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Ways to Use the Color Purple When Decorating and Helpful Information About the Color Purple

This article discusses why the color purple may be a great choice when it comes to wall color and other information about the color purple.

The Purple Wall


Curtains to Go with the Purple Walls


Information about Using the Color Purple

The color purple has been known to calm the mind, which may include helping ease headache tension. Tension seems to be an everyday part of life, so using the color purple may help the uneasiness of life feel better.

I decided to redecorate the room damaged due to a storm in the area and make the décor more pleasant. Dealing with storm damage is stressful. So maybe adding purple-colored walls may help brighten my days feel much brighter.

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Let us discuss some of the ways the color purple may help people that are near this color. Then read about how this relaxing color may help ease the mind.

Some people call the wall color on my photo purple like I do, whereas some may call it violet or lavender. What color do you think is my wall color called?

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My granddaughter's favorite color is purple, so naturally, I have another reason for picking this color paint for the walls in my reading and craft room.

My one daughter helped me pick out a relaxing and happy color for my new room. She even helped me pick curtains for the space that included purple. So these curtains will be going up in my purple room.

The color purple can make your home a place of relaxation to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My daughter knows I have battled many ordeals in the past years. Therefore, my daughter thought using the color purple in the room we had to redo because of the storm damage would benefit me with a calming feeling throughout the room. As a result, I feel more at ease knowing my new space will feel like a heavenly retreat. In addition, my daughter advised me that the curtains she helped me pick out would help the purple room in general feel like a happier choice.

The Purple Awareness Ribbon, Meaning, and importance

Read about all the great causes associated with the Purple Ribbon. Then click the link below for more information.

Purple Awareness Ribbon: Meaning and Importance (

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