas Sap on March 07, 2015:

I am having this experience now. No, I don't own the land in front of my house. And I don't get upset when people park in front of the house if it's a visitor. But when a family member continues to park in front of my house. and not park in front of their own house or in the driveway it's maddening. Why? Because what I need to park on the street to let's say sweep the driveway, where do I park? Logic would suggest in front of my own house, but it's impossible. And, when spring rolls around and I'm watering the grass do I worried that the car might get wet? Does it become my concern? If the grass is being cut do I worry that the mower might scratch the car? These are issues House owners fear. As well speaking of lawnmowers, I have a lawn service come by to cut and edge, where are they going to park? It snowballs into things that people don't even consider when they park in front of your house. Add to that I have a drain in front of my house, and the driver who parks in front of my house smokes. When ever he gets out of the car he walks in the proximity of the drain and tosses his cigarette butt with a plastic tip. Maybe that's a cigar. I don't smoke so I don't know. I had been wondering where the butts came from, and God put me in front of the window at the right time. I saw him drive up and toss the butt. To me it's totally inconsiderate to think you can park there and I can throw my cigarette butt. It's inconsiderate. At least if you were going to make a habit of it have the consideration to talk to the neighbor and say hey we have this issue do you mind? Again, I don't think people understand the impact it puts on the homeowner. If my 80-year-old mother comes to visit would she have to park down the road or would I so I could give her my driveway? She shouldn't have to. I can't easily have friends over because parking becomes an issue. They begin to park in front of other people's houses and I feel bad about it because I believe it's inconsiderate. I have not talked to them yet because I fear the worst. As well, I thought the person would eventually go away since I had never seen them until about a month ago, but the parking in front of my house has become so consistent. Now add the rudeness of the cigarette butts, I realize I'm dealing with someone who just doesn't care. He's there for the convenience.

Connie on January 10, 2015:

Your article appears to illicit sympathy from your readers to "your" neighbor issues, trivializing your neighbors reasons for parking in front of your house. The problem lies in the one-sided viewpoint you offer; which is flawed. When you purchased your home, you purchased the land and property itself, not the public street. The sidewalk and roadway in front of your house is not legally your domain. I am a homeowner, and have no ill will for neighbors who need parking.

Mike Lintro on December 29, 2014:

I have a similar problem. But, because I live in a more rural area, I do have more space in front of my house. I thing the garbage cans would work pretty good. You could always paint your curb red. That seems like it would be a pretty fun thing to do. http://www.northernasphaltllc.com/services.html

sharon on December 11, 2014:

I have the same issue. Unfortunately, people get angry and then they act out by parking wars, or on my street, keeping their intense scary Halloween graphic posted in their front door, so it stares at you...lol. I left holiday cards on my neighbors cars recently, when she and her daugher parked intentionally (one of the hundred times) in front of my house, when it was clear she had ample space ( no one around but them) in front of her house on the other side of the street. The kicker, she's a cop too! I guess that gives you license to behave badly. I'm standing my ground. She is not to bright, so the longer she does this and keeps her hostile graphic posted in her doorway towards my home, the better case I have. Now, the owner of the home to strangers, just appears hostile if you were to drive by. I'm not afraid of her and I've had directors (my bosses fired), so I can handle a disgruntled, unethical city cop. Oh, almost forgot, she totes a handicap placquard in her van from the mirror and she still manages to park clear across the street, go up 9-10 steep stairs to her home, carrying multiple shopping bags! Ahhh, the abuse of privileges. Better be mindful Yvonne, were on to you...

A nonny mouse on November 23, 2014:

Another great tactic, more fun if you're home to watch the panic after they read it, is leave unsigned notes that say "Sorry about what my dog did." or "Sorry for the damage." or "So sorry for that scratch!!! YIKES!" or "Hit you bad but, I've got no insurance - sorry!!"

And then follow up next week with: "Oops - sorry again!!"

Or, if you really want to escalate: "Oh geez, I hit your car pretty hard, but apparently it didn't leave any mark - hope it all works out okay! Sorry!"

A Nonny Mouse on November 23, 2014:

We've got park&ride parking spot squatters: As soon as any spot opens, they swoop in and park on our street because we're near a major bus/freeway hub. This would be fine I suppose in other situations, except they always get home (via the bus, then wlaking back to our street) later than we do; leaving all the residents on our block without parking spaces anywhere near our homes. Not such a big deal except it's Seattle and it's raining 9 months of the year, and walking several blocks with kids/groceries in rain sucks.

Our whole block has been chatting about how to get rid of these guys. We tried notes already, and even talking to folks/ posting notes over at the bus-stop. No cans or cones in streets allowed here. Lately been putting trashy brochures and old political flyers under their windshield wipers, but so far, that backfires - they just litter. Fake bird poo is a fun idea. Love the clear soda idea; that's a winner. I've been encouraging bird droppings with birdhouse-posts next to the curb (which I promptly move further back into the pipe-post holes in the yard as soon as I'm home).

Lorria on October 21, 2014:

Ppl eho have a problem with pll parking on a public street in front of their house ars miserable mdan nasty ppl and need to stop bothering pll. It is evil and mean

gg33 on October 15, 2014:

This is crazy, my neighbors across the street from me have so many cars that they love parking in my space in front of my house on a regular basis. Placing trash cans there wont work because they will move them and they will tell you that you don't own the street. Mind you they will always choose my parking space to dump their cars. I finally got sick of them and parked my daily driver car in front of my home and leave it there 24/7. Now they park their cars in my next door neighbors spot, although they are good friends, he got sick of it too. Now I watch him play car jockey parking his car in his own parking space every time his wife goes to work, so he doesn't lose his spot in front of his home! Lol, he's an asshole anyway!

