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Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture if You Are Moving

Abby Slutsky is currently downsizing, so she is becoming an expert at getting rid of unwanted possessions.

Have unwanted furniture? There are many ways to get rid of it.

Have unwanted furniture? There are many ways to get rid of it.

Whether you are downsizing, relocating, or moving for another reason, there is probably furniture that you no longer want or need. You may be changing your decor, or it may not fit in your new home. Nevertheless, it can be overwhelming to find a place for unwanted items, especially if you are on a deadline to vacate your home. Basically, there are three ways to get rid of your unwanted items: sell them, donate them or trash them. Here are some more specific ideas for finding a new home for them.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you sell your furniture online, in a consignment shop or another way.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you sell your furniture online, in a consignment shop or another way.

Options for Selling Furniture or Large Items

1. Sell Them to the Purchaser of Your Home

Offer to sell them to the home purchaser. If you can agree on a price, this is the easiest option for you and the purchaser. The items do not have to be moved by anyone. Often someone buying a new home may beg etting additional space, so they may need more furniture. Remember, to price it according to its condition.

2. Put Furniture or Items on a Local Online Flea Market

This usually involves taking photos of the items, posting them, and writing a description of them. If someone reaches out, arrange for them to pick it up. You do have to be comfortable opening your door to people you do not know since they may have to actually enter yout home to remove large items. Often it is possible to post the item on multiple forums at once which will increase the likelihood of selling it. Remember to be responsive to inquiries and to include honest information about the condition of the item. Providing the measurements in the description can help potential buyers decide if they want it.

3. Ask a College if You Can Post the Availability of the Items on Their Website or Bulletin Board

This works best at the beginning of school or at the start of a new semester. College students are frequently looking for ways to furnish their apartments cheaply.

4. Online or Storefront Consignment Shops

Consignment shops can be very picky about what they are willing to accept. Nevertheless, they often have regular customers, so they may have a better shot of selling items that you are unable to sell. The downside is that the consignment shop will take a large percentage of the sale price. The consignment shops I have used typically take anywhere from thirty to fifty percent, but some may take more.

Some shops will accept items based on a photo, but many will personally inspect the items. However, if you choose to consign, some shops will take care of the hassle of delivery, and you do not have to worry about a strange person coming in your home to remove furniture or large items.

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5. Contact a Gallery or Dealer

If you have very expensive pieces, sometimes you can contact a dealer or gallery that may be willing to take the items. Again, this option usually requires the item to be in pristine condition. I recommend researching the piece, so you know what you are selling and then try to find a dealer or gallery that specializes in that era or style.

Donating items is a fabulous way to let someone in need enjoy your furniture or other items. Often you can get a tax deduction for your generosity, so keep track of your donations.

Do a search for non-profits that accept furniture and other large items. Many offer free pickup service, but if you are moving, plan to give yourself sufficient time to schedule a convenient date.


Depending on the items, a school may be happy to have the items you need to discard.

Buy Nothing Websites

If you want your items to find a new home, there are many 'Buy Nothing’ facebook groups. Look for one in your area and post a picture of the item with a description. You will not get a tax deduction, but someone will pick up the item and be happy to use it.

You can pay someone to remove your unwanted items. You may want to hire a company to remove some items because they are difficult to lift or are in an area that requires transporting them up steps. Get several estimates because junk removal prices can vary significantly. In my experience, but not always, a small company may have competitive prices.

Try Your Township

Some townships have designated days for picking up discarded furniture and other large items. Contact your township to find out whether they will pick it up.

The End Result

No matter what you to decide to do with your unwanted furniture and large items, a little research can help you find a home for them. Use the internet, make phone calls, and get referrals from neighbors to help you find the best furniture removal options.

As you manage to get rid of furniture and other large items, moving will seem more manageable, and you may even put a little extra cash in your pocket. Remember to start getting rid of your furniture early, so you do not feel pressured to pay to remove it. Good luck.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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