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Motherhood Chronicles: What Are the Uses of the Cosori Pressure Cooker?

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If you are new to kitchen appliances and are deciding what to choose first, you should definitely consider the Cosori pressure cooker first. This gem has saved my hide and is still saving my hide on more than one occasion, as I have previously mentioned if you have been following my motherhood chronicles, I was a special needs mom and a mom to three kiddies. Quick bio if you have not been following, I am a mom to three beautiful yet demanding kiddies, my eldest was severely disabled and he passed away last year at 16 years of age, from heart failure.

Back when my beautiful angel was still here, I was exhausted from all my late nights sitting up with my boy (he was fussy most nights) and then having to help my other two (one a preteen and the other a teenager) navigate their moods as well as schoolwork. I needed to get meals done without fuss, sometimes quickly and usually at the last minute. Takeout does not always cut it and when you want wholesome meals for your family, you just cannot compromise. So, I did quick hotpot meals and curries in my little cooker that my family thoroughly appreciated especially on those cold winter days.


Then when My boy passed away, we grieved and I grieved, I just did not want to do anything. I did not feel inspired to cook even though I now had the time and I just felt like I was just surviving yet giving into a breakdown was an absolute possibility. My pressure cooker saved me time and again with ways to just cook something quickly or put something on then just forget about it till it was ready. It such little and inconsequential things that make a difference sometimes.

My Cosori pressure cooker single-handedly replaced more than five to six appliances by performing all those functions in a single machine. It not only cooked my food quickly but also retained nutrients my family needed and conserved energy. It carried out many functions like boiling, steaming, and even baking deserts.


Uses of Cosori pressure cooker you need to know about:

Cosori pressure cooker reviews show it can cook different dishes with the set of pushbuttons present on the container with precise knowledge, you can control it to make your desired meal. It is safe to use and depending on which one you buy; it provides additional accessories for use to the customer. It is FDA approved and Cosori usually offers a one-year warranty. Let us discuss some of the serving dishes it can cook.

• Boil White or brown rice

The Cosori pressure cooker can cook simple white boiled rice just like an ordinary rice cooker with the available water and rice quantity. It can also make brown rice, which is notoriously hard to cook at times, just put the required ingredients to the container and set to cook brown rice by pressing the labeled push button then PRESTO perfectly prepared rice.

• Prepare Meat and stew

A specific button is localized on the Cosori pressure cooker to cook meat or stew. After pressing this button any meat, whether it be beef or mutton, can be sautéed and cooked properly and develop the exact taste you desire, full of nutrients.

• Cook Vegetables

Cosori pressure cooker has a separate push-button for preparing vegetables. The desired vegetables can be first steamed and then cooked in butter, or either of the steps can be chosen. The nutrients are enclosed in the cooker along with the vegetables without allowing them to evaporate.

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• Deep-frying

This is one of the remarkable options you would not find in any other appliance except for cooking manually on a frying pan. With the help of pressing this push button, you can easily fry any food. For example, you can fry onions, vegetables, or other deep-fried food such as samosas, chips, etc.

• Cook slowly

This is my absolute favorite Cosori pressure cooker function, the option to cook food at a slow rate to ensure that it is moist and perfectly cooked. This helps you set the container's internal temperature within a wide range of 180 degrees to -211 degrees Celsius and forget about it till it is ready.

• Cooking multigrain

There is a specific button to cook grains such as oats, beans, and other pulses. Every button functions differently from the other button even when you think they are all just being cooked. The major difference between these options is the temperature, pressure, and what is being cooked to get the best result.



This pressure cooker cannot only fry, steam, and boil food but also help prep cakes and other desserts. The various ways to use this pressure cooker are wonderfully diverse and can be used to cook numerous meals that can serve more than six to seven persons. Preparing good food for your family is an act of love and as such needs more thought as well as consideration. As a mom, I understand the demands of such thoughts on our busy, crazy lifestyles and I try to find ways to make it all easier to navigate, I hope I help in some small way.



Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on May 03, 2021:

Yes Pamela, my pressure cooker is by far my fav kitchen appliance:) thanks for interest

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 03, 2021:

This is a good account of using the pressure cooker. I have one but it is a different make. I love it to as it takes such little effort to make a decent meal. I haven't tried some of the things you suggested, so I guess I need to broaden my horizons.

Thanks for all of this information, Charlene.

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