NORMALLYQUIET on October 14, 2014:

Common courtesy is lacking these days. My neighbors put their cans in front of my house, instead of their own, and leaves them there for days til' I put them smack dab in front of their driveway. The front of their house can be completely empty, yet they'll still drag theirs out in front of our home. And yes, if you inquire as to why they do that you get, IT'S A PUBLIC STREET. Also, counting this family and three others they account for 32 cars on our street. that is totally ridiculous. Oh with three non running ones in their driveway. It's unbelievable!!!! In the past these duplexes had one or two people on each side, perhaps 1-2 cars that could be pulled in the driveway, now it's 10 drivers per household and nowhere to park. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't ever live on a street with duplexes or apartments,but again, it didn't use to be like this. They didn't get the message of YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR ME TO GET IN AND OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE 9 CARS, UNTIL THEY STARTED GETTING TICKETS...YES I CALLED.

BadNeighbors on September 18, 2014:

Invest in motion sensor sprinkler system. Place sensor or two right in front of your house and when they park in front of your house have the sprinkler system pointed in full stream on their vehicle. If you want to add additional punishment go to your local hardware store and buy powder white lime for lawn care and throw the power towards their car while liming your yard...when the sprinkler system comes on it will leave white powder spots on their vehicle - which can be removed with soap and water.

A on May 24, 2014:

Block him in with one car behind and one car in front

Daniela on May 10, 2014:

I have neighbors that shuffle three cars daily in front and across from my house. We live in an old home with a 7 foot wide driveway (with curbs on both sides -the grass in the middle driveway) I can't get in or out of my driveway (and live on a busy street). I am ready to move...so tired of people who are inconsiderate.

STEPHNOMICS on April 12, 2014:

iF YOU BLOW IT UP !!!! IT BE OK THEN ;COME SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susha on April 11, 2014:

I tried the garbage cans. they ran them over.

PapaGeorgeo (author) on April 05, 2014:

its not illegal to fart point blank in a strangers face, does that mean its okay?

Questions to ponder my man...

Get over it on April 01, 2014:

Let's state the facts. Street parking is public. Just because you have lived somewhere for years does NOT give you the right to tell people not to park there. You have instances where there is no parking on certain streets for an 8-9 hour interval during the day. They have to find parking somewhere else and if it is available in front of your house then unfortunately it will be done. I am a homeowner and I constantly have people parking in front of my house. Legally, I can't say anything. Deal with it or get there early enough to take the spot before someone else does.

Kameron on April 01, 2014:

I have lived in my house for 7 years I have 3 kids they have a basketball hoop out in our driveway but facing the road. Now that we have new neighbors they are rude they park right by it and they never move the car so my kids can never go out and play with it. The neighbors act like they don't know English, but I have heard them talk in English. I feel stuck.

OneFish on March 20, 2014:

Placing your trash cans on the street for a week is illegal in most places. That would have received repeat tickets where I live, and appropriately so. I live in a neighborhood saturated with cars with very few spaces; we park wherever and whenever we can find a spot. Sometimes I have to park several blocks away from my house. There is no guest parking. Guests just get meters or tickets. You people are ridiculously spoiled.

goparkatyourhouse on March 17, 2014:

I don't care if it's "legal" to park in front my house on the grass swale. I take care of the swale. I mow it, I fertilize it, I weed it, I treat it as its my own. Just like my neighbor, yet, my neighbor's loser 26 year old son who still lives at home in a converted garage continues to have pool parties at his parent's house almost every weekend. His guests fill his parent's driveway, then their swale and then my swale. Solution: I just landscaped my swale so they can't park there. I don't know if this is leal or not, but tons of swales in the city where I live have been landscaped so I don't care. Now, my swale looks nicer and these a holes can't park there. Waiting for "junior" to come out and say something. He has 2 big palm trees on his swale.

fencesaregreat on March 12, 2014:

If someone is using your driveway put up a fence and gate, we did, but our neighbor didn't like that, taught it was funny to park in front of his house's curb and hang out his bumper past the curb and partially block our driveway, we tried to be polite and pointed it out to them, but they started doing it on purpose after that, to the point that we had to ask them to move so we could get out, and we had to wait up to 30 minutes, all the cops would do was tell them to move. At this point they also had their friends doing this when they visited, so my father set up a tripod camera in our front room facing the street and took pics of many cars doing this in front of our driveway, he went to the city hall about it with about 50 pictures of cars doing this, so the city had the whole curb painted red!! our neighbor got a ticket , the look on his face when he saw the fresh red paint was priceless, problem solved, he no longer gets to park in front of his house and block us in !!

KRose on March 06, 2014:

I totally agree! I just moved into my new home just four days ago, and my neighbor to the right owns 6 + cars and parks in front of my house every day and to the right of my house where there is a lamp post, and not even enough space to park a car! Each house has a 2 car garage, 2 drive way spots, and at least one street spot. It's rude to park in my driveway! There are plenty of other spaces for you to park down the street! People are so rude these days! My solution, start parking in front of my house and not on my driveway.

DouchBag on March 02, 2014:

I get out my sprinkler and water their cars... if that doesn't work i throw rocks! THAT WORKS!!!

Russell on February 28, 2014:

I would have reminded you in some counties it is illegal to leave your trash cans out on the street. Sounds like you are a control freak. I would have moved the cans and parked there anyway, just to piss you off. The streets are public property and you, dear whiner, should pack sand.

umm on February 08, 2014:

Public street...Yes but i try not to park in front of others homes as my neighbors do the same.

Slimer on February 02, 2014:

You're a loser. Leave your neighbour alone.

Bruce on January 29, 2014:

It's not illegal to cheat on your spouse either, but that doesn't make it right to do so.

bsue125 on January 23, 2014:

I wish I'd read this five years ago. My neighbor continually parked in front of my house. We tried the trash cans, the mailman left him nasty notes and wouldn't deliver if his car was there, and nothing worked. One time he said one of our cats got into his car through a crack in the window and he wanted $40 to cover the cost of having the cat hair removed. We gave him $20 and said to roll his windows up. I was so glad when we moved. Now I have a HUGE magnolia tree in my front yard which shades my neighbors house not mine. In the summer everyone loves to park under it. It is going to be well worth the money I'm paying to have that sucker cut down. My neighbors are not going to be happy but they don't have to clean up the leaves and pods that messy tree drops!


