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Water Filtration at Home and On the Go

I have been an educator for the last 25+ years. I have my undergraduate and masters degrees from Willamette University.

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These article discusses the importance of water filtration. It describes different home and portable filtration products.


Have you ever had your water tested for heavy metals, lead, fluoride, or chlorine? If you haven’t, I believe you will be unpleasantly surprised by what pollutants you have in your drinking water. Recent testing of drinking water in the United States has shown 267 contaminants. Of these contaminants, 93 are linked to increased cancer risk, 78 are connected to brain and nervous system damage, and 63 are associated with developmental harm to children and fetuses. If that isn’t enough to cause concern, 38 of the contaminants are linked to fertility problems and 45 are connected to hormonal issues.

I had not really given the quality of my own drinking water a thought, until my youngest daughter was in high school. As a part of her science class, she chose to test the quality of our small town drinking water. The results were alarming. As a result, we immediately purchased a water filtration system.

There are many great water filtration systems available today; however, I am a fan of the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System. This system removes over two hundred contaminants from the water. The Alexapure Pro Water system contains a gravity block filter with a hybrid ceramic shell. The ceramic exterior shell filters out large molecules. This shell also has silver as a part of its design to prevent bacteria from growing in the filter.

The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System also activated carbon filters. These filter the water using a process called Ionic Absorption. This process uses an opposite charge to filter out the contaminants and cause them to stick to the filter like a piece of velcro. In other words, a magnetic pull is used to pull all of the contaminants out of the water.

The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System filters out 99.9999% of contaminants in the water. The system specifically targets heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and viruses and bacteria. The system is easy to assemble and maintain. It also only weighs 7.6 pounds when empty, and it has the capacity to filter up to 5,000 gallons. In addition, its large opening at the top allows for easy filling.

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Alexapure also produces an innovative water storage system to use in the case of a natural disaster. It is the Emergency Water Bank Bath Water Storage Kit. One thing you can count on in a major disaster is having your water supply affected. This kit comes with a BPA-free liner, a siphon pump for removing water, and easy-to-follow instructions. All you need to do is put the liner inside of your bathtub and fill it with water. The Water Bank fills in thirty minutes or less and can hold up 65 gallons of water. The Water Bank keeps water fresh for up to sixteen weeks. On average, adults drink about a gallon of water each day. This emergency water storage system provides one gallon of water a day for over two months.


Since I ride my Magicycle (off road electric pedal assist bike) to and from work each day, I go through plenty of water. The Alexapure Go Water Filtration Bottle fits perfectly in my cycle’s bottle holder and keeps me hydrated on the go. The Alexapure Go is the only water bottle on the market that has a proprietary ionic adsorption micron filter. This filter reduces up to 99.9% of contaminants found in freshwater. It is the perfect size for hiking, distance running, cycling, or camping. I use my Alexapure Go as a means of filtering the water that I drink while at work. Since I teach children all day, I am not sure what types of germs are left behind on our school drinking fountains. I can fill up my Alexapure Go and have peace of mind while I drink my daily water intake.

Alexapure also produces a survival spring personal water filter. This is a pocket-sized water filter that is perfect for hiking, exploring and camping. It also makes a great addition to vehicle emergency bags, first aid kits, and bug out bags. The Alexapure Survival Spring Personal Water Filter removes 99% of waterborne contaminants through three stages. First, the base of the straw removes all large particles which allows for the other two stages to be more efficient. The second stage of filtration is designed to trap any pathogens and remove them from the water. The final stage of filtration involves their specialized carbon filter. This filter removes chlorine, sediment, foul odors and tastes. This stage also filters out any volatile organic compounds that may be in the water.

Not everyone wants to own a large water filtration system, so Alexapure also designed a countertop sized water filtration pitcher. Like all of Alexapure’s water filtration products, the Alexapure Pitcher Water Filter reduces up to 99.9% of the contaminants in your drinking water. It is more powerful than other water filtration pitchers at filtering out pesticides, mercury, chlorine, lead, and nitrites. Their pitcher flows faster than its competitor’s pitchers, and the filters last longer too. The filters will have optimum filtration for up to eighty gallons or sixty days.

Finally, Alexapure has a five gallon collapsible water container. This is perfect for camping or exploring. Although I don’t own one of these yet, this container is the perfect size to strap onto the carrier on the back of my electric bike. My husband and I love to go off-road exploring with our fat tire electric bikes. When we do, we like to have plenty of water on hand.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the number of water filtration systems that Alexapure offers. The drinking water in the United States has been compromised in many ways. I feel it is important to take appropriate measures to protect yourself from tainted water, especially when there are so many convenient ways to quickly and easily filter your water. Keep your thirst quenched!

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