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My Battle With Ants: How To Kill Them For Sure


My Stupid Balcony Attracts Ants

Okay, so I don't know if its just MY balcony or if its summertime, but my apartment was taken by force by ants this year. I never really had a problem with ants in the past, or any other sort of critter for that matter, thank goodness. (Although, my partner says there was a spider on my pillow while I was on vacation. RIGHT WHERE MY HEAD SHOULD BE.) But I will get back on topic. Ants. 

While they are not harmful and they aren't really scary, I admit - they annoy the crap out of me. Literally I could feel them crawling on me and sometimes, they were. My apartment is settling, its an old building and frankly, it needs a new glass door to the balcony. However, I never really thought much about it until I looked down by the baseboard and saw the trail of ants coming from the balcony door to my desk. 

It was like one of those cartoons, where the ants trail a line to the picnic basket. They were making their way to my desk, up the legs and onto my monitor. I was not pleased. Originally I simply sprayed them with some air freshener, because frankly I just wanted them dead. Of course, I knew I would need a better course of action soon. 

My Many Methods of Unsuccess

I tried many things to get rid of the ants. In the beginning, I wasn't really sure where they were coming from, but they were only in my living room. I deduced that they were on one side of the living room and then I became determined to rid my apartment of these crawly creatures. I started with small things like taking a vacuum to them and I am sure they were not pleased to get sucked up into my vortex of sucking power, but they were more resilient than I thought. 

I was told that cornmeal would kill them. Something about how they eat it, the cornmeal would expand in their bellies and they would die. Couldn't hurt to try, so I spread a line of cornmeal along the edges of the balcony, only to discover that it made a mess and it didn't really get rid of the ants. AND my dog just licked it up. Not a good idea. By this point I was getting frustrated. I really didn't want to go out and buy a bunch of traps and such if I didn't have to, they are expensive after all. These ants had a general that I could not defeat and they were forming a persistent line of defense against me. 

Breaking Down and Buying Traps

At this point, I decided that I needed something a little stronger than a home remedy to these little buggers and broke down to buy a few traps. I shelled out the money, much to my hearts discontent. I picked up some Raid Ant Traps from CVS and proceeded to put them along the balcony baseboard to attempt to lure them to their death. 

I might point out that my dog thinks she is a goat. That or she is working with the ants to annoy the crap out of me. By the end of the week, I realized that she would simply pick up the traps and move them around the room. I don't think this was a safe or effective way to get rid of the ants. I recommend if you have animals, the traps are likely not the way to go. 

The Commercial That Led to My Victory

So, as we all know, I watch a lot of tv. Mostly reality tv, but I do watch a lot of different shows. On top of that, I tend to keep the tv on while I am on the computer as background noise. With this much tv comes commercials. I was fortunate to see a commercial for RaidMax Bug Barrier. With my earlier unsuccessful attempts at using store bought traps, I was skeptical. I admit that I was not really interested in wasting more of my money on things that just weren't going to work.

I wrote the name of the chemical down and found the commercial interesting. It showed how it zapped bugs and kept them away for up to 12 months. This piqued my interest and I decided I would go to the grocery store and buy this thing.

RaidMax Bug Barrier

When I got the store, I didn't realize that there were so many different kinds of this spray. They had huge gallons of the stuff and I certainly didn't need to spend thirty dollars on a huge jug of the stuff. I am in a tiny apartment. I just needed enough for the balcony door.

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After much searching, I found the starter spray with a reusable auto trigger. I was still not in need of so much, especially if it didn't work, but I broke down and bought it. The price was more than I was really willing to pay, but I shelled it out and took it home. I admit, the price may have been more than I wanted, but when you are like me, I am easily amused, I started spraying the crap out of the baseboard of my balcony and the auto trigger was so simple to use. And fun! I was shooting those ants and putting up a defense barrier against them on both the inside and outside of my apartment.

It left no odor and it was fast drying, my dog didn't even know it was there. So it was safe for her and it was fun for me to apply. Since I sprayed it yesterday morning, I have not seen even one ant. I pleased to say that after all my trials and unsuccess, I have won the battle against these ants. Unless they are laying in wait for me to get comfortable. I admit, its only been a day - but so far, this is the most effective thing I have tried against the ants.

So for now it's a victory! I would recommend this to anyone with an ants problem. Forget all the other methods and remedies, just start with this. RaidMax Bug Barrier is good for inside or outside. It is for more than just ants. You can use it for roaches, spiders, and all sorts of other crawly creatures. You can get a huge jug of it with a sprayer if you have a big house or a small bottle with a sprayer if you have a small apartment like me. Either way, its bound to be just as fun with the auto trigger and you can have the same sense of victory that I have now!


Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on October 06, 2011:

Thank you jamterrell. And a year later, I still don't have ants! ALSO my mom used this stuff in her house, opposed to my apartment, and it still worked fantastic!

jamterrell on September 05, 2011:

Quiet interesting hub.

Rachael Fields (author) from KC, MO on August 25, 2010:

Well, thanks K9 - I usually don't do product reviews, cause I don't really care that much. But, this stuff works wonders. At least so far. And its so freaking fun to shoot the gun! I was getting uber frustrated by the ants, and not only is it fun and effective to use, its safe for my goat of a dog who eats everything!

India Arnold from Northern, California on August 25, 2010:

RaidMax bug barrier sounds like a great bug zapper! I love your story and how you got the place where you pick-up some of this product. Neat way to support a product! Well done.


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