Kara on January 14, 2014:

My neighbor is constantly parking in front of my spot as well. It's extremely frustrating. They have a spot in front if their house but they chose to park in my spot. They don't park in front of anyone else's house, just mine.

joekool2124 on January 12, 2014:

I own a lot next door to my home and I tore the condemned home that was on it down. I use the old driveway to park my truck on due to just having a one car drive at my home. I can home and found my neighbor had told his friends to park there. I asked nicely for them not to park there and was laughed at. I contacted the police and they were told to move the car and next time it would be towed at their expense. Car was there again the next day. I asked the guy to move it again. he laughed again. I got my mower out and it busted his car windows out when I hit the landscape rocks due to my mower being set as low it could go. His car was towed by the police at his expense and he got a $300 fine for trespassing. He was also told I was not responsible since he parked in my yard. I also own a lot across the street and now have people parking in the grass there. Time for some more payback!

David McGinnis from Seattle, Washington on January 10, 2014:

No thank you PapaGeorge. Your thread helped me vent. Since my post I luckily have not had anyone parking on my lawn (probably because the person moved) Yet that hasn't prevented people from driving on the lawn in fact people drove on it while the grass was frozen so now I have these nice brown tire tracks to remind me just how courteous and respective people are these days. Life goes on. :)

PapaGeorgeo (author) on January 09, 2014:

thanks for commenting!

You heard him, mark the apocalypse on your calendar guys!

stephnomics on January 06, 2014:

yes I agree ;neighbors beware and be mindful of parking in front of neighbor,s home,s if you having parties ,visitors by regularity .there,s no good excuse to me .respect goes along ways if one is wise enough to know that (What goes around ,Comes around) note God do not like ugly so therefore if you like pissing people off by being disrespecting to a home owners property be my guess keep it up and one day will be your Fate, Oh It,s Real Too,mark your calender results will follow, True Statement!!!

PapaGeorgeo (author) on January 04, 2014:


love it, victory. and you were like "damn right bi@t*h, best move your car before I take a fat dump on it too!"

ELIZA BELL on January 03, 2014:

I have the worst neighbors ever. So I can address a long list of problems. Re having your neighbor park in front of your house, my wonderful neighbor started to park her huge SUV where it would be shaded by our tall red maple tree. I was furious so I noticed that my lawn needed watering. So I set the sprinkler along the curb and turned on the water. She caught sight of the situation and immediately ran and moved her huge SUV alongside the curb in front of her house.

PapaGeorgeo (author) on January 03, 2014:

Dc310, thanks for commenting.

Ya for me its not even the view, its more like I have two parking spots next to my house and those are associated with my place. My roommates park there, my visiting guests park there, etc. Everyone who has a house on my street has the same deal. Each house has a sidewalk with a spot or two in the street, drive way spots and 2 garage spots.

So with 2 garage spots, two drive way spots and at least 1 street spot directly in front of their house, if they have to consistently park in front of my house I take it as disrespectful. If they don't have any spots available of their own as I mentioned earlier then they need to better figure out their shit.

Dc310 on January 03, 2014:

Growing up in a crowded city with lots of buildings all we had was street parking.. Didn't think it was a big deal until I moved to the suburbs. I understand people want their homes to look nice with no cars blocking their view.

PapaGeorgeo (author) on December 31, 2013:

wow 110 comments!

my little post made quite a stir didn't it! lol

Proper street etiquette VS technically legal view...

Who will win? Keep on commenting!

lol : P



AKA papageorgeo (or as some haters like to pronounce it, "papa-douche-bag")

steve on December 01, 2013:

try dropping birnd seed all around near his car/truck and let nature help u out by crapping on his car.

David McGinnis from Seattle, Washington on November 29, 2013:

Its funny since my post I've been keeping up with this thread. I've noticed that people get rather angry about some if not all of these postings. Its been suggested in some cases we should seek medical help which I would assume taking some kind of medication that is so popular in America today.

Pills are not the answer. And yes for the most part we do understand that people have a legal right to park where they wish. Yet I think that's why were here, sometimes it helps to know that were not alone and just need to vent about a subject that we have in common that perhaps doesn't have a answer. Its not your problem? Okay then.

Ralphforsure on November 28, 2013:

I know a guy, Pete, who had a similar problem. Instead of a vehicle it was a port-a-jon that a builder had put on his front lawn a few feet in from the road in that strip some argue about whether it's DOT or homeowner controlled. When the building finished around Pete's house the builder moved to another part of the sub-division but left the port-a-jon. It was intentional. Construction workers came down to Pete's yard all day to use the port-a-jon. And also left soda cans, etc. on the lawn. The builder lived in the sub-division too but didn't seem to be concerned about Pete's port-a-jon problem. Pete put up with it when the builder was in the area but was furious once the builder left. Pete contacted the builder several times with no result. Pete had a contract with the highway to upend and hook up and haul large vehicles that overturned in horrible highway accidents. So one night he brought HIS vehicle home, put chains around the port-a-jon, dragged it to the builder's home and placed the port-a-jon in the builder's nice front yard. The builder could never prove who did that. Right now neighbors are parked fully on my front lawn. Wish I had Pete's vehicle.

AlmadenSerenity on November 19, 2013:

I have a similar situation with my neighbor. I bought and moved into a new house in Almanden Valley, San Jose in 2012. Almanden Valley is an upper middle class residential area. You rarely see any trucks park along the street. The street in front of my house is a quiet cul-de-sac with 6 houses on each side. I noticed there is a huge 7-feet tall truck always park in front of my house, and block my RV parking driveway but without a ramp to street. It is really annoying and eyesoring when you open your front door. You feel somebody purposely did it show you his disrespect to you.

