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Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

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Thermostat - do touch that dial!

So one of the quickest and cheapest ways to save on those heating bills is to turn down the thermostat. Lowering the temperature a degree or two can shave money off those heating costs. Also check the settings of your timeclock are they accurate and suitable for how you live? Does the heating really need to be on at night-time whilst the household is asleep or when folk are out at work and school?

You can expand on this further by fitting a smart thermostat that links to your smart phone allowing you turn the heating on and off or alter the timings and temperatures when you're not there. Many like the excellent nest learning thermostat are fully compatible with Alexa, learn your living patterns and adjust accordingly and has a smart phone app to let your adjust things whilst on the move.

Smart Thermostat


If your house has no insulation this can be another area of cost saving although is does take a small investment in time and money. Sometimes temporary insulation such as clingfilm fitted over windows can work wonders.

Loft insulation can often be fitted yourself even with minimal DIY skills.

Radiator reflectors can be fitted cheaply and easily with minimal DIY skills.

Other types of insulation can be fitted such as wall insulation though these tend to be more expensive and can require professional installation.

Reflective insulation could be another consideration the below article could help.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reflective Insulation - Dengarden


Make sure your radiators are keep clear to allow air to circulate around them. A good clean especially down the back and fins with a suitable brush can increase efficiency and ensure the room is heated better. if you have other heaters such as blowers ensure the grills and filters are clean. Ensure they aren't cover with furniture or blankets blocking them off.

Resist the temptation of drying clothes over radiators if possible use a cloths horse or similar device.

Vent and bleed your radiators with a radiator key the below article can help.

Plumbing Repairs: How to Bleed a Radiator System - Dengarden

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Where thermostatic radiator valves are fitted ensure that they are set to an appropriate temperature. Ensure little used rooms have the TRV's turned down to a suitable background level.


Wear suitable clothing multiple small layers work best ensure you are wearing a jumper or suitable layers. Start with a base layer and remember sleeves can add to the level of insulation. Also choose a breathable fabric that wicks away sweat. Consideration should be given to a hat!

Spare a though for your internal footwear such as thick socks or slippers to keep your feet warm, a cold floor quickly sucks the warmth out of you! Again multiple layers of thin socks can work here in a pinch.

Also consider your bedding again multiple thin layers that trap air work best. Wool is always a good choice for a mid layer.

Doors and Windows

Both doors and windows can create draughts which will cause a room to lose heat. Also ensure doors are closed to area's that your not heating and remember that TRV setting on the radiator!

Curtains ensure they are open when the sun is up to gain from the solar effect and close them when the sun goes to down to maximise heat gains and lower losses.

Consider how you enter and exit your home can you close doors on the way to minimise heat loss when leaving and entering? Also a little preparation can go a long way to making sure your door isn't stood open leeching out that precious (and more importantly expensive) heat.

Consider draught excluders either the fitted strips or the sausage type ones that are available. Using a candle can help you to locate where draughts are, key holes and letter boxes are often prime examples.

Energy Bills

Check your tariff or costing of your energy bills, do a little bit of research can you get the same thing cheaper from another supplier?

Are you on a deal that has expired?

Is another better deal available at all?

A little time spent on research here can save you considerably.

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