Later, I found out it belongs to my left side neighbor. That really made me upset because the neighbor has 200-feet long parking space along the street where he can park 10 cars around his house. But he park his truck in front of my house and make the front of his house clear . What a shit!. I tried to talk to him nicely but that neighbor educated me that the street belongs to the city, not your house, and anybody can park there. He also told me I am not allowed to park the car on my RV driveway because there is no ramp to the street. When I asked him if he can park him truck in front of his own house or somewhere else, he became mad and ask me " are you going to change my 30-yr habitat?" The neighbor's wife and son also park the cars in front of my house for granted. And sometime they even park the trailer in front of my house.

I decided not to do retaliations as suggested by other people because I realized that I have no way to stop him parking his truck in front of my house. They are just thick-skinned people. I hope they will sell the house and move out.

ANON on November 18, 2013:

It is rude and inconsiderate even though the street is the property of the city.

ds on November 10, 2013:

but its not your land its public property. annoying but true.

Heisenberg on October 23, 2013:

With people like this, there's only a few things you can really do.

Report anonymously a suspicious vehicle/drugs. If the cops won't come to check it out. Then you can consider making that spot undesirable such as having nails on the road or basketballs or footballs accidentally hitting the vehicle. Or blocking them in completely with another vehicle or maybe you have a bad sprinkler head that gets their vehicle wet and leaves water spots. You get the point.

To the lady with the crazy party bus neighbor. The cops may not do anything, but you can always sue him for pain and suffering or disturbance. Speak with a lawyer, they will have a solution.

In any of this, you have it make it more painful and expensive for them than anything else.

Since they don't know you... they should tread lightly...

MaryANN LH on October 10, 2013:


Sayun on October 08, 2013:

How about punks that park

Trezenia on October 05, 2013:

I have a similar problem, my neighbor rents out rooms, knowing

perfectly well, there is not enough parking places for all of them. So

some of them always park in front of my house, even when some of them

are at work. I maintain the sidewalk & grass so I feel this is my area. I

have invariably put bags of grass or leaves in the gutter so they can't park there, just so they will know, I have my rights also. People need to be considerate of others & use the area in front of their homes for parking, unless they have guest.

CgyGuy on October 03, 2013:

O.K. people: So the people who own the house have a garage in the back of their house ... the garage is so full of junk, they park in front of their house - 2 to 3 vehicles. Please explain why, if you have a garage to park in, why people don't use them?? I can't believe people leave notes on neighbors cars asking them not to park on a PUBLIC street. The street did not come with the mortgage.... I pay public taxes and expect to park where I want especially when VISITING a friends house.... what's next? I park in his garage because someone can't have a car in front for a few hours? so many other things to worry about in life.... get over it!

Jimmy on September 14, 2013:

Do you think that you own the street? No you don't!

Xenobia on September 13, 2013:

Those who are rude and inconsiderate will meet their retribution 100 times greater.

John on September 13, 2013:

My neighbor next door parks his car on the street in front of my place when he has his own driveway. He is saving the spot for either his son who lives upstairs or his daughter who lives across the street. It's not right that my girlfriend and I have to park all the way down the street to find parking. Can we report this?

David McGinnis from Seattle, Washington on September 09, 2013:

I understand that there is an easement in front of your home and most people use this easement for additional parking. For most part it seems most people use crushed gravel and its clear that this area is for parking however any normal person would assume that the homeowner went to there expense and time for there own vehicles to park on.

I on the other hand chose not to create a parking spot out of the easement in fact I have spent a lot of money and time maintaining grass as a extension of the front yard. I work long and hard and maintaining the yard is extremely important to me. I take a lot of pride in this and it is truly my one major escape from the stress in my life. Yesterday I came home from work to find the neighbors car parked in the yard. the is absolutely no way for there to be any question that your parked on this lawn. By law I understand the emergency vehicles or city workers have a right to this easement otherwise I would think I could put a spike strip in my yard. now I did take photo's of this car but I'm not sure if I can post. And today after work I did take the garbage cans and line them up in front of the yard. Yes it's unsightly since I'm not dealing with a person of ethics or morals I don't feel I can approach this person and say "please don't park in my yard". The sad thing is everyone that walks by the house comments on how great the yard looks and seems to appreciate all the time and money spent improving the lot. but in this case I feel totally lost.

Toni on August 31, 2013:

So today after coming back from the doctor we drive up to my home that I own, only to have the neighbors park in front of my house again. The thing is she parks right in front of the sidewalk where I need to get out because I am handicap. I have vision issues and walking in the grass is not very good for me if I am having trouble seeing. This is not the first time they have done this and there is plenty of room for her to park in front of their house. There was even plenty of room for her to park behind their other car and it would still be in front of my house. But to park in front of my side walk for me to walk up to my door is just wrong. I did go knock on the door and ask them if it was their car. The young girl even seeing that I have vision issues got mad because I asked her not to park there. She was huffing and muttering under her breath. I told her I was not trying to cause a problem, I just didn't want her parking in front of my sidewalk. She gets in her truck and pulls in front of the other neighbors house even though her mother showed her there was room for her to park in front of their house. My daughter is also pregnant and it is her car that we park there. I am thinking about asking the city for a special handicap parking sign so they cannot park there anymore.

john on August 31, 2013:

Nos smart enough to move the cans ehy?

What on August 27, 2013:

It is a public street paid for and maintained by everyone's taxes. Deal with it, you have no special rights, nor should you. What a damn nightmare that would be for publicly owned land. Some people need to F-ing grow up. Why don't you sell, move into a gated community where the road is private held and maintained via of a home owner's fee.

OxyMoron on August 26, 2013:

For all the people who have commented on here saying the property in front of their homes (street/sidewalk) does not belong to them are correct, but the garbage and litter on that very same property (street/sidewalk) somehow miraculously becomes the homeowners, Oh so says the NYC sanitation department. Most of the garbage (not all) is dumped by the cars parked in front of peoples homes or people walking by. Why should we have to pay for those tickets, if you people on here say the property does not belong to us? If the city expects the home owners to clean and maintain the property in front of their home then the home owners should have some say so about who parks in front of their homes. The city also makes home owners pay for sidewalk restoration as well. So you people on here saying it's not your property, think again.

OxyMoron on August 26, 2013:


JanChan on August 08, 2013:

Based on my experience with this, I have to disagree with trying to be civil when trying to get people to stop doing this. I've been dealing with this for 3+ years. I tried talking to them nicely, I told them to stop doing it, and then, when they and their friends became combative about it, even got into fights about it. I then talked to my landlord about the problem and she sent them a letter telling them not to park in or in front of my driveway. This led to them being angry with me, but it stopped for a while. When I came home and one of their friends' car was blocking half of my driveway and the man who lives next door was in the driveway and knew what was going on (I knew the car had been there for more than an hour because I had returned home to get something I'd forgotten. The car was there at that time and still there when I returned more than an hour later). So, as the police had advised me, I called them. I explained how much of my driveway was being blocked and was told that they didn't go by the matter of degree the driveway was being blocked, that even if they were blocking it by 2", they were illegally blocking my access. A patrol car was dispatched and a policeman told them to move the car.

Of course, the neighbors are furious. They called the landlord to complain about me calling the police, saying that I should have just talked to them about it. Luckily, I'd kept the landlord in the loop so she told them that I had already talked to them several times about it and still it continued. So then, according to the landlord, they started arguing the matter of degree of blockage that they thought was acceptable. When that didn't work, they told her that they wanted to be friends, but I wasn't being friendly. (Knowing how my landlord values peace in the neighborhood, I'd been smiling and waving at them when I saw them outside, only to be met with major attitude and hate glares.)

This problem actually started on the first day they moved in when I came home to find a moving truck completely blocking my driveway. I had pulled alongside the truck and asked the driver (who turned out to be my new neighbor) to move so I could get into my driveway. He told me he would be moving it in an hour--after the truck that was already in their driveway was unloaded. I let it go and went and had a cup of coffee. It actually was more than 2 hours before he moved the truck. I had decided not to insist that he move the truck immediately because he had looked so tired and the weather conditions were so bad (we'd just had a big snowstorm so the streets were narrowed by the snowbanks). In retrospect, I should have told him to move the truck or I was calling the police. Parking in or in front of people's driveway is so rude, it's a subject that shouldn't even have to be addressed. Decent people know it already, and those who do this are inconsiderate, sociopathic jerks who will continue to do things like this over and over until you find someway to get them to stop. Call the police. If there's an ordinance against what they're doing, let the police handle it.

JanChan on August 08, 2013:

Based on my experience with this, I have to disagree with trying to be civil when trying to get people to stop doing this. I've been dealing with this for 3+ years. I tried talking to them nicely, I told them to stop doing it, and then, when they and their friends became combative about it, even got into fights about it. I then talked to my landlord about the problem and she sent them a letter telling them not to park in or in front of my driveway. This led to them being angry with me, but it stopped for a while. When I came home and one of their friends' car was blocking half of my driveway and the man who lives next door was in the driveway and knew what was going on (I knew the car had been there for more than an hour because I had returned home to get something I'd forgotten. The car was there at that time and still there when I returned more than an hour later). So, as the police had advised me, I called them. I explained how much of my driveway was being blocked and was told that they didn't go by the matter of degree the driveway was being blocked, that even if they were blocking it by 2", they were illegally blocking my access. A patrol car was dispatched and a policeman told them to move the car.

Of course, the neighbors are furious. They called the landlord to complain about me calling the police, saying that I should have just talked to them about it. Luckily, I'd kept the landlord in the loop so she told them that I had already talked to them several times about it and still it continued. So then, according to the landlord, they started arguing the matter of degree of blockage that they thought was acceptable. When that didn't work, they told her that they wanted to be friends, but I wasn't being friendly. (Knowing how my landlord values peace in the neighborhood, I'd been smiling and waving at them when I saw them outside, only to be met with major attitude and hate glares.)

This problem actually started on the first day they moved in when I came home to find a moving truck completely blocking my driveway. I had pulled alongside the truck and asked the driver (who turned out to be my new neighbor) to move so I could get into my driveway. He told me he would be moving it in an hour--after the truck that was already in their driveway was unloaded. I let it go and went and had a cup of coffee. It actually was more than 2 hours before he moved the truck. I had decided not to insist that he move the truck immediately because he had looked so tired and the weather conditions were so bad (we'd just had a big snowstorm so the streets were narrowed by the snowbanks). In retrospect, I should have told him to move the truck or I was calling the police. Parking in or in front of people's driveway is so rude, it's a subject that shouldn't even have to be addressed. Decent people know it already, and those who do this are inconsiderate, sociopathic jerks who will continue to do things like this over and over until you find someway to get them to stop. Call the police. If there's an ordinance against what they're doing, let the police handle it.

Lou on August 06, 2013:

Hey dummy... listen up... just because you own the house doesn't mean you own the street and all of the PUBLIC parking in front too...if you don't want anyone to park in front of your house then you should apply for a curb cut permit from the city ...however if you don't have a driveway or garage then good luck getting that permit... because NO one OWNS THEIR OWN STREET PARKING SPOT!!! I LOVE when people put garbage cans or construction cones out in the street to mark their "parking spot" it gives me something to do namely get outtake your garbage cans or cones and DRAG them all the way down the block then come back and park in your "spot" anyway.... I do it just to be a prick.... I love to see their reactions when they have to go and retrive their cans.... see Im also "training" them NOT to do it... eventually they stop.... don't be a douchebag... you DON'T OWN THE STREET PARKING!!!!

Rocky Road2 on July 16, 2013:

xifermike....I don't care how long you want to write your post and how you think most of us, that have common sense & RESPECT for those living around us, are "uneducated". You don't need to park your 10 "registered" cars to take up your neighbors spots. Maybe if you educated yourself on being neighborly and respectful, you wouldn't have so many complaints, in the 1st place. By the way, if any of your cars are parked 3 days in a row and not moved, you can be towed.

xifermike on July 16, 2013:

Hello to all who survey and greetings to Papa G. I am a business and residential property owner and I have a very unique car collection at one of my home's. Classic and custom cars. The area in los angeles where many of my "registered, insured and street tax paid for" vehicles are parked. I have owned this property for 17 years and bought and sold home's in this neighborhood for 36 years, but now because of these stereotyped references to older cars or modified cars as "clunkers or junkers", these claims have curved residents perceptions, appreciations, and respect for and of others with interest's and investments in these car criteria. I do know the laws, statues, codes of conduct, and common courtesy apps for parking in los angeles, but others in there haste and personally disapproving "don't WANT to see your car in front of my residence" opinions, have called the authorities numerous times to complain about my parking issues and all who have called have seen the same results. These results being that if my cars are : (registered operational under the California vehicle safety code, abide by the laws and guides present on the street, have no devaluing property issues for the business side of selling one's house in the neighborhood, and I treat every"s one including my own so called "provided" space with equal opportunity and with no segregation or animosity) ten when the authorities come to their rescue "THERE IS NOTHING THAT THEY CAN DO". They have tried the rude "Park their car inappropriately" taking two car spaces with their 1 car or taking a five car space up with two itty bitty cars strategically placed with animosity and anger that THEY possess even tried the trash can issue. Well in los Angeles, IDK about anywhere else, but the vehicle code supersedes the waist management codes and if this is presented as problematic one "May move a neighbors trash cans but not so as to reduce a function given to safety and civil free or paid provisions of/for conveyance. Also when hence they open the option to park one car in a 2 car space and I see the intent was directed towards and for my behalf to state or express their personal discomfort's and preference's, well when given a chance I speak on the subject stating that they wouldn't like it if I do that same conduct also that they not only disrespect my provisions (that are paid for) but they also disrespect the other neighbor's to whom they may or may not have these same again personal discomfort's for or against. Also if it proceeds then I do so as well with then printed photos, in my window's, of their cars doing the same disrespectful things BUT I take the time to rub it in further and respectfully address the neighbors with whom DO NOT have these personal issue's with me, that they merely let me know AS NEIGHBORS that they need these provision. Now I don't do these actions to say they need MY permission for this space as my actions are in retaliation to the inappropriate conduct preceding my actions. Also I never have a problem verbalizing my concern's and in a professional communicable way and in what ever language they speak so as to produce positive results at least in communicating the issue's at hand.

Now in short. The law is the law and your opinions/ preferences are NOT the current laws, also your opinions can really put the ruin's to someone's otherwise great day, I have a discomfort with fake hair fake nails tattoo's piercings and the general public having to be intoxicated just to have a good time but I don't go around drowning the idiots that do those things in my opinions not unless their trying to get to know me. Maybe the majority of opinionated people should educate themselves before pursuing to engross others in their belief's

AllOutBlackOut on July 09, 2013:

I live in a half double home and have neighbors who like to park in front of my house as well. Parking is limited. My wife and I each have one vehicle and we only have street parking. My next door neighbors who live in the other half of the house have 8 pickup trucks, 2 trailers, 2 cars, and an RV. They try to park everything they own on the street, even the RV and trailers, taking up all available parking. They have a garage and maybe 2 off street parking spots.

We live in a rural town that has no police and is run by a township that doesn't enforce anything. Heck, we have people riding ATV's and dirt bikes on the streets, which is illegal.

I'm at a constant battle with parking at my home. If I could afford to, I would just move but that's not happening yet. Every time I try to talk to these neighbors they want to start yelling and threaten to do harm.

I feel like I can't go anywhere because I may not have parking when I get home. I don't know what to do.

Ms. J on July 01, 2013:

I believe we are living in a world where no one respects each other any more or maybe they never did. I feel that people who consistantly park in front of someone's home and have space in front of their home, is just down right disrespectful. Why do we live in a world where people feel like they have to have it all? It maybe legal to park in front of someone's home, but it is very disrespectful to continue to park in front of someone's home when you have space in front of your own home. People need to develop some neighborly respect. "Do unto others as you may have them do unto you!" Carma comes back around!

Mr E on June 27, 2013:

My problem is that in our community there are no sidewalks or curbs, I am Disabled and my neighbor consistently parks his vehicle over the entrance to my home. He has an empty 2 car garage and 6 car driveway.

On top of that the ignorant punk says it is my responsibility to let him know if we are having yard work done so we don't get grass on any of his 3 cars

Lem on June 24, 2013:

For anyone saying that the street in front of your house is "your property that you pay taxes on" you are an idiot. USE YOUR BRAIN AND LOOK IT UP. Cite your sources before just blabbing out your clueless opinions. You do not own the curb or the street. It is public property.

Skye on June 24, 2013:

The street is public property. It is not YOUR property. Although they are being rude by setting up basketball on their side of the street that isn't theirs either. You should start parking in their basketball area.

What I'm saying is, I see your side, but you really have no reason to be upset. Are you missing out on seeing the street?? It sounds like you don't even use the spot in front of your house.. so who cares?

I'm having a slightly different issue in my neighborhood. I just moved and I'm renting a room in a house with my boyfriend. I drive an old 93 civic so I don't have air conditioning and it gets really hot in the bay area sometimes (I live in San Jose). Two houses down, there is a nice tree that produces nice shade.. it's the closest spot to my place and no one ever parks there. I started parking there and now I'm getting notes from the people that live at that house. First they left a note that said "we like to turn while we back out, please move your car." then today they left a note saying "our son couldn't park his car because you were parked there." which is ridiculous mind you, because there is TONS of parking in this neighborhood, but not much shade on this specific street.

Anyway, I'm going to talk to them or leave a note on my car letting them know that I don't have air conditioning and their shady spot, THAT THEY DON'T USE, is great for keeping my car from being an oven set on broil.

Maybe you should take a breath and stop being so controlling, it doesn't effect you so.. try to relax and get over it.

I'm going t

frustratedinnc on June 05, 2013:

My neighbor harasses us constantly about "parking in front of her house" which basicly means parking anywhere near her yard at all. There is a large bush on the property line and she is so crazy that she believes that when the bush grows so does the property line. You can't reason with crazy so we have just ignored her for the last 8 years but she now makes it a habit to file false reports about us to the police, calls the city manager complaining, calls code enforcement, etc. Everybody has to come out and is then angry because we are always legal and in compliance but there is nothing they can do except beg us to cater to her and save us all a headache. The last time she called in a false report the policeman came out and said "everything was ok but could you trim back this bush for wheelchair accessibility?" I complied but she became nuclear irate and proceeded to hire a lawn company to cut all my landscaping on that side of my property to the ground.......?!?! Luckily I caught them before they destroyed everything but one bush was totally mangled. I called the police officer back and they said it was malicious vandalism but again they begged me to let her off and be a "good neighbor". You people who think you own the street and everybody has to hop to just because you are nuts enough to obsess over the street need to join us in the real world and realize these are public areas and if you want to have a good neighbor then you need to respect others as well! You earn respect when you show yourself to be respectable and rational so please have some class.

emma on May 28, 2013:

My next door neigbour tells all there friends to park outside my house, I work evenings and when I get home there is usually a car parked outside my house, so I am fed up with is I decide to park my car right up close to threres as there is another car parked the other side and block the person in as its really frustrating that I cannot park outside my own property, they complain and say that they was told we didn't have a car by the women next door when we do.

annoying on May 17, 2013:

you can tell the ones doing it by their comments like "the street is public parking" and etc. you own the right to park in front of the parking strip which is a direct extension to your property/house which you pay taxes on. it's common sense and understood that it should primarily be reserved for the homeowner and the city only in the case of an easement/rights of way.

if someone across or down the street is using the front of your house as their own private parking lot just to be doing it is not appropriate. usually the assholes doing this are happy to do it, but if you were to say go park in front of their house they would be the FIRST to complain as well. in other words they are usually hypocrites. same goes to annoying neighbors that put their garbage cans on someone else's side instead of keeping it on their own because they want their side to not be messed up from the occasional spill, dog, or scorched grass in the summer from a dark plastic bin toppling over onto the grass in the parking strip on their own side.

The solution is 1. get it on video first 2. approach them. 3. if is blatant and continues, park your own car in front of their mailbox. afterall, that's on the street and it's "public parking". pretty ridiculous to have to point out to some idiot neighbors that the only way it works is for everyone to try to keep their stuff on their own side else you have chaos and problems

dlean on May 17, 2013:

I have a huge problem as well. There is a charter school directly across the street. The school was built years ago for elementary age students in the neighborhood, which most of them walked to school in those days. so no need for a large parking lot. Now all the students come from all over the place as it is an exclusive charter school - so all the students are driven to school. This school is also a pre-K through 8th grade - s0 the school is filled to the brim. Many of the parents feel like they can't trust their child to walk to their classroom so they park and walk them in, hang out a while. talk on their cell phone before they leave. The school also requires student participation so many more cars are parking there on a normal day, all day. There are constantly mercedes, bmw's, etc parking in front of my house and in many instances in front of my driveway. I have confronted people several times, and they all act shocked when I tell them they can't park there, or they act like they didn't notice there was a driveway. Really? There is a car and a garage - visible, right in front of their faces - let's not be idiots. Some even get mad at me and tell me they're only going to be a minute, they should be able to park there. They are young parents, they can park down the street and walk, but they feel the need to be park where they have the shortest possible walk. A substitute teacher even parked directly in front of my driveway one day. When I leave my garbage cans out on garbage day, they will often times park inches from them or move them so they can park. so the garbage men can't pick up my garbage. I have been blocked so I can't get out and blocked in getting in my driveway. It's not the parking that bugs me so much, it's the rudeness, laziness and disrespect of the parents that are being an example to their kids. I made up tickets, very official looking and I take a photo of offenders cars and place the ticket on their windshield. I think it works because. I rarely have the same car perform the same infraction. I don't think they know it's from me either - if they did, they would probably ignore it. I will get to all of them sooner or later.

Celia on May 04, 2013:

Y'all need city and police support. Explain the difficulty and then ask "How are you going to solve the problem? Enough is enough!" After all,

city staff is funded by YOU the taxpayer. Demand satisfaction!!!

FED UP on May 04, 2013:

my idiot neighbor, from across the street, has turned his home into a MOTEL. he RENTS every available space in that house. HELL! he even added extra rooms and converted his garage! ( he's been caught TWICE-before! by the city. AND, yet he continues building! ) his TENANTS leave NO parking for the rest of us in the neighborhood, ESPECIALLY in front of my home. we're FED UP! on top of having to deal with THAT jerk, my neighbor on the right runs an illegal body shop from his back yard. know he takes up all the parking, too. IF IT'S NOT ONE ASS, IT'S THE OTHER. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE WE'RE SURROUNDED BY IMBECILES?!?! BY THE WAY..............THEY'RE RELATED.

Celia on May 04, 2013:

I would complain to both the police and the development with photos for proof. Extra photo with license plate #. Words are hearsay.

dx on May 04, 2013:

I have the same problem and its really not right! This guy just got a handicap spot in our development and parking is really slim as it is, especially in the winter when you can only park on the side of the hydrant and if you don't live in this development you can't park on the street at ALL during snow! Well, now he takes that spot when theres snow but he also stays in front of the apartment building as usual taking away a spot from others! What really is annoying is that he walks!!! Don't know how he got it? Do I complain to the development or to the police ? Take pictures each day??

Celia on May 03, 2013:

If a tree hangs over the spot in front of your house, then try stringing a few bird bells to the branches hanging over it. The rude neighbor will get tired of washing the sticky bird poop off of his windshield and paint.

Kinzo Goldsmith on April 28, 2013:

Have a couple of neighbors that think they are entitled to use my driveway for Uturns. What they don't know is that once the driveway fell into disrepair due of all those years of Uturns and other wear and tear, it takes about $600 to repair. So we started blocking up the driveway with the trash bins much like the person who wrote this page did, but these people's sense of entitlement knew no bounds and when we told them to not make anymore turns on our driveway, as they tried to move our bins to let this behemoth of a truck make a turn,(they occasionally just park and block it too) they completely lost it and started hurling insults and threats of home invasion. What really gets at me the most is that regardless of all the empty driveways on our street, they always choose ours. Its been about 6 months now and they are still butthurt about it.

People really can be unimaginably stupid and self centered.

Mama27 on April 26, 2013:

I have some problem with a neighbour who lives 2 doors down putting signs in their window saying "no parking"

Today, my sis came to visit for all but 2 hrs (first time she's parked in this spot) and the neighbour left a note on her windscreen saying "no parking, car owner" it is a public road.. The thing was her car wasn't even there! It's really annoyed me. Why does she think putting up a sign allows her own personal space. There are shops nearby and anyone can park for any reason!

A year or two ago same house, different neighbours had a similar note. I was heavily pregnant at the time and with no other Parking space, I'd parked in "their" slot. Next morning woke to take my daughter to nursery, to find car splattered with wet flour mixture, ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to get off. Not even the car wash place would do it. This, all in the freezing cold. What idiots! I was livid and knocked loud straight away they didn't answer, I tried later no answer again. Called police who didn't do ANYTHING. As I had no real proof. Of course since then we never parked there but quietly happy when they left!

Anyway, how do I go about the current neigbours? Sometimes I have to park in their slot, and from what I've seen she seems perfectly able and there is always space next to her space.. I just like to park closest to my house as I have 2 small kids. Any ideas.

Denise on April 24, 2013:

park a dam ugly car in front of their home..

Tristan on April 20, 2013:

Private driveway means private parking. A public street in front of someones home is public parking. Ask the city.

Bothered on April 18, 2013:

We don't have extreme parking problems along our street.

I got spoiled living here the first ten years we had no cars on the street.

Since changing neighbors many times over the last 8-9 years however.

It has been a constant battle to keep our curb parking free of neighborhood parking abusers.

All I'm asking is that our neighbors leave us alone so we can occasionally park our RV in front for loading cleaning etc...

I consistently have to knock on doors asking that they move their cars.

Just today a young lady that doesn't live on this street yet for some reason has to leave her car at our young neighbors house tried parking in front of our home.

She leaves this car here for up to five days at a stop!

I asked her to please move it back, she responded with "well I'm on a schedule" I responded with "well after 72 hours you'll have a $65.00 parking citation then".

She backed up almost enough to let me get our trailer in front then hurried off with whomever she was leaving with.

Again whomever these people are they don't own a home in this neighborhood.

Evidently just friends of our young neighbor who provides airport parking at our inconvenience.

We live about 25 miles from the airport here...ya got me why this is the place to park.

I want to give up our beautiful home of 32 years because of this.

No wonder many abandon city life for wide open spaces.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this young lady will sell and move soon.

My luck she'll sell to someone worse :(

Rob on April 06, 2013:

We live in a house in a suburb, but a couple blocks away is an apartment complex and it has loads of parking spaces so I don't know why, but they'll park in front of our house and get out of their old clunker with arms full of their belongings and walk over to the apartments leaving their car(s) for days in front of our house. They take up a huge portion of our street. So we leave our driveway completely empty now and use the street in front of our house to park our own cars on. After about a year they've gotten out of the habit of parking in front of our house and I can go to the store and return home to a nice parking spot in front of my own house...what a concept.

Jen on April 01, 2013:

I have had the same issues with ppl parking in front of my house. We think there is a halfway house a couple houses down and so for the past few months there has been numerous vehicles that sure as hell arent visiting me parking in front of our place, which isn't even convinent for getting to said half way house. I have left notes, polite but firm and most ppl have tried to park elsewhere is seems, but it is frustrating to no end for ppl to have no respect to the ppl the r inconvinencing by parking in front of their house. Our garbage is picking up in the back alley and i know ppl would move our bins if i tried that so i have been parking out front as much as possible to try to 'train' ppl not to park there but it seems the minute i leave, someone else comes by and parks there!!

The biggest frustration is that we live in a duplex and across the street is a duplex, therefore many vehicles to park in front of two houses. A neighbour across the street also put up a handicap parking sign as her son has a special need, tho i've seen him walking home from school and isn't in a wheelchair, etc. They also don't park in that space but park behind it making it impossible to park in front of their house,...wish i could do that.

Any thoughts?

Nikki on March 29, 2013:

I tired it they moved my trash cans out of the front of my house onto my grass and parked any way.

Steve on March 14, 2013:

You should alter your perception since you can' t control what others do. At least it's not a stoen car. At least he doesn't park in your driveway, so you could never get to work. At least you're safe you know whose car it belongs too. Imagine if a gang membre came out of that car on a regular basis while being protective of his space. You don't have to worry about your safety!

Doug G on March 12, 2013:

Areas with limited parking (cities / urban areas): park anywhere.

Areas where parking is readily available in front of your own home: park in front of your own place.

I live in an area where I often have to park one to two blocks away from my apartment in front of other people's homes, and consistently leave my car there for days. It would be different if I had a choice.

Rocky Road2 on February 14, 2013:

I love how these idiots, who are offended, about the OP use the same response of "you don't own the street"......really?! Is that their only defense? That just shows how stupid they are and obviously, don't have any common sense. Or maybe they are worried that people may take some of this advice, so they can't park just where they feel like it? "you don't own the street, dude!"

Your OP is awesome, Papa....you just keep on, schooling people!

PapaGeorgeo (author) on February 13, 2013:

great post!

Mike on February 10, 2013:

The original poster needs professional help. I don't think a sane person would not only harass a stranger like that but then go on the internet and attempt to train others to do the same. See a doctor! You're angry because of your own issues, this has nothing to do with your neighbor. Congrats on buying a house but you don't own the street, the hood, nor the city. Stop acting like you do!